Rotation update, 4 tent dwc + *drip


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Hey what's up all just a quick update & a few pics of what's in the space. In continuation from the last grow here's some updates from the ARC, Blue Apricot, & Jungle Apples. With this new set up now working with 4 tents for a steady mix to run.

After flipping the 3 from the last journal the only fem was the ARC so she's got the 4 x 4 all to herself - pic below currently in week 4 of flower. Using the Mars Hydro sp250 in here + adding a 2nd as soon as the four in the 2x4 take the space when the ARC is done flowering.


Here's some snaps of the Apricot + Jungle Apples before cutting down..


Next up the four in veg here below in the 2x2 looking pretty good + getting ready to take some first cuts in the next 2 weeks or so. Top left is Alien Rock Candy/ARC from clone, top right is the MAC Stomper from seed, bottom left getting kinda tall and will top/clone for next round is I-95 clone i swapped out the Crescendo for, & bottom right is the Runtz from seed. At least 2 of these are fems so harvest after this I'll have some better pics of the 4x4 for the journal.


For the 3rd tent I moved the old 2x4 to the other side of the room. Top view from the space with newly transplanted Grumpz on the top, 1st Class Funk (the only fem) in the middle, & then Leeroy TK. Since they're still seedlings still using the dome for about a week till they get acclimated.


The last tent below a little 2x2x2 clone/seedling/early veg tent from a brand called one deal. Pretty nice fits 2 planting trays so perfect for what it is. Right now in the 4" rockwool having a 2nd go w/ some Jungle Apples & in germ working w/ Crescendo *this time for keeps, Da Krippy from 808, Blue Cheese freebie from maybe 3yrs back, & another Leeroy TK. All these will move to the 2x2 veg where the other 4 are sitting in now.

After transplanting all to 4" rock wool cubes I'll drip feed these or just manually feed them then transplant them to their own res when they move out of this tiny tent.


Working with both peat pucks & rock wool and already getting better results w/ the pucks + a little URB Natural doesn't hurt either. More to come for the ARC once she starts to get chunky + clone updates next for the Runtz, Mac Stomper, & I-95. Won't be using the cloner for these this time around for these since they won't be transplanted right away so prepping for 1st time use with a mini drip system here in the tiny veg tent as soon as they're a little bigger and everything is dialed in.

Peace for now + thanks for tuning in!


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U know you have males right
Are you talking about the 2nd & 3rd pic? Yes they were from my last grow, when i flipped the 3 I had from the last run those 2 were the males that didn't make it in the new 4x4, just the arc is in flower now.

The mac & runtz I don't know yet but the 2nd pic (mac) looks like it could be a her but the top pic (runtz) not seeing any white/pistils.

If I knew how to more accurately determine sex early growing would be that much more fun so this time i guess instead of getting them big w/o knowing i guess planning on taking some cuts early see what happens or perhaps just try the farmer freeman or something local. Been spending too much time growing these out only to have 1 out of 3 harvested so w/ the new tent hoping to increase the odds a bit or just do fems in one and tent...

Any thoughts on these pics here or what do you to determine sex early? Thank you in advance!



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What's up RIU just another quick update on the space tonight. All seedlings alive & looking good after 5 days germ. Will let them air prune a bit & plan is by the end of the weekend they'll all be transplanted to 4" rock wool cubes and will stay here in the 2x2x2 until they move into the 2x2x4 guessing probably 5-6 weeks.


Space a bit crowded but rotation getting closer to the next move once the ARC finishes up.
From L to R -
4x4, 2x2x2 top, 2x2x4 below, 2x4 on the left.


In the 4x4 ARC sitting nicely just waiting on the 2nd Mars Hydro light gonna kick up the bud growth here in week 5.


Another look at the 2x2x4 with the ARC, I-95, Mac Stomper, & Runtz in week 8-9 of veg. Cloning out the Mac Stomper & Runtz soon just waiting for a little more growth and give myself a little more to work with instead of some tiny tiny cuts..was tempted to already take some just now but a few more days will be cool.


And for the seedlings in the 2x4 - First one up out of the looking good is the 1st Class Funk (GMO x Jet Fuel Gelato) fem seed from Compound.

Here getting a lot of light burn, had to tone down the led's for now is the Leeroy TK (Rare Dankness x Triangle Kush) by Rare Dankness.


And last is the Grumpz (Grape Pie x Mac x Runtz) from Cannarado. All seedlings still hanging on to the domes for a bit no rush to get them out of there just gonna give em some time to settle in the next week or so.


Hope everyone's having a chill night + more pics and updates as they come. Peace!