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    Reptisun isnt enough uvb, neither is the 1 or 2 diodes included in narrow band chinese LEDs. You need to get an arcadia brand t-5 fixture, and be sure to use the 14% UVB bulbs. They have to be RIGHT over the plant you wanna boost thc & resin production in. Unfortunately, the uvb dissipates fast - the lower buds will show no apparent effect, but the tops are OBVIOUSLY blessed with increased resin & thc production. I prop mine at ~a 45degree angle, to avoid blocking light from above. Best use is with a light rail, imo. I have seen zero additional benefit using UVB during veg or even during the first half of flowering. Plants that received it for the duration of flowering, showed the same - but not more- resin & thc production as the girls who only received uvb during the last few weeks of flowering. To save $, I only use them for the last 3 weeks of flower myself. It IS real, though. I live in WA where weed is legal (I LOVE THE FUTURE!!! Lol) and am able to walk in and submit samples to 360-Analytics, for thca & thc, testing which happens to be down the road from me. Havent done a properly controlled uvb experiment in years, but when I had the $ for it (its $25+ to test each sample, depending whatvu want - terpine analysis, cbg, cbn, molds, fungi, etc), I was seeing 3-5% bump to thcs, & an obvious to the eyes, increase in resin production. No change in flowering times noticed. And when I say “3-5%”, I mean 21% thca, increasing to 24-26%... not just 3% of the total, if that makes sense. Generally, its about a 15-25% increase in potency, seen in the uvb treated tops. I also wanna mention- topping & ScrOGing short Indicas lends itself PERFECTLY to this method. When the plant is only 12”-18” tall, and is basically just a mass of 9” colas, every bud can be hit with uvb, and the entire yield is equally killer. With anything past 18” tall or so, the mid-bottom buds just arent getting enough uvb to matter as much. Best results with a light rail, using very short plants, topped and ScrOGed so that no one top is taller than another. I used to keep this shit secret at all costs, as it really does give you an edge over those who arent using it. But as Ive aged & matured, Ive evolved my thinking & believe that useful info should be shared freely. This is VERY useful info & I highly encourage those who havent tried it, to do a side by side & see for themselves. Its maybe $75-$85 for the T-5 fixture plus the 16%uvb bulb. Not sure of the current price, its been a while since I bought one. Bulbs are in the $30-$35 range.
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    You know... Gas is a better person to ask than myself... but with the “Indica dom NL5Haze”, Im GUESSING, that they did some selecting of indica dominant phenos for those who prefer the NL5 leaning phenos. Of the 20 something NL5 haze seeds we popped, only a couple showed indica dominance, and only one was what Id call “heavily” indica dominant. But while Indica traits ARE present in the genetic, the real specialness in this line -imo, is found in the sativa girls. NOT for noobs or those with paranoia or anxiety issues. I myself prefer mixing it with a bit of GDP to mellow it out a touch... but this line is a breeder’s dream Next run will include pollination of Adam Jacque’s “Franks Gift” 20%+ cbd line, with an NL5haze stud Ridiculously underrated seed bank... Run by good hearted, decent human beings who care about sustainability & the preservation of heirloom & otherwise special genetics, over the overwhelming “money first” attitude that seems to dominate the industry. Im thrilled with the results & couldnt rec Swami’s Organic Seed co more highly.
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    Look into the 34w Solacure Flower Power Lamps. UVA/UVB.

    Its WAY stronger than the Reptisun, or Arcadia..

    Solacure will burn your eyes out. They also make 100w, but they better be a long way off of the plants.

    Ive also found that when using really powerful UVA/UVB, that you can kill them, just like putting them in full sun, at the Equator, after starting them inside. So unless you start them under UVA/UVB, or you break them in, they will get burned up with these lights.

    The Solacure is made for Plants.

    The Solacure has a Built In Reflector, requires no special fixture, Runs T12, is also Overbuilt and will run from 21w-80w in certain applications.

    The glass on the Solacure is patented, made in Germany, and is the best available for transmission of UVA/UVB.

    But at 32w, the Flower Power bulb is a universe more powerful vs the 54w Dragon Bulb. The Solacure would be rated at 30%. vs 14% for the Dragon 54w vs 34w for the Solacure. But they don't rate them that way, as their bulbs have a different UVA/UVB combination that is specifically made for horticulture/plants.

    They also make lighting for curing wood, aging guitar finishes ( Relicing ) and giving show pigs a tan.:shock::lol::lol:


    FR40T12 multi-wattage, multi-peak UVB/UVA horticultural lamp.
    Wattage: 32-40 watts standard, can be run as high as 80w for special applications.
    Color: white to violet. Color temperature >10,000K
    Dimension: 4 foot by 1.5 inches. Will fit almost any shop light.
    Reflector: Built inside the lamp. No external reflector needed.
    UVA/B: 5x the power of the SG-1 and Universal UV. About 20 to 50x the power of reptile lights.
    UVA/B rating: Equivalent to a 30% UVB lamp, but we do this in very different frequencies, so they don't equate.
    Life: 1000 hours at 70% of original power.

    [​IMG]From the ground up, this lamp was engineered to do nothing but operate as a horticultural lamp. It can operate as low as 25 watts and as high as 80 watts, but is centered to us a standard 4 foot 32w fixture and it's own timer. It is four foot long, 1.5" in diameter, so it can be used in virtually every 4 foot fixture at the hardware store. Our entire goal was to make it simple and cheap to operate. All the really interesting things are happening inside the lamp, not in the fixture.

    Again we licensed Sol Glass for this lamp, like our SG series lamps. It is more transparent to any other UV glass made, and allows transmission of UVB between 280nm and 300nm, something other lamps don't do well. This is one reason our lamps have been so successful in the labs, testing for resin/flavonoids/terpenes/THC. The new spectrum uses many of the same spectral peaks as the SG, but are 3 to 4 times stronger in the UVB, while still having a solid UVA profile. UVA is seldom discussed in many circles, and it is too large a topic to discuss here, but we design our lamps with a sun similar UVA spectrum because we have good reason to think it is also very beneficial for UV started plants. The UVA to UVB ratio is very different than the sun, however, as the effective ratio is about 4 times higher than the sun. This is why you can use half as many lamps and still get twice as much UVB. In short, you use few lamps farther from from your plants. This makes using them easier and cheaper for you, while being more effective. It is hard to overstate how big a leap this lamp is.

    Like most Solacure lamps, the Flower Power has a built in reflector, so you don't need to worry about using reflective material with it. Mylar, white paint, all these absorb UV anyway, they are useless for reflecting it. The image on the left shows a regular lamp, the image on the right is how the Flower Power is designed, with an internal reflector. It forces all the light to go in one direction, making designing and installing a system much easier. This means the lamp has about 50% more total UV output than a non-reflector design with a home made reflector.

    For all flowering plants (including fruits and vegetables) grown indoor or in a greenhouse environment. The exact amount of UV needed for each plant will vary, and must be determined by the grower. To offer enhanced UVB, most growers will use two of the Flower Power lamps for every 1000w HPS/MH or equivalent. Obviously these will work on cannabis and are designed to maximize the UVB needs of the buds, but it was designed to be a greenhouse light and to provide the missing UVB for any plant.

    How to use these lamps
    Use two Flower Power lamps per 1000w hood, one on each side for even coverage, 12" to 24" from the plants (farther is weaker so needs to be run longer, but covers a larger area). Run 1 to 4 times per day, 1 to 6 hours per cycle for up to 12 hours (single cycle). How much depends on your particular plants, so start with 2 to 4 hours and work your way up, looking out for burned edges. The goal is to stress the plants, push them, without damaging them. Only run during your day cycle. Use during flowering and fruiting stage. Also proven to suppress mold and mildew as well as discourage many insects.

    Another method that is claimed to produce higher CBD is the "Pulse Method". You run them 15 minutes on, 45 minutes off. This will shorten lamp life somewhat, but will still get you 2 flowering seasons worth of use. These claims have been made by a few professional growers. Most tests that instead run the UVB continuously for several hours have shown to not dramatically affect CBD production (flat to slightly higher).

    Already certified to get 20% to 35% higher THC and flavonoids and anecdotal evidence that approaches 40% higher, and results keep coming in.

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    Upgrade, smoke report on pheno #2 from a different person of the Blue Orca Haze.

    This pheno is even better than the 1st. Very similar but this pheno is much more floral, while still retaining Sandalwood overtones. More lung expanding vs the 1st, with more hash type overtones. I like this 1 better, and the 1st 1 was really good. All of the plants are/were a deep green. Theres a couple ore, but they still have to go a bit.

    My other friend also started 35 of the BOH 4 days ago, and 34 came up with 1 unacceptable, and was discarded. May get 20 females to look through, and also there is NL5/Hz on the way, but still need to go longer. Will also start 30-40 more NL5/Hz in a few months.

    I'm dying to breed Heirloom Coastal Seeds NL1 x PNW Hashplant/Puck Yeah with NL5/Haze
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    Interesting... but if the more expensive, higher uvb (higher than the 16% arcadia) bulbs & fixtures are giving 25% bumps to thca/thc... It makes me think that there may be no benefit to adding uvb beyond a certain threshold, as I am already getting the same bump to thc with the 16% arcadias. Tried the reptisuns with no success- was told about the arcadia & never looked back :) If someone has the cash and the inclination, it would be cool to see a side by side of a 16% uvb arcadia vs one of the more souped up uvb lights. But I CAN verify that the 4ft T-5’s at 16% uvb from arcadia, definitely work. Def an interesting topic... especially as these Swami genetics are already monster boss potent :)

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    So you smoked some BOH then? Is it trippy or racy?
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    How long for the flowering times?

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    What I smoked has a strong heavy euphoric buzz. Creeper, and very long lasting.
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    The more powerful bulb, allows for deeper penetration
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    Careful with the uv lights. I turn them on after I close the tent. I am using them to change the high not increase potency.

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    Well, youll be increasing the potency anyway, as thats the entire point of uvb ;) Im not noticing any major changes to the effect, though, so u may be disappointed- and Ive been using uvb for 10 years. Same effect - just more potent. Effect is altered by how ripe (or not) your trichs are. For instance the GDP I used it on still feels like GDP. No change tonthe effect. Its just stronger. Takes less to get stoned.
    Also - aside from uvb sun glasses to protect the eyes, I dont take any special precautions, and have never had any issues. I like Jimyhendrix1’s idea of using increased intensity to penetrate further... the one thing that has sucked, is getting extreme variation in potency on the same plant. The difference in potency between top, middle & bottom buds is astounding when used on taller 4ft+ plants especially. Ive tried goin sideways with em... but that just does the same thing, frosting up the half closest to the light, leaving the opposite half relatively untouched.
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    Fastest finished in 8&a half weeks, but she was taken with just a touch of amber trichs, mostly milky w/some clear. 10-11 weeks seems to be the harvest window for the sativa dominant girls, but there are a couple that look VERY sativa, and are past the 11 week mark, with a good 1-2 weeks to go. We’ve selected a 10 weeker, an 11 weeker & almosy certainly, one of these long running, skunky/spicey sativa phenos. There is a good amount of variation... but just take clones before sending them into flower & go with the pheno that works for you. Id suggest at least a 20 seed run if u have the space.

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    Got my Seeds today BOH & nl5haze and some freebies (Maz/Gurrero x nl5haze)!:mrgreen:

    Super Fast Delivery time wasn't expecting them to arrive this week!

    As much as I want to see how strong the nl5haze can be..I'm all about aroma and flavors. I don't drink the beer that I do because of it's alcohol content....

    Can anyone chime in on the nl5haze aroma and taste? We know from previous posts, and history that it can be extremely potent, but what terpenes/flavors are found in the various phenotypes?
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    Bitter, earthy,sweet& nutmeg spicey undertones in pheno 1, taste dominated by musky weed taste, 7/10 taste intensity. Theres a certain herbal, floral, spiciness that they all share... but terp profiles of this first run include skunk&earthy-weed dominant, to hardwood&sweet/spicey haze dominated. Theres a couple unique terp profiles that are very difficult to describe.
    I gave them pre-cure smell/taste grades ranging from C+ (herbal, hardwood smelling profile), up to B+ (Sweet, skunky, w/floral undertones), but I anticipate that may change w/a proper cure. Trichome structure is very fine w/small heads, most phenos didnt get frost rails, but the buds themselves are covered in trichs. There were some deceiving girls that werent really that frosted, smelled somewhat mild, but produced surprisingly strong effects.
    For me, a perfect breeding strain. Stronger sativa dominant phenos are a bit too jarring/intense of a ride for every day use, imo. But there is a good amount of variety, so keepers with dif traits can easily be selected :)
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    Ok... where do i start? Ummm... first off - the “not for novice smokers” warning should be taken seriously on this NL5 haze... my super macho big cuz just blew his fuckin breakfast all over the porch after taking his 2nd 4-foot bong hit! Lmao I TRIED to tell him! Hahaha To be fair, he’s from Utah, has a low tolerance as he doesnt have regular access to good smoke. Still... funny stuff. He’s fine now - layin on the couch with his eyes closed lmao ahhh, its so funny when its someone else! Lol
    2ndly- I was legitimately surprised when the 1st potency test came back at “only” 24% thca for the highest thc sample... it’s definitely not just the thc producing this level of effect, as it FEELS stronger than shit testing in the upper 20’s, low 30’s. I only tested 2 keepers, so Im not sure what the others are at... but very interesting. Im curious what causes the crazy speedy rushy intensity of effect in this strain.
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    Kahuna x Cherry bomb!!!!

    yesum Well-Known Member

    ^^ I have some of that Kahuna x Cherry seeds. Gotta find some room for it soon. The BOH will be strong like the Nevil haze then. I think high teens for thc is enough to give a potent high if the other cannabinoids, terpenes and God know what else is in line to help it all out.
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    Looks like my emojis didn't show up...??

    Anyways, I am really liking the look and fragrance of these ladies!!
    Silky rez and a very heavy coating!!
    Might be an extractors dream!!
    Or nightmare, if that turn into oily goo, and not pliable!?!
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    Hey Gas

    I wanted to know some more information about the Punto Rojo line being offered? Specifically Bliss x Punto Rojo. Anything to expect? more sativa indica? What was the intention when breeding those two strands? Thanks for any information!

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    Getting ready to place an order with Swami. Sent a seed request for 2 pks donation amount and my email.
    How does payment work cash in the mail or through this square up account..? I created a login for squareup but not sure of next steps. Can someone help a brother out..?
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