Soil acting weird


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They all store materials outside. The space required makes it prohibitive to store everything indoors. I took a peek at Aurora Inovations which makes Roots Organic. They have covered facilities where they likely mix the product but the materials are stored outside. The FoxFarms image I posted doesn't look like a mixing facility but a storage facility. There are several large warehouses in the area with likely one being where they truck the materials to for mixing. I just want to point out that I see nothing wrong with storing the materials outside. It's pretty much the only feasible way to store them.

Aurora Innovations/Roots Organic facility.

Thanks for the info. I would assume to be competitive they would all have similar procedures. Maybe it’s what they do to it once it’s inside that makes it “special” :hump:

thanks for the info


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Fox Farm does add hypoaspis miles to combat fungus gnats. A grower emailed the company regarding the predatory mites (the username escapes me) they posted the companies response, which indicated they'd recently started adding them to the OF blend. Not sure about the others, but if they add it to one blend its likely they add them to all the other blends as well.
This was back in 2015 but I doubt much has changed.


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Mix with additional coco and perlite. Also water in 6.2-6.5 range with a 5.8 flush at about 5 weeks. Haven't been affected by ph creep since I started.
Whats your ratio for that mix?

I'm looking at alternatives to Roots Original which is an amended coco/peat mix.


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You dont need to strerilize soil but you do need to add a bunch of ammendments. you need a lot of perlite. an maybe an online retailer.
No you don't. But I prefer to start with clean materials. I've brought some interesting surprises inside over the years.
Can you tell me how to sterilise it?
I lightly moisten my soil and spread it 1-2" thick over sheet pans and bake at 250 F 2-4 hours. I also use a pan inside an electric pressure cooker for 30-60 minutes. All life will be dead. Bacteria and fungus must be added after cooking. Worm castings or biodegraded hardwood tree bark are my favorites.