Sunshine Daydream x5

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    OK well that's good to hear. I'm glad I got a few toppings in this round then. Ive got the light about a foot away and have maybe another foot to work for height. I plan on doing some LST later on as well once they start stretching a but more to even the canopy and keep them short and bushy. Yes please share any info you can. And If you wanna post a few pics too that's fine. Would love to see what I've got to looked forward too. :weed:

    budLIFE60 Well-Known Member

    Just did some LST on the SSDD Ladies.

    Day 8 I believe of flower. Having good hopes for these two. :weed:

    budLIFE60 Well-Known Member

    Day 11 of flower
    20160127_155847.jpg 20160127_155900.jpg
    Getting some nice bud sites forming

    budLIFE60 Well-Known Member

    Day 24 flower...
    20160208_181349.jpg 20160208_181402.jpg 20160208_181323.jpg 20160208_181336.jpg A nice "frost" on the fan leaves :leaf:
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    Took some pictures of my valentIne gals yesterday (Don't tell my girlfriend) (: day 30 of flowering. Coming along quite nice. Isnt reqlly much to update, They both are drinking up lots of water and getting a nice stink to them. Starting to get exciting :hump:

    20160214_181358.jpg 20160214_181257.jpg Screenshot_2016-02-14-19-13-23.png

    budLIFE60 Well-Known Member

    Day 36 flower
    20160220_181404.jpg 20160220_181351.jpg
    Sunshine Daydream plant #1
    20160220_181424.jpg 20160220_181454.jpg
    Sunshine Daydream plant #2
    20160220_181430.jpg 20160220_181505.jpg

    greencropper Well-Known Member

    looks frosty as man, nice job, SSDD is on my wishlist
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    Little more bud porn here.
    Some shots i took last night. Day 45 flower.
    Ssdd #1
    20160229_181411.jpg 20160229_181347.jpg

    When I stick my head over this first plant and take a big whiff I get a sweet butter smell. It's amazing. The second plant has a some sweet butter smell but with a bit more funk.

    Ssdd #2
    20160229_181417.jpg 20160229_181321.jpg

    Super pleased with these plants.
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    Well yesterday was the big day. Harvest time :weed:. Was right around 60 days for both sunshine daydreams.
    20160313_212710.jpg 20160313_212722.jpg
    Trimmed off all the fan leaves and did a bud wash on all nugs before hanging. Sitting right around 60°f with 52% humidity.

    SSDD #1


    Will update soon with a dry weight and a good smoke report once cured!
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    Chef420 Well-Known Member

    I just bought a pack of ssdd. Like An hour ago.
    WHat happened with your smoke report?

    JDGreen Well-Known Member

    @undercovergrow could answer a many o ssdd questions . She b the sunshine queen round these parts.
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    Wow sorry totally lost base with this journal. Once trimming came around I was swamped aND musta forgot to update! But seeings how this strain is some Grade A+ quality stuff I figure I gotta finish. I love this strain. I received about l0 ounces dry from these two in 10 gallon pots.

    Yield- Pheno #1 was my keeper, yielded just over 5.5 ounces. Give it about a 7.5 out of 10 for yield.
    The buds seemed to be a little fluffy but actually had some pretty nice density to them. Give it a 6.5 out of 10 for density. Sticky- The Stickiness is crazy. It's hard to get the buds out of the jars they stick together so much! While trimming I was actually thinking of gorilla glue because that's how this stuff is. It's unreal. 10 for stickiness.
    Odor- The odor is strong with this one. It stinks up the whOle place. I can't open a jar anywhere without the area reeking like a skunk. 9 out of 10 for odor.
    Smell- It smells like sweet buttery bubble gum when you open the jar. 10 out of 10. My favorite smelling bud to date.
    High- to properly describe the high I of course had to smoke a little of the product :bigjoint: when the high sets in you start feeling it in your eyes first. A heavy head stone clears the mind and then it relaxes the body. Great for pain relief. This is a 'make you feel good' type of strain. Uplifting high. Probably some of the best medical marijuana I've tried. 10/10
    Potency- the potency is solid. You'll be smoking then all of a sudden it hits you and your stoned. Not the most stoned I've been but definitely the best stone. Little bit of a creeper. I'd give the potency 9/10

    Both phenos were great I actually ran both for a bit but loved this one and had to make the cut. Here's the keeper
    20160623_181659.jpg 20160623_181725.jpg

    This will always be in my garden.

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    I know this is a old thread now but I have had shocking luck with SSD split 7 seeds 2 never made it all 5 left were frigging males got 4 seeds germinating Now so I am hoping they'd be female due to the law of averages lol I am thinking of flowering a male keeping pollen chucking on some psychosis or blueberry hashplant make the best out of a bad situation least I'll get a sunny D hybrid lol

    max316420 Well-Known Member

    a friend popped 5 seeds and 4 were males
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    Jay7t5 Well-Known Member

    Crazy mate, it's sods law lol

    Jay7t5 Well-Known Member

    Well I never I have that rare pheno on the bottom right in picture, I actually thought it was green crack the way it grows as I done Humboldt green crack it grew the same small buds for the first 4weeks or so then it goes crazy,it ain't smelling stinky yet it's got another 5 weeks to go possibly

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    have you smoked some yet or is this your first grow of her? i'm asking because i've had a few that i was hoping was her but their smoke wasn't anywhere near what i had originally. interesting to see if you get her - her smoke is definitely awesome and you should save her!

    de'green Member

    wow man

    great looking plants,
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    Jay7t5 Well-Known Member

    No mate the 1 in the picture is the first time I've grown her hence the size is out of control lol it smells kushy with fruity undertones,but they're not super strong but frosty, it's Like Humboldts green crack inica leaning pheno, I got some killer skunk coming in the post From UGORG that's More up my street, I Like ridiculously stinky weed with fruity undertones lol

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