Propane burner


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Just having a look at these and they seem pretty dangerous without continuous airflow?.

This is an older video but you can see the effect it had. As I understand, if the flame is blue it's suppose to be safe, that in ideal situations only co2 and water vapor is given off, but this really seems like ''perfect world'' vs ''reality''. My concern is that wit insufficient air exchange (what even is that level specifically?) carcinogenic ppm rises in the space. MJ is obviously a very hardy plant and known to take up a lot of bad stuff from the soil (well I think it was hemp specifically) so I wonder if they are also able to store bad shit from the atmosphere, in short, the plants may show no ill effect but your are smoking carcinogenic plant matter. I also figured that if the room is not venting enough, the oxygen levels will drop and then the co2 burners ''perfect blue flame'' has now been compromised due to altered oxygen ratio.

I get it that they are a cheap way to go but from what I've read so far, they don't actually seem that safe even in a well vented space. Typically a house boiler vents directly out from the combustion source, this isn't near the same?.


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yes because he's trying to heat the greenhouse with that burner, not increasing the co2 levels

if the burner is running too much it will deplete the oxygen and the tip of the flame will get orange
with time you will notice quite fast if its burning with the wrong air/fuel ratio

with propane you want it all blue with sometimes a tip of yellow at the center

its very important to get the best quality of propane
bad one smell when burning and poison the plants

other than that it will burn very clean

dont try to give 1500ppm when the plants are small in the sealed room
the flame will suck more oxygen than plants produce and will start to burn dirty

dont get electronic ignition models, it's a gadget
pilot flames are more reliable, safe and never fail

learn to read your pilot flame, if its blue it's fine


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I'd vent a few times a day if I ran one. Can't be that bad lots of people been using them for a long time. Also they have ventless propane heaters for living areas that burn way more gas at a time than the c02 burner. I use bottles for my c02.


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to give you an idea a pilot flame (approx. 800 btu) will be enough to put a 12x12 room to 700ppm/800ppm, and thats for a room not tightly sealed

i can't think to run vented again
its very inneficient, unflexible and plants get crazy under co2 with a good hydro setup


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LOL i bet his heater is sooted up and burning yellow. been running unvented gas heaters for ever. Just co2 an water coming off a clean blue flame.


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I always put a carbon monoxide detector in grow rooms that are running a CO2 generator. The all in one fire/CO detector's are cheap and provide peace of mind. What good is a fire extinguisher if you don't know there is a fire until too late. Same thing with CO gas, not a good time. Folks have died heating their homes due to carbon monoxide gas produced by old fucked up burners on a furnace and or a flue vent knocked off a water heater.


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Yeah I expected these kind of responses (not saying that in a derogative way). I don't think this is one of those things that you can say ''I have done it for years and it's fine''. The reason I am highly cautious of that kind of ''proof'' is that asbestosis or even smoking can show little to no signs for decades.. yet we all know how it can end.

What I am getting at mostly, is in some climates you may have to run the burner most of the lights off if it is your heating and co2 generator. Thermal fan kick ins may not happen on frequent enough cycles to stop the oxygen depletion and messing with the burn mix (also assuming no slight malfunctions happen with the burner to the same effect). Again that isn't a huge issue when it comes to humans as we can manually work around it by venting the room before entering + alarm as @Renfro pointed out. My bigger concern is if these toxins are finding their way into plants trans/respiration cycle.

I mean that shit surely matters.. given how much we scrutinise the diet and pharmaceuticals that meat/produce stock animals are given (it still isn't pretty).

Sure this could all be completely pointless given that most of our so called ''fresh air intake'' is likely to be full of pollutants anyway, depending on location. But, maybe it's more about the concerntration of any one substance.
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