Scary withdrawal symptoms Help!

I've heard of Spliffs, big-ass joints. But not with tobacco.

Why is it called a spliff?
In the West Indies where this term originated (especially Jamaica), a spliff is simply a marijuana cigarette, normally containing no tobacco.

To each their own, but it just seems you're just diluting your weed with tobacco. Have to inhale more smoke to get the high you want versus just smoking it straight
I live in a eastern european country... people usually mix it with tobacco to last longer and to save on weed cause it’s expensive and salaries are low, but i did it because i got used to the taste and intensity the nicotine gives to it.. i also have the crafty and plenty vaporizers but that nicotine got me addicted.


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some heavy users of weed get various withdrawals like night sweats, nausea, mood swings & anxiety. I've experienced all those several times, the worst part is the insomnia and some blood pressure issues. When i dabbed and had to suddenly stop it was quite a bit worse too.


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Hello, my name is Rob and i’ve been smoking weed everyday for like 7 years, 7-8 times a day.

Since the coronavirus quarantine began I couldn’t get my hands on any decent weed so i had to stop smoking for my own sake.

It gave me kidney liver throat and chest pain also my heart was feeling weird and i couldn’t get it up for like 2 weeks if you know what i mean, i also lost all desire for sex.

I forgot to mention i was smoking spliffs with lots of tobacco usually black pall mall.

It wasn’t that hard to give up because i had great support from a caring person, but i’m going through some strange symptoms.

-my throat feels swollen (every time i swallow i feel something weird stuck in my throat).

-i always feel hot and i sweat.

- i’m feeling very tired.





I' v been smoking for 20y. almost..
Last 4 years I'm smoking almost pure weed sputnik joints (really big family type joint)
And I can be without smoking for days ,I had 2 month pause from weed, due to artificial insemination, without any problem.

So hop hop hop hop GTFOH !!!