Red eyed genetics thread


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Any of these strains worth a look? Or should I stick with jbc when I go to buy.


Samwell Seed Well

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I searched high and low for this pack.
I picked it up about 2 years back on Strainly after growing out a GuardDawg x Stardawg cross that really impressed me.
I have no idea on rarity but i have few old beans from Red eye, and just germinated kourtney luv and kobain kush a month ago or so



Here’s some gorgeous Mt.Rainier S1 gals from this summer’s run, they really put on some wild fall colors in the last few weeks before finishing, these first two are down and curing now and I have 1 more that seems to be a bigger frostier pheno just finishing up, I’ve been growing Rainier every run since I started growing last summer all thanks to my first run experimental bagseed plant selfing and making like 50 more seeds, all the S1‘s i’ve run from that mother have been solid females with one runty unhealthy one shooting some late stage stress bananas, i know the selfing trait isn’t really desirable but it seems pretty weak and only seems to come out from stress and so far only late stage. She’s a real nice Northern Lights cross that makes beautiful frosty buds and has been nothing but a treat to grow over this last year.