is back!

We have been trying to get on live chat and can't. Anyone know whats going on? We even tried to get on through IRC and can't. We really miss our friends.


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my site was down for two days just last week ,today when i logged on all i seen for recent posts is spam.I am having hard tiime trusting site with info from what i've been seeing.


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What's the deal with the search feature on the website? It is not working for me....keeps bringing back a "searchd error: per-query max_matches=500 out of bounds (per-server max_matches=0)" It also will not let me go to "Find latest started threads" in the My Profile section....


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The server hasn't been working properly for weeks. I think it is related to auto-login b/c every other site works just fine during the same time period.

And this began before whomever hacked the site.

Look, if you don't want to fix shit...just sell me the domain and send the server bill. I'm sure I can fix this with control panel access.