Reviving very old threads


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There are tons of very old threads being revived on a consistent basis on this site. I'm all for answering someone's question about plant problem or pest identification, but it is not helpful if the conversation occurred three years ago. In seemingly most cases the original poster and respondents are long gone.

I think it would be beneficial for a thread to become closed for further posts if the last input was a 12 months or longer. The content should remain active, but no further contribution accepted.

Just Be

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I have no problem seeing old threads revived. It doesn't matter to me if the first participants are long gone. The information that was shared is still relevant and it might help others to see it. Personally, I'd much rather see an old thread get revived than to see the same questions asked over and over again. Why some people would rather create a new post than do a search of this site is beyond me.

Edit: I see now that this is a support issue and the admins don't want us making small talk in support posts. My apologies. I'll be more mindful next time