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    Well im back! Its been a while sonce ive been back on roll it up....say 7 years. Well ive set myseld back up. New country. New strains. New setup!

    Well about my new set up. [Sour deisel]

    I am running 3 45watt leds in a cloning tent. 2x2x4. [Right now there are flowering clones i couldnt get rid of so i flowered esrly under shitty leds]

    My veg tent. Is a 2.5x3x5 i didnt have my full set up yet so i scrogged 4 sour deisels from seed under a 400watt mh in veg. And flowered under 600watt hps. [Currently just harvested last night on its 8/9th week, and are currently drying in the same tent after breaking it down and cleaning it.

    My flower tent. A 4x4x7 [Currently vegging under 400watt mh] are 4 desiel clones, taking from the 4 just harvested.

    So ive planned to bring you all all my journey of filling this 4x4x7 as i attempt to yeild a lb. On my second run in over 7 years!

    [​IMG]just before i started to flower, this is the 4 i just harvested.

    The clone tent i decided to flower under these leds. Instead of throwing them out.

    [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]this is the 4x4x7 with my 4 ladies just transplanted last night in 5gallon root pouches.

    And my most recent harvest of sour deisel!

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    Well i just fed the the 4 veg's in the 4x4 tonight.[these are all sower diesel clones i took from the 4 i started from seed] First feed since the transplant they just went from 2gallon root pouches to 5 gallons.

    The drying buds are sitting comfy at 74degrees and 50% humidity. Should make for a great dry...they are only on the 2nd day.
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    So my 4 sour diesel trees in veg are taking very nice to the transplant into 5gallon root pouches. As you can see they are super bushy....alot of main tops and crazy branching going on. Sour diesel has been a fast vigorous growing plant. I constantly am topping, super cropping, and lolipopping to create such an even bushy canopy. Because more bud sites = more buds


    20171023_101907.jpg 20171023_101857.jpg

    I had a look at my drying buds. I have some un even drying going on but for the most part its slow and perfect! 20171023_102430.jpg
    Temps sitting at between 70-75 degrees and the humidity is at 50-55% so things are looming pretty good. Im hoping to be trimming either tonight or tomorrow. I cant wait to taste these sour diesel buds!

    rastadred22 Well-Known Member

    So today is trim day!!!

    I have taken about half the buds down to trim....still about the same ammount left in the tent...still very stinky and sticky! Can't wait to trim her up and put her in jars!!

    Sour diesel.

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    Well after a long day of trimming i am finally done! I got to enjoy some oh so sweet sour d scissor hash too! So after about a 6 week veg, Where alot of topping was involved, and a 65 day flower [probably could have gone longer]... My 4 beauties are finally in jars!

    Heres the 4 beauties days before chop. They were scrogged in an odd shaped small tent but they did really well. [I took mostly videos of this grow so these are screen shots]

    Scrogging this strain involved alot of tucking and wraving tops creating a pretty crazy stem structure

    Here she is all done !

    This is all 4 plants trimmed and placed in jars to cure.
    Can anyone guess how much?
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    Well the veg tenting is looking great as they make their stretch for the light. They got fed last night and look happier than ever today! I think i will maybe give them 2 weeks in veg. Possibly clean them up and get them in the trellis soon also.
    As you can see thede is a whole lot of branching going on here setting up perfect for the scrog. I think id have no problems filling this tent.

    So i bought these cheap 45watt LED lights online. They were used and i bought them for the seedling/clone tent. I had a bunch of clobes i couldnt sell so i ended up flowering them under the same LED's just to see what they can do.
    These flowers are pretty frosty and surpisingly look pretty dense too.

    20171026_183000.jpg 20171026_183006.jpg 20171026_183000.jpg 20171026_183006.jpg
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    Some of my recent Sour Deisel.

    rastadred22 Well-Known Member

    So the 4 clones in veg have run away from me! they are getting out of control and they have now taken to their transplant in the 5 gallon pots.
    I went out and bought myself a huge res table type thing. I was having a frustrating time watering under my scrog nets...and using a turkey bastor to take out the runoff from the dishes underneath. I put in the 3x3 and about 5 gallon deep 'runoff' tub and propped it up about an inch higher in the back of the tent so the runoff flows to the front. In the front of the tub is a square area where ill use a pump to pump out the water. Hopefully this makes life a little easier!
    [I will be removing the smaller trays...was just easier to pick up and move the root pouches by grabbing the trays. ]

    As you can see these babies love their new medium and filled out even more. Tonight i will trim these babies up for the scrog net, take some clones, and place them under a scrog net! Flowering time is near!

    Stay tuned as i will be putting these babies under the trellis and trimming them tonight!

    rastadred22 Well-Known Member

    Almost forgot. Here are a few night shots of some Sour Deisel buds! [My clone tent turnt SOG]
    20171029_163202~2.jpg 20171029_163221~2.jpg
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    Well after some hard work i got these 4 ladies trimmed and under a trellis! I almost already have a top in every hole...things are going to come together real nice. The tops are yet to turn up but i will def get in there and shoot a few pics when they do. I dont think i will veg for two much longer as most tops have about 4 close nodes above the trellis. Can't wait to see these babies flower!

    Here they are some pics after i defoliated, topped, and lolipopped.



    Here Is the room with the ladies under the trellis!



    rastadred22 Well-Known Member

    Some bud shots!
    Sour D!
    20171031_120334~2.jpg 20171031_120116~2.jpg
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    Update on veg tent. 20171105_130430.jpg 20171105_130505.jpg 20171105_130426.jpg

    rastadred22 Well-Known Member

    Okay so the ladies in the 4x4 are doing great i have more than one top in each hole of the trellis and i will flip the lights to 12/12 starting today! Its going to get pretty exciting in here!
    I had just dealt with a minor ahpid problem...as i noticed the new growth to have holes and appear scarred. I have used a substance similar to neem oil and they seem to be a bit happier. Although i did not physically see any of them the damage and their remnants was a dead give away those little fuckers triednto set up shop in here! I also added diamatacious earth to the pots also.


    20171106_002021.jpg 20171106_002026.jpg

    So 2/2 of my triple cheese have popped the other day and 1/2 of the ayahuasca purple have popped and are getting ready to take off! All my clones are coming along just nice also.


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    How could i forget! Here are my clones that i ended up SOG under leds... These ladies are going into what is roughly day 75

    rastadred22 Well-Known Member

    Well harvest time is here again. The clones are finally ready to come down! The difference between these ones under leds and the other ones i finished under 600hps is i notice that the smellnisnt as strong as the ones under 600watts. And i notice that the led buds seem pretty densenand possibly more trichomes? This was just a test and a way to not throw out clones. But the harvest looks way better than expected!

    All these buds were grown in dixie cups as single buds and under 3 28watt leds.
    20171110_224718.jpg 20171110_224803.jpg 20171110_224755.jpg

    rastadred22 Well-Known Member

    All the clones have rooted and seedlings have started secondary growth. They have all been transplanted from the clone tray into dixie cups. Seeslings are 2 triple cheese and 1 ayahuasca purple as one seed popped then never broke surface before dying...no big deal.

    These are under one LED panel about 28watts from the wall...and a 24watt cfl.
    Its been about a week since i have flipped the 4x4 tent. The stretch has definitely begun... Things are going great and im starting to get the canopy i need to flip to my 600watt flower bulb...as they are still under the 400watt veg bulb and on veg nutes at the moment...and possibly for another 2 weeks...

    20171114_215535.jpg 20171114_215453.jpg 20171114_215526.jpg

    rastadred22 Well-Known Member

    Anyone is free to post on here. I guess i failed to mention that any questions or comments welcome!

    rastadred22 Well-Known Member

    Well these babies definitely have stretched they have grown into the fan already! Haha time to move her up!

    20171117_012743.jpg 20171117_012823.jpg

    horribleherk Well-Known Member

    that looks solid & the clones you flowered under the led do seem to have more sparkle
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    rastadred22 Well-Known Member

    Ikr actually suprised me. Only thing i notice is the buds arent as dence! But still super crystally and and stinky. Todays trim day!

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