Samsung LM301B

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    With lenses as well
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    I can help you with that. Getting the most out of every square inch of floorspace is my specialty.

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    have an chinese manufacture on alibaba who had that, i wanted to do strip with that, told me than only few manufacture had it in real stock. ill check my mail for you guyz
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    Will more of these prototypes be making it into the wild before we see it on the market? @Stephenj37826 I sent you a pm a couple days ago.
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    @ttystikk sounds like an offer I can't refuse. Ive thought about hitting you up a few times actually..
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    "The current issue and I expect others are experiencing it is that the absolute best flux are not available, they offer a generic code and you will likely get a mix of flux bins, including the best 220LPW bins, seems an odd way to offer product but thats Samsung, we will be looking to start with 3000, 3500 and 4000k bins

    With that in mind,I think maybe in few months this diode will be worth something for real life application .
    The best bin is only 2-3% better,and it doesn't seems to be available at this time.
    Not a big different I guess .
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    LONG STORY SHORT ... this is basically a way of industry saying "some of them are better than others" and dividing them up into "Top Bin = the best performing 10%" etc ... but when they're working on such MICROSCALES and sometimes NANOSCALES, I think we ought to just appreciate that and give them some leeway! They are pushing the boundaries after-all.

    There is no perfection to be found at the cutting-edge of human R&D, nor should perfection at such high levels be expected from mere mortals. <--- my most profound sentence ever typed.

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    Below is a comparision of 20pcs F- and 20pcs Q-Series strips running at the same current/driver(HLG-240H-C1050B).
    As long as you get the F-Series for a better price I see no reason to upgrade. Maybe later if Samsung decides to make a F-Series replacement with 72/144/288 LM301b. But for now based on the currently available strips, I would continue to recommend the F series.

    Samsung F-Series vs. Q-Series, (min., typ., max.)3.png
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