Sessions is at it again!!

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    TacoMac Well-Known Member

    Wow man. You really are out to lunch.

    But just once more, I'll try to dumb this down to where even the average rock could understand it. Here goes:

    The law is a very simple thing. In all of it, there is one common requirement that must be met before anything can happen - you MUST have standing.

    If you do not have standing, you can not bring a case before the court. (That's any court, anywhere, anytime.) A very layman example of that would be that you can't sue an insurance company for damages your buddy received in a car accident. Why? Because you have no standing: it wasn't your car. You weren't involved. You were not injured. You have absolutely nothing to do with it, so you have no standing.

    Now, you could file a suit, but it would be tossed out the instant the clerk read it.

    The same applies to law enforcement; they too must have standing in order to file charges or act at all. Here's an example of that:

    Marijuana is illegal in Georgia to posses. Period. Now, if you grow a couple plants in your house and get caught with it, you're going to face a misdemeanor charge. Typically, you'll get a 500 dollar fine and 2 years probation. If you're not in trouble over it again in two years, your record is expunged.

    That's it.

    So why don't you face any Federal charges? Because the Federal Government has no standing in the case at all. It doesn't involve interstate commerce and it has nothing to do (on either your case or the police) with a violation of any constitutional right.

    Even if a Federal Agent was the one that walked into the house and saw the two plants, there's actually nothing on earth he can do except call the local police. He himself has no jurisdiction over it.

    This is why you don't see the DEA tracking down people holding an ounce of pot or growing a few plants. It's not in their realm of jurisdiction. In order for DEA to get involved, it MUST involve interstate commerce. (i.e. trafficking/distribution.)

    So this takes us back to Colorado. Even if a DEA agent walked into your house in Colorado and saw a plant in the corner and an ounce in a bag on the counter, there's nothing on earth he can do about it. He has no standing since it doesn't involve trafficking or distribution. Now, he could call the local police, but they're going to tell him, "So what? It's legal. He's good to go as far as we're concerned" and that would be that.

    The only time DEA could do anything is if they found out that individual was selling/distributing. Other than that, they are quite literally powerless.

    Even if the President of the United States ORDERED the DOJ to file charges, he would be told no. If he insisted, he could actually be impeached for several different articles starting with abuse of power.

    Even if, by some miracle, charges were filed, the first judge to look at it is going to say, "What idiot filed this? You have no standing. Stop wasting my time. Case dismissed with prejudice."

    And since I'm sure you don't know, when a judge says "Dismissed with prejudice" that means the case can never, ever, under any circumstances be brought to him again. Ever.

    Going back to the California case: Again, the woman was growing for medicinal purposes. That is the very domain of the Federal Government because of it's regulation of schedule 1drugs.

    So they have standing on who grows, where, and how.

    It's just that easy. If you don't get that, then you're the greatest example of a village idiot I've ever come across.
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    UncleBuck Well-Known Member

    what does this have to do with the controlled substances act?
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    TacoMac Well-Known Member

    Controlled Substances are those marked by the Federal Government for regulation under interstate commerce. That is how they can regulate who dispenses drugs to whom and for what reason. That is why it's illegal to deal them: it's the domain of the Federal Government.

    The Federal Government has no standing when it comes to State Law UNLESS it involves Interstate Commerce. California's law DOES involve interstate commerce. Colorado's DOES NOT.

    The very act itself actually empowers States to make their own laws and recommendations for the policing of scheduled drugs. In fact, the DEA actually relies in large part on State recommendations before acting on any such law and/or adding/removing/reclassifying drugs from one schedule to the next. It's a process...a process that has been slowly changing, which is why the DEA hasn't acted on it.

    Again, the Federal Government could TRY to charge you, but the likelihood of it holding any water at all is pretty much zero.

    That is why the Obama administration left it to the States, and only asked the DEA to look into any abuse of those laws. President Obama is no fool. He knows full well that anything more would be a colossal waste of time that would end in wasted money, resources, and actually go against the will of the People, something he was loath to do.

    Trump on the other hand is a complete idiot that cares only about his ego, so he may very well try to challenge the State laws. It will be a long, drawn out, costly mess that will end with him losing and his administration looking even more ridiculous than it does now.

    If that's even possible.
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    rollitup Forum Admin Staff Member

    TacoMac, your profile says that you are in Georgia. So you think you know more about Colorado law, and the marijuana situation in California, than the people who live in those States, and have experienced everything as it has happened? I mean, even if you're a student of the law, you cannot understand better than those who have lived through it.


    Unclebaldrick Well-Known Member

    I dunno. He did use a lot of words.
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    TacoMac Well-Known Member

    Name one person that's been jailed in California or Colorado while obeying the state laws to the letter.

    Take your time. I'll wait.

    rollitup Forum Admin Staff Member

    Just one?


    Well, that was easy!


    dagwood45431 Well-Known Member


    TacoMac Well-Known Member

    And the case specifics?

    Bear420 Well-Known Member

    Hey Taco,
    You asked for just one person they answered your question, then you ask for details. I don't believe your getting those, but if you do I will be surprised.
    I can't imagine you think the cops or feds do anything that they shouldn't, They fuck with people just for fuck with someone, State Or Feds, it doesn't matter they love power.
    I have to ask, you don't think potroast is fibbing now do ya?
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    dagwood45431 Well-Known Member

    Looks like we got a soft taco.

    rollitup Forum Admin Staff Member

    Like I already said, you don't know what is going on in California or Colorado except what you read.

    I've known many people who were following the law to the letter, and still got busted. Pigs lie constantly, and the media repeats their lies.

    In my case, I was raided simply because I am an outspoken advocate for MMJ patient rights. The pigs wanted to take me down, and they did. They broke in my front door at dawn. I was not breaking any laws, and the pigs lied to say I was, and they charged me with 7 felonies. They also stole everything I had, including the money that I had left after selling my house.

    I can tell you many more stories of corrupt and sadistic pigs, but I don't want to type a book.

    One more though, a good friend had a grow house, everything completely legal, and he was allowing two women to live there for free. One morning the swat pigs broke in, and held guns to the heads of the women while they stole all of the plants and bud. Then the pigs left, and were not heard from again. No charges were filed, no arrests made, and the grower whose legal papers were posted on the wall, never heard from them either. He was just ripped off by the pigs.


    tangerinegreen555 Well-Known Member

    Also, if the Feds don't like you for some other reason, they'll chase you for weed.

    They couldn't pin racketeering on Al Capone, so they got him on tax evasion.

    Piss them off, they'll find a way.

    Plus, they're just pricks to begin with. They're still fighting the WOD.

    Ever listen to Sessions talk about it?
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    dagwood45431 Well-Known Member

    So sad and so similar to many other experiences I'm aware of. Conservative authoritarians fuck freedom up the ass every chance they get. Ignore their words. They love freedom as long as it's freedom to fuck everybody else over. I'm really sorry to hear what you had to endure. And for what? In this country, freedom is a fucking slogan and an illusion. Nothing more.
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    TacoMac Well-Known Member

    Blah, blah, blah I wasn't following the letter of the law and got busted so it's all the governments fault, blah, blah, blah.

    You were dealing. End of story. You sold your house, went and withdrew the money and kept the cash in your house? Yea. Gonna call complete bullshit on that one.

    FACT: to date, NOBODY has been convicted and jailed that obeyed the California Law or Colorado Law to the letter. Nobody.

    dagwood45431 Well-Known Member

    TacoMac in real life:
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    fdd2blk Well-Known Member

    @UncleBuck has been stating this same fact for years and everyone on the left agrees with him.

    rollitup Forum Admin Staff Member

    I don't believe that I did or said anything to deserve your response!

    You don't know, or understand what is happening here, and your posting just proves it.

    Better stop now, your Deep South is starting to show.

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    Big_Lou Well-Known Member

    Nah, that's davey the doxxing rapist snitch. The one that is (for some reason?!) allowed to continue to spy on members, gather info for the pigs, spread misery, and EXIST here.

    Fucking flesh failure should have been axed years ago and NOT allowed to beg his way back in.
    Can you say DDOS attack?

    blu3bird Well-Known Member

    Damn that sucks! Did you ever get your house cash back?

    Shitty deal about your friend too, at least he didn't catch a case or go to the pokey.

    I've been in trouble like that too, I lost everything I owned to civil forfeiture bullshit laws. Luckily when it happened I wasn't home and my house dogs were in their crates, if they would've been out. I know the bitchass cops would've shoot both of them. My male dog busted out a couple teeth and tore his nose almost in half because he was trying to eat his way out of the crate, I know he wanted tear the cops apart he was a nasty mean dog, a dangerous animal. Surprised they didn't shoot him anyways.

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