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    I am painfully out of the loop about the new laws regarding edibles & am having a hard time finding clarification on LARA. Any help in pointing me in the right direction would be deeply appreciated.

    I am currently a licensed MMM patient & I make my own Cannabis infused products like salve & edibles for my own use. What are the rules about making infused products to sell to dispensaries? I've read page after page of the MMM Act & have yet to find where this is addressed but I know it must be in there somewhere. HELP! Can anyone point me in the right direction please? Thanks.
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    Rules shumles... Who cares

    If they'll buy em, sell em

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    Didn't the laws just go into effect last month that ONLY state licensed grow facilities can provide product to legally operating dispensaries?
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    Don't do this unless you like the idea of losing all of your freedoms. I would caution against selling ANYTHING to dispensaries unless you are licensed to manufacture and sell to them. If you are just a patient or cg don't sell anything to dispensaries, just stay low and keep to yourself... unless you like getting your ass pounded by the law.
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    You, yourself, can not sell anything. There..simple anwser you are looking for. Now..if you have 1xx,xxx amount of liquid assets and 5 k to throw at the state to process your application, then you may be awarded a processor license..then and ONLY then, could you “legally” supply any retail shop with anything.
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