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Hello this will be my first grow. I went crazy and setup myself a rdwc system, but I'm already stuck at the first stage. Last week I planted 4 seeds. I used 7 stage RO water for rockwools including deion+UV. PH was about 5.7. I kept them in tank 80f 90% humid for 2 days. One of them germinated in 2nd day after that every day I had one popping up.. 4th day I had all 4 germinated. Morning of the 4th day I introduced them to light and the last one popped under the light. Light schedule is 20/4. Always kept the rockwool moist. There is a fan blowing a little air on them. Since the day one this guys are growing super tall. I know its a problem and there are many rasons might be triggering it, but if you guys can help I would appreciate. In the picture its at night before the light goes off. The temperature is a little low atm but my temps are usually between 75-80 and humidiry 50-60 aftrr I took them out 9f the humidty tank.
If they sprouted in the dark they would stretch trying to find some light. Too much red in your spectrum? Too far from the lights?


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I figured that they were too far away from the light source. I used sf-1000 lights in 30% power 30" distance. Not got them closer about 12-15 inches. It seems like it will be a lot of trial and errors. Sf-1000 might have too much red in the spectrum. I'm not sire but possible. If you guys know anythig about that I would appreciate the input.


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Three weeks old from clones. Water when ever the pot feels light ore dry three inches deep to the soil. I use ocean forest. Just fed half doses of compost tea and some silica, cal mag, recharge, and microbes. All half doses. Just few days ago I spray all my plants with plant therapy due to powdered mildew before sunset and yesterday I found four or five plant showing this problem and can’t figure out what’s wrong with it. Please help. Hope you have answers for me. My first thought was the spray cause the burn but this is was half hour before sunset and I let them sleep for few hours before the light turns on. Thanks for the help.