Sessions is at it again!!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Bear420, Mar 14, 2017.


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    That snitch leaves skid marks everywhere, apparently.
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    You're the one referring to law enforcement as "pigs".

    You're the one putting forth information that is completely impossible to be true. To wit:
    • The burden of proof for a no-knock warrant is EXTREME. In order to get one, you have to be able to show that the person in question is a dangerous suspect that is a KNOWN criminal.
    • Nobody keeps 'cash from the house they just sold' laying around the house. The only people with that kind of cash laying around are, sorry to say, drug dealers or bank robbers.
    The simple fact of the matter is that the police couldn't just "break down your door" for no reason. You were dealing. You were dealing a LOT. You were dealing illegally. They had you dead to rights by either video, audio, or eyewitness testimony or a combination of all of them in order to get that no-knock warrant signed off on by a judge.

    That is how it works legally. You simply CAN NOT get a no-knock warrant without that sort of evidence.

    It's very telling indeed how you wont even divulge what you were convicted of or a case number and county so people can see for themselves this horrible "injustice" you suffered.

    But yea...keep on crying about being a victim to uneducated sheep that will give you sympathy if it makes you feel better.

    Meanwhile, it's such a huge issue for legal, innocent, pure as the driven snow people that absolutely NOBODY has ever come forward with their case.

    Pal, if it had happened even once it would be mainstream news for weeks.
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    Justin-case Well-Known Member

    Lying, illegal search and seziure (stealing), prostitution, drug addiction, bribery, infidelity, alcoholism and nepotism are common practice among most departments. We ain't living in mayberry anymore, ope.

    rollitup Forum Admin Staff Member

    I'm not going to quote Tacomac's crap, because that's all it is. Just keep posting and continue to prove your idiocy. I have told you that you don't know what is happening, and yet you are unable to understand. Any response to explain is futile.

    You've disrespected me and my situation, and are actually defending the pigs! Only a complete moron would do that. Own it, or post again and leave no doubt.


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    greg nr

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    I have a very close friend that was charged for cultivating in NH. Long story short. State dropped charges and nearly 5yrs later he received an indictment. The feds picked up the charge. $15k lawyer fees and an 8 month jail sentence later he's free. He's now growing in Maine (legally) but will remain underground because he's paranoid (rightly so) and smart. Had I not read his paperwork I would've assumed there was more to the story (guns, other illicit drugs, absurd amount of product) but there wasn't more. It was quite cut and dry.
    I cant believe the amount of misinformation in this thread. Some of its on point (especially by those who've "been there") but mostly lame-ass blowhard know-it-alls.
    Not sure how it will go down in "legal" states, but I fear we'll soon see the common targets from days gone by. Those who own property, toys, assets etc make pretty targets to underfunded DEA agencies. Particularly if funding continues to be cut.

    Edited to add: No-Knock warrants are not at ALL hard to obtain. Christ on a bike I've seen warrants signed on traffic alone.

    Where on earth do people get their misinformation from? Certainly not experience!

    Bear420 Well-Known Member

    Wow. If you really believe that, you should get out more.
    it happens all the time, The only reason you never hear about most of them is because them cops lie so much. by the time they are done with you, ya just want back to normal.
    Which was the case before they came into your Private Property and assaulted you early in the morning like they were coming in to treat you like a murderer.
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    Cops? Lie? Come on!
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    UncleBuck Well-Known Member

    the controlled substances act applies nationwide. we tried to warn ya guys.

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    The SCOTUS has wiped its ass with the 10th amendment for 47 years, no question.

    UncleBuck Well-Known Member

    first of all, the scotus has no bearing on what jefferson beauregard sessions III is doing.

    second, states rights don't apply to this issue since the controlled substances act applies nationwide.

    third, if you believed a word that came out of trump's mouth you are a dumb fuck and deserve your just desserts.
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    State rights don't apply? The SCOTUS has no bearing? You clearly aren't as smart as you think you are. Where in the fuck did I say I listened to Trump? And what could there response be? Stop regulation in states but not roll back laws? Effective

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    He installs doors.

    NaturalFarmer Well-Known Member

    Clearly backwards and unlevel
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    the controlled substances act is straightforward. it is a federal law. the supremacy clause means federal laws trump state laws.

    this is basic stuff.

    NaturalFarmer Well-Known Member

    California will cite the tenth and force the SCOTUS to do its fucking job. Whether the Fed holds up money to states is a different story but they are limited in their response. The Tenth is clear PERIOD and NO the 1970 act will not trump it when it gets challenged.
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    Commerce clause.
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    NaturalFarmer Well-Known Member

    Interstate commerce is a stretch and has yet to be adequately challenged but will.

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