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    Ok, my stressed grow produced three female Blue Orca Haze plants. Harvested over last two weeks and I love this smoke. One pheno flowered with a foxtail look but solid as a rock and so covered in trichromes that I need to scrape my fingers for finger hash after breaking apart a flower for my pipe.

    By the way, did I say I love this smoke.

    Going to start to flip four more Blue Orca Haze, two Cherry Bomb and two Mazar-PCK after 5 weeks of veg tomorrow, woohoo, unstressed so far.
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    InfiniteDreams Active Member

    Can you describe the taste/aroma/terpene of the BHO?

    Really, interested in seeing people's results with these Swami Strains (BOEL)!:leaf:

    I was gifted a pack of Mazar-PCK...please keep us posted as to how they turn out for you.:bigjoint:

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    kona gold

    kona gold Well-Known Member

    What week are they at?
    I am enjoying this strain. Lovely frost, super hard buds, dark green leaves.
    Smell is getting better. Wasn't my favorite at first.
    Kind of a sweet spicy smell, not that impressive. But now they are getting a little funk to them. Not really hashy, bit an old school funk that I haven't smelled in a bit.
    Some look like that picture of Zazan

    jonsnow399 Well-Known Member

    But is it the Holy Grail! or anywhere close?:-D

    newgrow16 Well-Known Member

    Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition! Sorry leave that to Monty python.

    Bringdemfya Active Member

    This one came down early due to garden relocation,60 days....could have used another week to fatten. These usually start beefing up around week 7,then you'll start seeing expedient flower growth and some unique appealing scents. Nothing out there really smells exactly like it.
    Of course the more BO pheno's will finish earlier than the NL5haze phenotype.
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    Bringdemfya Active Member

    ~Happy New Year~

    Let's hope our multiple demographics in this country balance out pressing pathetic differences and get on with being a more functional part of the global community.

    Here's a few limited availability offerings on the following heirloom landrace polyhybrid rarities we are making available to the lucky few who score it first.

    - The One x Pakistani/Chocolate Thai ....Coot's 'The One' x Browndirt Warrior's Pakistani x Chocolate Thai.

    There are 3 packs up for grabs to the public,once these F1's are gone they are gone. The resulting 'The One x Paki/Choco Thai' 3-way landrace polyhybrid IBL will be available later next year after proper selections and breeding.
    The Pakistani x Chocolate Thai are from old school imports,not commercial seed sources. A well bred hybird that exhibits expressions of both parents in the phenotypes nicely. Some fantastic representations of the old Chocolate Thai popping out in some females. Higher than average yields with high potency. This smoke adds an entirely new dimension to the current Chocolate Thai hybrids. Combined with Coot's 71 boel Afghani x 76 boel Thai Stick these resulting F1's should be pretty phenomenal. The male selected from the Paki/choco was from about 25 males,clearly the best stud of the bunch. Browndirt's breeding stock not available to public,was an accidental procurement...whoops~. I remain on breeder moral high ground and will not release his IBL.

    - The One/Panama x Pakistani/Chocolate Thai

    2 packs available,same story...yet this is much more a rarity. F1's that will not be available to the public. This 4-way landrace polyhybrid may or may not be developed into a line in the future.
    These F1's are 'Herb Stalk's' selection of The One x Panama female,and my 76 Peace Corps Panama IBL line selected powdery mildew resistant Panama male ...which was pollinated by the same Browndirt Paki/Choco male as TO x Paki/Choco Thai.
    The excpetion being that the Swami Organic Seed Panama seed line may be the only unmolested mid-70's Panama accessible today...? (this Panama landrace is not available to the public atm) The One x Panama female keeper cut is a collector grade smoke with average yields with powdery mildew resistance.

    - The One x Tribal African (pweto village x transkie..congo regions)

    1 pack available,F1's unavailable to public. This will be an IBL after proper selection...eventually.

    The tribal African was collected and bred in Africa by jimi Africa. He went to the villages and regions himself and collected the parental lineage. This is a highly cerebral and inebriating congo sativa landrace hybrid that has not been molested by modern genetics,most likely since these types were first introduced to the continent.
    Coot's 'The One' as a mother will add the boel ancestral farmed drug lines to the more tribal Africans creating a higher potency landrace polyhybrid....with that 71 pre-soviet Kandahar to hold it down to modern flowering windows and add a more productive resin haul.

    These rarities will have a higher than usual donation cost. The usual 15 beans per pack plus a pack of freebies.... anyone making any SOS order will get the 3"x4" high quality all weather Swami Organic bumper sticker.
    Once these packs are gone I will edit the posting,but leave the genetic information behind.

    swami.gear g mail

    Bringdemfya Active Member

    Browndirt Warrior's 'Pakistani x Chocolate Thai IBL'


    The One


    Tribal African (Pweto Village x Transkie)


    jonsnow399 Well-Known Member

    Translation: whats the high/potency like?

    newgrow16 Well-Known Member

    For me the effects bring a clarity to vision, when I look out on the hillside or trees it is like I see more details , that type of clarity. Next I start to think about what to do, I want to get up and work on something, not real picky what. Not like an edgy sativa though. Seems long lasting , worked on chores for 3-4 hours before breaking.
    Smell is different than anything I have used, even my wife, who doesn't smoke asked about the smell, as it was different for her. Not fruity or earthy or trainwreck, a mix of all.
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    Bringdemfya Active Member

    Hey now,I can't edit my post #229 so I must say that The One x Tribal African pack is no loner available.
    Rock on good people~
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    kona gold

    kona gold Well-Known Member

    So I had a question.
    I smoked some premium chocolate thai around '93. A friend of mine brought it out to Hawai'i when he came to visit. He was a TV producer, so he had the connections. So this was some legit smoke!!
    But I've seen a lot of folks claiming to have this strain in seed form.
    Not from what I have seen.
    Just like many breeders claim to have the real Lambsbread, but that's just not the case that I have found. I mean Lambsbread was dark brown oily Jamaican chronic that a few bowl hits left you staring at the sky pondering life with a huge grin! And it was more like "ground" lock than couch lock! And that high lasted 4-5 hours no joke!
    So I found one seed in that bag of chocolate thai he brought, and it turned out to be a male. But it was the nicest male I have ever had or seen to this day! It grew extremely symmetrical in a Christmas tree shape, but somewhat skinnier version. Like the bottom branches didn't get very long, but we're a little longer that the next one up. Tight nodes for a sativa, with beautiful dark green leaves that were fairly long and a good width , but serrated heavily. This male was soooooo sticky if you rubbed the stem, you could get black fingers!
    The male was soooooo spectacular, that one of my good grower friends wanted me to give him the male cause he wanted to smoke it. Said it messed him up more than most buds!
    So I am hoping to find this variant again, but I want to know fro you, if you don't mind sharing, what the buds on her smell, taste like, and the effect?
    Mahalo nui

    Bringdemfya Active Member

    These are the real deal Choco Thai hybrids. Earthy,sweet,chocolate scents and flavors from the phenotypes. The best representation of the old CT I've seen in a hybrid yet. This is a stronger CT line than the Drahow line that made the Chocolope,etc.....

    Circa 1986,I was 18,Tujunga,Ca.,about once a month the Chocolate Thai would hit LA shores and we'd get the first wave of dispersal from an older heady guy who had a hook up. We would pool our lunch money and get a bag. We would never make it more than around the block before stopping the car and smoking the whole bag. It was $30 and 1/8th when everything else was far less. We'd just giggle for about an hour and wish we had more. I can verify that from the 50 or so plants I went through these are indeed what they browndirt warrior claims them to be,...lol he wasn't happy I ended up with his breeding stock. It was a case of mislabeling,and subsequent trading that I ended up with them. He eventually told me the lineage and I agreed not to release the IBL. Besides the overproduced ego,the guy actually bred these lines quite well. lol...here's an example....
    kona gold

    kona gold Well-Known Member

    Right on bro!
    I am the same age.
    Class of '86.
    But I was east near Philly.
    Best time to be a head. Had all the previous generation chronic that was getting bred better and better, all the way up to around 2000. Then things seemed to go to get weaker from that point!

    So that chocolate thai description was the one I hoped you would have.
    That's pretty much how I remember them. Like a brownish green color, lots of resin, flavors were earthy, sweet and hashy, very desirable and exotic. And yes 30 and eighth was more than the average import was going for.
    Did any of that Lambsbread make it your way around '85?
    b podg

    b podg New Member

    Hey gas,
    Do swami seeds ship to australia? Im hanging to place an order but it says on your website usa only.

    Take it easy mate, podg
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    InfiniteDreams Active Member

    I remember smoking Chocolate Thai from the 90s. Some of the stuff I saw being pawned off was absolutely garbage, but there were a few occasions where I came across the real McCoy. One in particular stands out still to this day...

    What I find interesting looking back is the best chocolate Thai I have looked like nothing special. It was brown...not a ton of odor to it, and it hardly had any Crystals. We always see people asking for the THC %, or 'look at those crystals"... Yet the irony is that chocolate Thai may have been thee most potent thing I've ever smoked in my life...ranks right up there in the top 3 of the strongest strains I've ever smoked. Absolutely incredible...and it was a choker.

    Really looking forward to possibility of legitimate Chocoate Thai, and RKS in the future.

    But Lambs Bread...what the hell?..never heard o' Lambsbread!

    I may have crossed paths with it but never heard of that strain before....

    Interesting stuff folks...keep it coming!:bigjoint:

    jonsnow399 Well-Known Member

    Wasn't Choc Thai the main ingredient in DutchFlowers Chocolate Trip?
    Tom Tucker 313

    Tom Tucker 313 Active Member


    Bringdemfya Active Member

    Vietnam Black x The One/Panama

    The female Vietnam Black was acquired by Zamalto from a soldier who was there back in the day. Zamalto went through 400 females to find this one which was used to carry the seed from my The One x Panama male. The result is a mold resistant,tropical guava-fuely SE Asian type with good yield. This one went 65 days. Smoke was not overpowering,and certainly has a interesting effect like a more exotic sativa. For those looking for something different,the Vietnam Black hybrids are very unique.
    More potent versions are available such as Blue Orca Haze x Vietnam Black/The One x Panama,which will be more psychedelic, and Blue Orca x (Vietnam Black x The One /Panama) has more of the 71 Kandahar indica base.

    (update--1 pack left for the rollitup post above The One x Pakistani/Chocolate Thai
    ----- and 1 pack The One x Tribal African left as well.)


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