Qwiso into canna oil

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    Howard Burn

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    Wasn’t sure to post this here or in the concentrate section.

    I want to make cannaoil caps using coconut oil. I made qwiso from my trim and now want to use that hash and infuse it with the coconut oil. My question is about ratio, a good starting point. Also how much of an amount of lechitin to add.

    Any helpful tips are much appreciated

    BobBitchen Well-Known Member

    Dry Sift (Kief) 100mg Gel Caps (cut sift weight in 1⁄2 for 50mg’s)

    Note: higher quality kief = better/stronger pills

    100% organic coconut oil (it’s a white solid at room temperature)
    Soy lecithin (I buy it in liquefied form) – this helps to mix the oil/kief better and is natural
    A bowl that can handle 250F, I use a small soup/cereal bowl
    A teaspoon for mixing
    A good size dropper (drug store, found one that is meant for giving babies medicine), this will be used to fill the caps. The end of it fits nicely into caps and makes filling easy.
    Some size 00 (large) gel caps (must be gel caps as other materials may eventually seep through), found these online and cheap
    Kief (see below for amounts)

    Dosage Adjustments:

    Adjusting dosage with this recipe is easy as the only variable is how much Kief you use. If you leave all other measurements the same then you just adjust dosage by putting in less Kief. Calculate as follows: Amount of Kief in grams DIVIDED BY 21 (approximate number of caps which works out to 20-22)
    e.g. 1g divided by 21 = 48mg, 1.3g divided by 21 = 62mg etc.

    Step-by-Step Instructions:
    For every 2.3 grams of 100u Kief (20-22 Size 00 (large) caps):

    1. 1) Spread out kief in a bowl and Decarb Kief for 1⁄2 an hr. in oven @250F, double-covered with tinfoil!

    2. 2) Turn off oven

    3. 3) Pull out of oven and let cool for 15-20 min (DO NOT OPEN! Don’t want to lose cannabinoids)

    4. 4) Put Coconut Oil jar (or put a couple of large spoon full’s into a small bowl to melt) into warm

      oven on a baking sheet to liquefy (melts quick even at 100F)

    5. 5) Remove tinfoil from Kief dish

    6. 6) Remove Coconut Oil from oven

    7. 7) Pre-heat oven to 250F

    8. 8) Mix in 2-3ml or approx. 1/3rd tspn. of Soy Lecithin well using a teaspoon

    9. 9) Mix in 3 small/level teaspoons of Coconut Oil into mixture, stir/blend well

    10. 10) Mix in 1-2 drops of Peppermint Essential Oil, stir/blend well (for taste only, not necessary but

      handy if you end up splitting caps that are too potent, it tastes better)

    11. 11) Double-seal container again to put in oven
    1. 12) Put into oven, IMMEDIATELY TURN DOWN TO 220F

    2. 13) Set timer for 40 minutes & shut off oven when done

    3. 14) Take sealed container out of oven and let it cool for 20-30 minutes – LEAVE TINFOIL ON UNTIL

      IT COOLS

    4. 15) Open container and Mix in 2-3ml (approx. 1/3rd tspn.) of Soy Lecithin, stir well until smooth. While still warm and after baking it should mix into smooth blend.

    5. 16) Re-seal container and FREEZE for at least 8 hours (overnight is good)
    When ready to fill caps:

    1. 1) Remove container from freezer and allow to thaw out (1-2 hours)

    2. 2) Pre-heat oven @220F and place dish in right away, set timer for 30 minutes

    3. 3) Remove and let sit to cool with tinfoil ON for at least 20 minutes

    4. 4) Mix/stir well and fill bottom cap half to within 1mm from top, place top on

    5. 5) Full 00 size gelatin caps are 100-110mg (approx. 20-22 caps)

    6. 6) To make 60mg caps (lighter buzz, good body stone, during the week evening buzz and sleeping

      pill) follow exact same instructions but use only 1.3g of kief. Everything else and all measurements remain the same.
    Makes ~20-22 Size 00 (large) gelatin caps @100-110mg, strong enough for a good 3-5 hr. stone and good 8-9 hr. sleep. Can take up to 12 hrs. to get out of your system. Take caps on empty stomach, ideally 1⁄2 an hour before eating. Takes approx. 1⁄2 an hour to start feeling body stone, 1 hr. to feel the head stone.

    NOTE: Use paper towel to hold caps while filling, reduces chance of caps melting in your hand and makes filling them easier.

    EDIT: I believe this is @GroErr 's recipe

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    charface Well-Known Member

    I went 9-1 or 10-1 and it worked great.
    I didnt use leciten however it is spelled
    Dont forget to decarb
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    BobBitchen Well-Known Member

    dry ice

    tywashere Well-Known Member

    Howard Burn

    Howard Burn Well-Known Member

    This is something I would like to try, I’ll have to do a little research on this, I quickly pulled up on YouTube , trying to find a decent tutorial , interesting I have never worked with dry ice, thank you
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    Howard Burn

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    Today I’m going to use buds to make oil, this time cured flowers.

    Should I grind up the herb and then decarb, is there a need to grind it up, or should I leave in nug form?
    Howard Burn

    Howard Burn Well-Known Member

    Last night I made the canna caps

    I used 40 grams jillybean cured buds, grinded in coffee grinder perfect, decarbed at 220 for 45min

    Took that decarbed bud put it into 1.2 cups of coconut oil, with 1.1 tablespoon sunflower lecithin , in mason jar and placed jar in simmering water for 3.5 hours

    Strained , cooled and filled up about 175 #00 size caps before I ran out of capsules, could maybe fill another 25

    Will be trying them first tonight, start with one and work up. Edibles have never worked for me so my expectations are low, but still will er on the side of caution... should be strong for most users I reckon

    Howard Burn

    Howard Burn Well-Known Member

    .8 ml fills exactly one pill

    So 236.5 ml in a cup, a little water that I added(tbs or so before hit bath) boiled off so the math seems to make sense, trying to figure out est. dose if possible ... trying to estimate using a range of 15% thc in cured bud

    Got 000 size capsules on the way to see difference

    Edit: using a formula from https://www.thecannabist.co/2014/07...nnabutter-canna-oils-marijuana-infused/15457/

    I would guess them to be between 12 to 16 mg each capsule

    I could be wrong, math is not my thing.
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