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    f*ck yea, Its a great read, like magic school bus for organic growers, and can be found online and on RIU as a pdf..
    teaming with nutrients is the follow up book and is even easier to read and better organized.. must haves
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    Not exactly necessary, you can foliar neem until you see buds, AO's fish and seaweed with some humic and b1 in there with bronners tea tree soap too will boost your plants and keep em healthy, do this every 2 days in veg and you will never need to worry about mites i never get em because im oreventative

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    Use muquito dunk cakes in your water for the plants instead... Ladybugs in flower tho u may have to keep putting more in the room since they might die or escape in the ventilation.
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    Also, when doing foliar with ferts like neem etc... U can just spray the topsoil before you hit the plants... Then right after you foliar water with plain water always and make sure lighting is dimmed to the lowest or even off until plants dry..thats key with good foliar practice.. Alway do your foliar at the beginning of their day so they can get back on track by the end of the day and clean your room so there is no stagnant or sitting water ever that alone can stop bug problems... My motto and you may hear about in the commercial industry... ACE it... Always check everything Always clean everything. Bless
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    All of your information is so extensive thank you so much; you literally answered every question I had about the actual process the soil goes through. Your details were perfect explaining the roles of the different bacteria and in your edit/ add- on about helpful and harmful fungi. I really need to get that book! So grateful I found your post; thank you for your time and detailed explanations!
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    Hi Guy's
    Having read the last 7 pages i found this to be a pretty good learning curve but when i tried to click on one of the links it said the page had gone :oops: Soooo....
    Here's the TPB torrent link to the updated 2010 version. It only took around 3 Seconds to download but only has 3 seeders so get it quick while you can ;)
    Jeff Lowenfels, Wayne Lewis, "Teaming with Microbes: The Organic Gardener's Guide to the Soil Food Web, Revised Edition"
    ISBN: 1604691131 | 2010 | EPUB

    And here is the Magnet link to download directly to Torrent...

    Please Dont forget to use a Good VPN so you don't get cought out by your ISP.
    There's plenty of Free one's out there or use Cyberghost like i have for years 8)

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    Back in the day (1980's) my friends in Humbolt CA always grew organic, and outdoors, in ground.. 10ft high plants...massive yields. Lots of rabbit poo.
    These days, with indoor containers......I believe soil testing would help a lot, for NPK levels.
    It's easy to become too nitrogen rich, and if wanting to change these ratios during flowering, takes planning and forethought.
    Flushing the organic soil with water may seem counter productive, but it can refresh the soil, and help any new organic nutriment amendments, take effect.
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    So why do you sign as the beast? If it's (the bible GOD etc) all fake why support the "fake" beast. And if it Is real, which it is, why support the beast? For you know where the mark of the beast comes from, it Also declares that he will be cast into the lake of fire for all eternity.

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    Peace and Love Brother.
    Just think, if it's all fake then why am I focused on a part of the fable? Let it all go... But it's because deep down we Know there's more to what meets the eye.
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    this should be a PM man..
    religion has no place here.
    And since jesus Christ, the holy spirit, and god are all one (as a fable anyways), I beg to disagree on the statement that he "loves all and condemns none"
    The many, many stories in the bible contradict that clearly.
    either way, religious arguments belong in different areas for this...
    It's a sticky...

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    If you believe in god, then consequently you must also believe in the devil. So, if you're worshipping god, you are also given a nod to the devil existing...therefore you believe in Satan.

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    And, if you believe in Satan it honestly doesn't matter. It's like believing in god. Pray all day and see what happens. Same as if you did not pray. God helps those who help themselves. If you don't help yourself, your family, and your friends then God isn't going to help you out of your problems. Being a good person and living right is it's own reward. Heaven is on earth and Hell doesn't exist.
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    Religion belongs in your mind and in church. Keep it off our weed growing sites. Jesus. (that's good i was raised a Catholic and my three kids are raised heathen.
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    pps.,. I like your Devil pic. Don't ever change, man!
    Dear ol" Thankful Grower!

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    That was a really useful link. Thanks!
    Howard i know

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    Have been reading a bit further on bio-dynamics and question whether it really is so bad to supplement organics with some salt based ferts. The guys who I'm following in the high brix gardening places seem to think its OK to bring a soil into line/rebalance and in some cases to counter overexuberant use of compost by some organic purists. The thing I am beginning to understand is that the ratios (or balance) of minerals is more important than the absolute numbers (to a point). Mind you they could be wrong!

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    I call "quick sticky" as a band name!
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    Of course organic is a lot more challenging, but I figure at the end of the grow it's a whole lot more beneficial no matter what you're growing. If you take all those extra steps to get only the best that nature has to offer, it will definitely turn out way better! Thanks for sharing this detailed information! :D
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    have you ever tried out the vital fish powder? used to be called "ocean grown" by the same guys that make the insect frass - it kicks ass - it also has BT in it



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    Yes! I had to learn this with tomatoes. Everytime I took a walk in my garden I would turn the hose on and give them a drink.i thought that the plants would love me for it but in the end I was just killing them with kindness
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