seedling with seed shell stuck to it

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    RichED Well-Known Member

    Mornin all. What to do if shell of the seed is stuck to seedling like a helmet. do you pull it off or let it be once i pulled one off and sprout seemed puny and pale. I assumed it did not get enough nourishment from seed. what is normal practice please help in situation now. Isnt it strange how molasses smell overpowers the weed smell Im growing for three months now and find that strange. I love the smell of molasses in the morning.:lol:

    crazy420 Active Member

    I am no expert but i normally very gently with tweezers pull the shell off if the seedling is above the ground

    KP2 Well-Known Member

    i second this suggestion.

    RichED Well-Known Member

    thanks guys for knowledge and rapid responce good growing to you peace and love bro
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    wyteberrywidow Global

    you can pull it off but eventually it will fall off itself.

    KP2 Well-Known Member

    not always; often the husk will harden once it's above the soil line, and if you don't remove, the seedling dies. sometimes they fall off on their own, but usually they do not (helps to plant seeds a little deeper in the soil so the motion of growing helps shed the husk).
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    Hydroton Active Member

    Second that motion.

    wyteberrywidow Global

    O.k. but from my experience they fall off.I dont touch them at all,I leave the seedlings in a humidome and as they grow the shell falls off.You might have witnessed it but not me.
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    dirt clean

    dirt clean Well-Known Member

    take it off slowly and carefully or it will die. I ad some slow germers and the thing was glued on and the plant was trying to grow inside. It would have died.

    all is ok now. fem white widow skunk.

    Hydroton Active Member

    Yeah... humidome. Good point. By keeping them in the dome longer the shells will reamin soft (not dry out). My dome ain't very tall and some sprouts grow up sooner than others so while some of my shells shed themselves (the earlier ones), sprouts that come up after removing the dome sometimes need a lil help shedding.

    nexcare Well-Known Member

    I usually mist the seedling a few times and then gently try to remove it with tweezers.

    What causes this? Most of the time you will see this with highly resinous Indica plants. Yes, even at that early of an age their resin can be that strong. Noticed it with 3 out of 6 LA Cons I recently popped. It is a good thing, but be careful not to rip either of your first 2 leaves, b/.c those provide the plant with 100% of its nutes until it is ready for nutes! Good luck, and it sounds like you have a good strain!
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    bender3000 Member

    yes i had one stuck on for almost 8 days hopn it wood do it on its own but didnt so i had to gently spray it from underneath and attempts at gently removing it with a straight pin little by little. Never forced it. let it get softer and softer during the day, finally came off and must say didnt see much chance with those little yellow leaves, but at least they were still there and i knew i had to save them for any chance. Yes it was a slow grower and looked like it wouldnt make it, was two weeks behind other plants, but after two weeks of very slow growth and of course belief it wood b ok, it now is trying to pass up all others, haf to lst it now. Must say readn others ways of having to deal with this gave me hope. NEVER give up on them. Had roommate say was no hope, but look at it now. just fyi.

    hedlesbill Member

    just had 2 die from not burying deep enough...the shell got hard and leaves never shot out

    edit* i took the shell off of both of them... they both had inch long taps....then browned where the stem met the husk and underlying leaves....they are starting to look like they are trying to open up...really cant believe it...

    bigsteve Well-Known Member

    I use 2 toothpicks.


    NotoriousBUD Well-Known Member

    had this happen often like was said in low humidity the shell and inner lining dry up and harden

    tho just about 3 weeks agao had an em tri tinity kush do this so i helped it its about a week behind the others

    the cotyledons were yellow but as soon as the light started to get at them they started producing energy and straightening up and unfolding and got green

    first set of leaves start coming in then they really start producing their own energy

    same problem with the brown stem but its fixed now and growing pretty good

    HiUpThere Member

    I had this happen on my first round of seedlings on the last one to crack the surface, used a small nail and tweezers to gently work it off over the course of a day. the first 2 leaves were totally retarded looking after and I thought it was a lost cause but then out of nowhere she surprised me and what was a runt turned into a champ comming close to being the best.
    Po boy

    Po boy Well-Known Member

    like nexcare said, by misting the shell a few times over an hour or so to let them soften. shell removes much easier when damp and somewhat soft. GL

    Dwezelitsame Well-Known Member

    im glad this guy RED started this thred

    chrishydro Well-Known Member

    This happens to me all the time, with that said I let them sit until they shed the shell but this last time it would not let go so I got a magnifing glass and a tweesers and picked it off. I waited one full week to do this. Other wise I just let them sit.

    Austinmac Well-Known Member

    dont touch the shell at all let nature run its course if the plant isnt strong enough to push the seed shell off on its own thats natures way of telling youu that the growth will not be vigorous at all i would just throw it out but thats my opinion also you dont wanna rip the shell of as it isnt ready to shed it yet even with tweezers n a magnifying glass all your doing is hurting the plant at a VERY delicate stage but live and learn you can only listen to so much bullshit on the internet till you find out the truth for yourself

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