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    WIN_20180204_21_40_05_Pro.jpg Update on Blue Orca Haze from Clone.

    Buddy harvested some BOH a couple months ago, and it went around 63 days. It was really good stuff, but way early, but he took it early so it would have a better chance to reveg. HAd a slight Bubblegum flavor.

    Got 3/4 lbs of it 8 days ago, and even though its still early at 70+ days, the taste is much much better. Really nice terpenes, with a very notable Bubblegum flavor, mixed in with a peppery flavor,, floral hash. Very complex termenes.

    Theres no doubt that the longer you let this stuff go, the stronger It gets, and the better it tastes.

    The buds after drying, and a 9 day cure are ROCK HARD RESIN FACTORIES. My cheap little web cam does them no justice at all. Huge clusters form the buds. And are really rock hard.

    Buddy got at least 1lb from 1 plant in a 20 gallon container/Promix..And this plant could have gone at least 10-14 more days. Not 1 amber trich in site. It just went longer than the seed mother.

    But Hot Damn, we have found a keeper out of this, and only looked at 5 females.

    Buddy #2 has 15- 20 more females at 6-7 weeks veg getting ready to be turned back.

    I also got some fro him today. His 1st pheno also wean around 63 days for the same reason.

    This pheno is a lot more leafy, more Visible/Larger trichomes, and more indica in the high. It also still need to cure out some, because like I said. This stuff really needs a bit of a cure, and needs to be let go aslong as possible for the terpenes, or you will be disappointed. Youll think its strong, but lacking in flavor. But if you let this stuff go 73-85 days, youll get an idea about seeing what the terpene flavors are. From the phenos Ive seen, the terpenes don't start to get good flavor until at least 73 days.

    The leafy pheno has a more dark red wine type taste with floral bouquet. The other pheno is more of a sativa high. Both are long lasting.

    Bubblegum pheno is so far the keeper.

    Bubblegum is 1st, and last photos.

    . WIN_20180204_19_59_39_Pro (2).jpg

    WIN_20180212_13_02_46_Pro (2).jpg WIN_20180212_13_02_46_Pro (2).jpg

    Southerner Well-Known Member

    I just went with the Blue Orca x 85 Humboldt Roadkill Skunk/Uruapan. I’m worried about headspace but I’ve never really grown any old school genetics so I’m excited to pop a few.
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    Yah, buddy! :) Great news :) Thats what I love about Swami’s Organics... just a pleasure to pheno hunt, if ur into that... and I am lol Just be careful who u partner up with :p
    And I know- I haaate it when Im LOOKING at a chronic nug, but the pictures I take just don’t capture the trichs or even the true color :/
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    U gotta take pics like chicks take selfies you gotta get different angles with flash without flash and pick the best lol
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    lmao love it man... u ever have a joke hit you juuust right & then cant stop laughing? Rotflmao Just made me think of my girl- she does that shit ALLL the time
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    So long as ur not stuffin’ em’ into a 2x2x4ft tent, u should be alright ;) Just top, and bend/spread those colas horizontally. Just dont flower from seed... I KNOW it saves height, but quality, really, really can suffer. Depends on the strain, but the oldies seem not to like 12/12 from seed, ime.

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    I got some more Older Genes for you to look at if your interested.

    SeedsHereNow has these. You can also go to Instagram, and look up Duke_ Diamond_ VA. Or just google his name and add Instagram.

    Known as Dominion Seed Company. From out in your neck of the woods.

    Some killer photos of his stuff..


    And the Original Real Deal Skelly Hashplant, also known as Puck

    He has the Old Super Sativa Seed Club Sk1, 2/3 SATIVA, NOT 50/50 like Mr Nice SHIT, which is good for breeding, but not the same, and is bred for a more Indica Phenos. Hes got a POLE CAT PHENO he uses on the Dominion Skunk, Granny Skunk, Sis Skunk.

    Skelly Hashplant, the only other Certified 91Chem cut from Chemdog. Chem only gave the cut to 1 person, and this is the guy.

    He also has what they call 1991 VA Afghani. Virginia Beach. He went through hundreds of plants to find this 1 mother. I believe it is Origial Herijuana, or HOG, but am not 100% sure.

    Dominion uses a Pole Cat Pheno. Skelly also reeks.

    Dominion Skunk = Sativa Dom. Does have a couple phens.
    VA Chem91 x SSSC Sk1 x Skelly x SSSC Sk1.

    Granny Skunk= Indica 83%
    VA Afghani x Skelly x SSSC Sk1

    Sis Skunk. Sativa Dom.
    Chems Sister x Skelly x SSSC Sk1

    I bought 3 packs of each of these, and my buddy is going to start 1 each of the Granny, and the Regular Skunk, AKA Dominion Skunk.

    MORE. Also at SHN.

    Coastal Seeds.
    Puck Yeah
    NL1 x Skelly Hashplant

    They also have some Romulan/NL1, 90s Black Dominia/NL1.

    A few NL1 crosses. This is also original Heirloom NL1 Pre Soviet Kandahar. SAme stuff Nevil used at Seed Bank. Also the Skelly is the same Nevil used to create his version of the Skelly in seed form. I believe he said all of them were powerful, but 1 in 4 was outstanding. Super Funky Skunk Hash.


    Have you heard of..

    Top Dawg has genetics with...

    The Cough. Old NL5/Hz NL5 x Haze #17. Ive not been able to find much on Haze #17. I asked a few days ago at Mr Nice forum, and no response.

    Top Dawg Mango Cough

    African Cough

    IMHO you do want the Dominion Seed Company, and Coastal Seeds that has got NL1, SSSC, Skelly, and VA Chemdog91/VA Afghani Genes when you can swing it.:weed::weed::hump::hump::twisted::twisted::twisted::cuss::cuss::cuss:

    But I just thought Id give you a heads up on the Dominion, and Coastal genes. You may have already known about them.

    Heres a Dominion example.
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    Bringdemfya Active Member

    Definitely another key reason I play with F1 hybridizing is the hunt for phenotype expressions that suites the personal experience. I don't like rock hard nugs,and prefer long flowering sativas,,just my personal preferences. This doesn't mean that I'm going to selfishly select for something that I alone deem fitting for myself,but rather keep the pool open since they may have veritables that someone else may find appealing. Open pollination is important for this reason. Nice frosty looking BOH up there^^^~
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    jimihendrix1 Well-Known Member

    I tried to get a little better photo or 2. 1st photo is of the Bubblegum pheno, and the other more leafy/floral. Bubblegum is more sativa high. Both are really good though. Bubblegum grows faster, and produes more. My buddy says he thinks Bubblegum can get 22oz from 1 plant in a large container and 1000w Hortilux HPS. Leafy 1 around 18oz. Leafy 1 has more/Larger visible trichomes. I don't know if theres more, but theyre bigger.
    I really like the way the Bubblegum grows in huge clusters to make up the buds

    Bubblegum pheno is the 1st photo.

    WIN_20180213_12_41_13_Pro.jpg WIN_20180213_12_44_05_Pro.jpg
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    bobdagrowah Well-Known Member

    Mine too lol, I be like damn put the phone down its really not that deep
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    kristoffolese Well-Known Member

    LOVE it! And in my opinion/experience thats exactly why Swami Organic Seed Co beans are so fantastic for pheno hunting... the genetics haven’t been bred into a corner, so an excellent variety of traits still exist in most of Swami’s lines.
    Now, I dont mean to say that theres less value in highly stable, IBL lines- the IBL Cherry Bomb for instance, which has been stabilized at a high quality level, through yrs of select breeding. But Swami beans are the pheno hunter’s dream, ime. And the philosophy, generosity & just plain coolness of Gas & co, have them as my #1 fav right now I dont know that I’d rec the NL5haze for the new grower... but I just love em.
    I recently ran into a heart-breaking “disaster” of sorts, that set me back several months... (prick... you know who u are lol), but Im convinced that the beans Gas/Swami Organic Seed co are selling, are 100% as advertised. This statement may seem like, “yah? So what? Breeders/Seed banks are SUPPOSED to sell what they advertise.” But my experience- specifically with EVERY other company’s version of NL haze Iv tried, was a nightmare in this regard. It took me literal YEARS of that crap, buying BS that was supposed to be real deal, old school nlhaze, before I came across Swami Organic Seed co... So when I say that they ARE as advertised (just need some pheno hunting), its a big deal to me & I dont say it lightly.
    Much, much thanks to JimiH- he is the badass genetics version of a “truffle pig” lol Sniffs out that badass old school shit like nobody Ive ever seen lol Much respect, much appreciation- I have my “The Cough” hybrids because of you- good lookin’ out, man!
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    jimihendrix1 Well-Known Member

    Swami flat out states in many of his descriptions there will be phenos that aren't desirable.
    I don't see how he could have been more plain???.

    There are also straight up and down, columnar plants that would probably kick ass for sea of green type grows, but my buddy culled them. Out of 23 females probably 4 were columnar. I couldt tell you what the tase high is, as of course, he killed them, but I bet with the proper set up ect, 2-2.5 oz per plant sea of green is very easily obtainable.

    The buds on the Bubblegum pheno are very heavy. As heavy and dense as any Ive seen, and are just loaded with resin. If it would have gone 10-14 more days, it would have been extremely potent. Its already good stuff, and not recommended for someone just starting, unless you just hit it 1 time.

    Hell, I can take 1 toke off my little bong, and be ripped for 2 hours. Eyes all red and shit. Its really good for concentration, but has a really heavy come down, which I want, because all the best shit I had back in the day would send you to bed at the comedown.
    The longer my buddies let this stuff mature, the more impressed I am with it. While it was really good, long last high weed at 63 days, I was very unimpressed with the flavor, and it wouldn't be something t Id want to smoke all the time because the terpenes were boring.

    Well, jack that up another 10 days ( Could have gone longer ) and its totally different weed. Terpenes are very acceptable, and its is noticeably more potent.

    Went from doubtful to keep, to woah, this 1 aint goin no place, and is my favorite plant of which my 2 cohorts are growing.

    The others they are growing are.

    Mr Nice Super Silver Haze.

    Jack the Ripper... Ok shit.

    Elemental Seeds Mango Tango... Not really very good.

    Mr Nice Critical Skunk.. Still vegging. Havent smoked. Flipped soon.

    Blue Orca Haze is several steps up in both taste, and high. Good enough to get rid of a 3 years old SSH clone, that was out main plant. Probably wont kill it, but will breed it with something more tasty. High is medium strong. Many consider it very strong. Its Medium to me. But its better than the Candyland, Sensi Mr Nice, and Gelatto that currently going around my neck of the woods.

    BOH kills all of them. You just have to let it mature.

    Elemental Seeds Grizzly Kush.. Same. Still vegging. will be fiipped very soon.

    This is the most satisfying weed Ive had since I got out of federal prison in 2009. In the same ballpark as some really killer AK47 x NL5. Really Killer. This is as good. Doesn't stink as much, but the terpenes are more complex, though more subtle.

    I cant wait until my buddy goes through his next 15+ females. They are all really nice looking in veg. Only plants with strong side branching were kept, and all of them are very strong plants structurally. Youll NEVER have to tie, or support these babies, and if you plan on training them, you better start early, when theyre still a bit compliant, or they will snap like a pencil if you try and bend them.
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    kristoffolese Well-Known Member

    Comcerning my quote on flowering from seed... yield was def NO problem in the nl5haze sea of green (more of a scrog) from seed grow. But the quality was just across the board lower than in the 2 other “regular” (non-tent) gardens... made me think of something Jim Bennet (coot) said, about responses he got back from ppl he gave clones of “The One” to. Some came back & ranted & raved how fire it was... while others, were very disappointed, saying it was mid grade at best- and they all recieved clones off the same momma.
    What all of the disappointed folks had in common, was flowering from seed&/or straight hydro runs. He swears that “The One” is SO dialed into its environment, that growing it in a drastically different way, drastically decreases its potency & trich formation/development. I am running experiments w/other strains & will hopefully have more solid info to report back... but it seems some strains will NOT express their full goodness, in certain grow styles.

    kristoffolese Well-Known Member

    Fantastic read... awesome on the BOH. Im fiending for some of the BOH genetics for sure! lol
    I just couldnt pass on the NL5 Haze & an RKS cross, and didnt have the cash for the BOH :p Gas sent me “christmas morning” levels of freebies, on both of my orders, otherwise I probably wouldnt have been able to pull off a proper run... but def looking to raise some funds here next month & pounce on the BOH from Swami & Puck from Coastal ;)
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    jimihendrix1 Well-Known Member

    Id love to cross the BOH x Puck, or the NL5/Hz into the Puck, and the Dominion Granny Skunk.

    This Dominion stuff is the shit if you want Skunk. Maybe not Uncle Festers RKS, but from what I read, he uses a Pole Cat pheno, that reeks to high heavens, and IS an RKS

    Have you seen the Uncle Fester IBL 1969 Sk18 from The Nature Farm Genetics??? HE also has crosses.

    The IBL RKS Is out of stock until late this year season, or next year, and he is also trying to concentrate the RKS pheno as it is but 20% of the phenos. There re Several Phenos.

    This is the REAL DEAL RKS, UNDILUTED from Hells Angels Uncle Fester. Uncle Fester was originally a college Psyc professor in the early 60s, and turned Hells Angel in 65, and started breeding weed at The Hog Farm in Nor Cal.

    Leary, BOEL, Garcia, Ousley, Kesey ( Ken Kasey ) were all there.

    Also this is NOT the same Uncle Fester the Bomb Maker. Hes younger than me, and still alive. Original UF was born in the mid 30s, and is deceased.

    UF died a while back, and left his Nephew Master Thai ( Whos also old ) the REAL DEAL RKS GENETICS.

    Master Thai is well known, and has been for decades in the Nor Cal community, raises high dollar dogs near lake Tahoe, and decided late in his career/life to start lying to people, and ripping them off.
    He had promised to release these genetics to the free market so they wouldn't be lost, and went back on his word, and was selling crosses for astronomical amounts, and also selling less than perfect crosses, when he damn well has great genes, and is not disputed in the Nor Cal community.

    But U Mello at... The Nature Farm Genetics, also has the genetics, and did an Open Pollenation.

    This Sk18 is 2/3 Sativa. Columbian Gold x Acapulco Gold x Pre Soviet Kandahar... I bet Uncle Fester Used ALOT OF THE BOEL GENES. What do you want to bet ????
    They all hung at the HOG Farm, amongst other places.

    Sometimes Nature Farm has a couple packs for sale where people didn't pay for orders. I got 10 packs this way. @-3 at a time would show up, and Id jump on them. I ost out on a pack 2 weeks ago. I had it in my cart, as did someone else, and they payed first.

    I got SSH X Sk18 as a freebies

    And Paki Chitral Kush x Sk18.

    From what limited info Ive seen, I hear the REEK in veg

    Check out some of the Double Serrations on many of the leaves. Not all phenos have DS.

    My buddy with the Bubblegum Pheno started a pack a few days ago.
    Time will tell if theyre junk or not. Its the only way to tell about any of it, and you, like me, are tired of wasting time, and money, for only fair, good genes, Not Outstanding.


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    kristoffolese Well-Known Member

    Yah, Im definitely on the 69 skunk18 (you lucky duck!), its just hard for me to get beans that arent regularly available... I never seem to have the cash when they restock! :/ Also, definitely have my eye on Dominions skunk lines :)
    But Swami’s BOH is definitely next up... hoping to swing it in March. Gas has been so ridiculously nice to me, and I feel bad I couldnt help with a request he had... so I try to give Swami-OSC preference when I cant decide lol
    Due to fixed income/finances, I have to pick up packs here and there, when I can. But yah, it can take some time to get the beans Im after. Im pumped, though... the fact that these genes are AVAILABLE, just thrills me :D
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    jonsnow399 Well-Known Member

    Why? Why did you make me do it, with your pretty pictures and your awesome descriptions! Just ordered the BOH and now I'm flat broke! lol

    just got this email
    Expect delivery flat rate priority mail box.
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    kristoffolese Well-Known Member

    Because badass beans are BETTER than money! Lol ;)
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    jimihendrix1 Well-Known Member

    Even at $100 Donation, with the free pack, its = to around $3.30 a seed for goodness sakes. Hes giving them away really.

    For the $$ its the best deal around.

    js339, just give them plenty of light, soil, and let them finish out at 75-80 days, and youll get your head blown off.

    Gas has also given me a bunch of free seeds.

    I like to use 60w sq/ft of light regardless of source.
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    jimihendrix1 Well-Known Member

    I thought you may know about them, but me thinking you know about them, doesn't cut it, so I just thought Id just give a heads up, and if I find any other stuff, Ill tell you again.

    I also know others read our conversation, and like js339 did, buy some good beans.
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