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    Are you talking about crosses of those first 3?

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    The Chocolate Thai I believe will be a cross if it's released next year circa 2019.

    Currently, I believe there are still 4 RKS crosses available from Swami Seed:

    Blue Orca Haze x RKS/Guadalajara
    The One x 85 Humboldt RKS/Guadalajara
    Cherry Bomb 79 Muai x 85RKS/ Guadalajara
    Purple Zebra x 85RKS/ Guadalajara

    In late Spring if all goes well Swami will have just 85RKS/ Guadalajara available. This is the one I'm dying to get my hands on (already have some of the RKS crosses).

    Nigerian Sunshine and Mr. GreenGenes Cherry Bomb 1979 Maui Wowie IBL unsure about the genetic makeup, I believe they are their own strain.

    Gas please correct any information if I misrepresented it in any way, shape, or form,
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    Sour Wreck

    Sour Wreck Well-Known Member

    gonna have to be on my seed buying game when those drop. it's gonna be like black thursday at walmart :o

    SCJedi Well-Known Member

    Just place a request through the website. Instructions follow from there.

    I have:
    Blue Orca Haze
    NL x Haze
    The One x Pakistani x Chocolate Thai
    The One x 85 RKS/Mexican
    Nigerian Sunshine

    I have to stop ordering and get some of these going.
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    InfiniteDreams Active Member

    Here is the description from Swami Organic Seeds.

    Nigerian Sunshine
    Swami Organic Seed Cannabis Type: Nigerian Sunshine Breeding Information: BOEL "Brotherhood of the Eternal Light" (1976 Nigerian landrace/Blue Moon Rocks Bx2 Known Phenotypes: A blend of the Nigerian and BMR on equal levels. Productive and potent,known for PTSD relieving effects noted by veterans. Growth Characteristics: Often bushy with many flowering tops,plants can get big yet don’t stretch like most sativa’s […]

    Cherry Bomb
    Name Of Type: Cherry Bomb Breeding Information: Swami Organic Seed repopulated with permission from original Mr Greengenes 1979 MauiWowie IBL seeds. Known Phenotypes: A 50/50 hybrid from BOEL sourced and bred 70’s Oaxacan Mexican and Afghani. Selected for potency,taste,and flower shape for over 3 decades by the late Mr Greengenes. Growth Characteristics: Fast growing sativa […]
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    This thread just keeps getting better by the minute!

    SageFromZen Well-Known Member

    I was all over this same thought a decade ago... and you're absolutely right, kristoffolese! It just so happens that I have managed a tanning salon where we actually had a UVB fluorescent stand-up booth. We had 17 beds of multiple varieties ranging from high pressure beds(just as it sounds), to VHO fluorescent, to hybrid beds with HPS over the face and VHO's for the body etc.

    Now, I've not done indoor in years but I like that someone has confirmed what I thought about the UVB factor all along. Kristoffolese you phuck'n ROCK!!! I'm sure I'm the last to know on this. It's probably common knowledge but was a pleasure to read.

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    thisusernameisnottaken Well-Known Member

    How is the Blue Orca Haze x RKS/Guadalajara ?

    kristoffolese Well-Known Member

    Ok... 3 of us have finished first runs of the NL5 X Neville’s Haze. One garden flowered everything basically from seed & used a ScrOG grow style. This garden did the worst by far. I realize it MAY just be luck, but I doubt it. I feel confident saying that this strain prefers to be allowed to grow- the highly trained individuals did noticeably worse than the girls that were just topped once & lightly tied down, quality-wise. Yield was fantastic throughout. Quality varies widely, as would be expected in an open pollination. But the next level quality IS there :D No keepers in garden 1, bit there was 1 keeper in garden 2 & 2 keepers in garden 3. Of the 3 keepers, all are sativa dominant. My favorite is the tallest pheno we grew out, has an incense-skunk terp profile and took 14 weeks to flower. VERY speedy, racey, uplifting “GO” weed :) The terp profile isnt what youd call “complex”, but is intense & what I expect to see in most older strains. But the QUALITY & INTENSITY of the effect is point on. A bit too mouth twisting & heart pumping for regular use, I see this as a breeder’s dream. A cross to highly resinous, short flowerinmg indica could be special. But it takes work- do NOT expect to pop 15 seeds and get a sea of keepers. But it IS real deal.
    Lastly- I want to say that they seem to thrive in a coots mix living soil, and quality seemed better across the board.
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    kristoffolese Well-Known Member

    The choco strains like chocolope, choc thai, etc, DO have chocolate notes in the scent & flavor. Its just highly dependent on the nutrition, drying & curing that the sample in question received, as well as the obvious genetic component. Deep, cocoa/chocolate notes can fade/disappear in a hydro setup, while being fully expressed in a good soil grow (coots mix, living soil). The dry/cure you give, will also make a huge difference in the chocolate smell/taste. Dry/cure at lower temps (upper 50’s, low 60’s) at moderate RH (~50%). Just my 2cents.
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    kristoffolese Well-Known Member

    Bump. Anybody on the BO/RKS? Well, I’ll try to answer this in a few months, as my next run will be half 85’ BO/RKS Guad, some Yogi and Critical Mass for sheer yield & hash production. Happy growing everyone!

    mikeyboy2121 Well-Known Member

    Any chocolope I've run doesn't smell like chocolate at all, it smells like melons. I grow in organic soil. Choc Trip from all grow journals I've read doesn't really smell like chocolate either. Most say vanilla nutty sandalwood. It's sorta chocolate, but not really. This is while plants are growing... nothing to do with drying/curing. Choc Thai IS supposed to smell like chocolate, or at least it used to back in the day, though some speculate it could have to do with how it was packed that caused that. I'm looking for a strain that ACTUALLY smells like chocolate. Not sorta chocolate if you stretch your imagination, but actual no doubt about it chocolate. Far as I know it doesn't exist.
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    kristoffolese Well-Known Member

    Sounds like youve been running the “cannalope haze” leaning phenos of chocolope. Never had or heard of chocolope that smelled/tasted intensely of chocolate- but Ive def had chocolope & chocolate thai with chocolate notes and undertones. The chocolate chunk Ive had that actually possesses the smell, smells more of cocoa than it does of sweet milk chocolate. Same goes for banana strains... every banana strain Ive ever tried has had either zero banana smell/taste, or just the slightest of undertones of it. Anyway, the chocolate is def a complex terp profile, and much like the girl scout, even if you have a momma who has the smell u desire, changes to nutrition & dry/curing can kill or change the smell. Chronic is another one- unique honey, sweet-flower smell is SO easy to kill with an improper cure or too quick of a dry.
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    mikeyboy2121 Well-Known Member

    Chocolate Chunk is one I've been looking at pretty hard lately. Never tried it, but cocoa terps are the right direction I'm looking towards. Only hesitation is I've heard Adam lost all his stock a while back so don't know if the newer stuff is any good. I saw on their website they just started offering it again but only in feminized. SHN has it in reg so maybe they have older stock, but I'm undecided which to go for. Did you grow out CC or just have sampled it?

    kristoffolese Well-Known Member

    My medical shop carried it regularly when medical still existed in WA... sigh. Had a rich, earthy, dried-cocoa smell & was a very medicating, indica dominant stone, for sure. Heavy on the body, and eyes :) I heavent really seen a cocoa smelling sample since medical went away, here. But I stopped really seeking it.
    I hate to bitch, living in a rec state and all, but I really miss being able to smell a gallon jars worth at a time lol :) To pick out specific buds, smell it & view it under lit magnification before choosing, buying. I always felt like “Randy” in that South Park epsiode where the KFC becomes a dispensary lol But Im grateful mmj patients are still allowed to grow :) I do have experience growing the chocolope, though. Great yielder, mos def.Quality, uplifting high.
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    FYI....The One x Pakistan/Chocolate Thai are no longer available. Some peeps on the ball there.

    The chocolate thai from the 80s smelled like and had a semi chocolate earthy like smoke.

    Searching/sexing Blue Orca x 85rks/mex I have found a very skunky smelling male I'll be setting aside.

    Cracking a grip of NL5 x NL5haze beans today in the search for winner's.

    kristoffolese Well-Known Member

    Cool beans! Great news on the BO/RKS mex male! Got 3 keepers from your NL5 Haze that we ran :) Our favorite keeper reached 6 feet (topped and tied down!), went 14 weeks, fantastic yield, skunky with that hardwood/incensey haze profile blended in. I don’t recommend flowering it from seed... the crew member of ours that did, had problems finishing them & quality was just plainly reduced compared to the girls we pre-sexed before flowering. So I dont rec SOG, flowering from seed with it, but if u actually give em what they want, theyre very, very hardy, excellent yields, & for me- that EXACT effect that Ive been missing for SO fucking long! :D You know, the supercharged, heart pumping, mouth tightening, jaw clenching rush that just goes up, and up, and UP the more u smoke? Very, very high ceiling. Imho, this strain -Swami Seed Co’s version of it- is absolutely real deal. And while various individuals in the run may have been of lower quality, the keepers are blatantly, OBVIOUSLY superior to literally every other version of the strain Iv tried, including Shanti’s. Not trying to talk any smack, whatsoever. By comparison, I am an earth worm & Shanti is a mighty Dune Sand Worm lol Just trying to relate my experience:)
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    SageFromZen Well-Known Member

    "By comparison, I am an earth worm & Shanti is a mighty Dune Sand Worm lol"

    Whoa... that was very v-e-r-y deep, man. That's like Jim Morrison-level poetry right there. I"m gonna go burn one and contemplate the meaning of Life now that Shanti is officially, a sand worm.

    kristoffolese Well-Known Member

    Hahaha Yaaah... happened to be watching “Dune” when I wrote that lmao
    On a serious note.... It DOES bother me when amateurs or even experienced unknowns such as myself, are excessively critical of those already proven to be masters or otherwise famously skilled at growing and breeding... was trying to be honest, but still respectful
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    Jeet Cat

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    Any idea when that nigerian sunshine will be back in stock? Big time PTSD struggles, looking to get some good medicine in the ground this year.
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