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    Jesus OG Kush D56 coming down later today. I know it could of went longer but need some room and have more in veg anyway. I have grown other Jesus' from seed and they didn't stretch this much. I really like the flavor on this one. Just need a little better canopy control LOL.Probably should have also used a 3 gallon or less. Still a lot of food in this soil.

    j1.JPG j2.JPG j3.JPG j4.JPG
    sorry having trouble getting clear shots. Theres a large bic for size comparison.

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    Respiratory Health and Cannabis

    Stoner magazine ask me to do an article about cannabis and health, I jumped at the chance to do this because I have very strong viewpoints on the subject. I first started using cannabis as an adolescent around the age of ten. I've always use cannabis to help control my anxiety and hyper activeness. Cannabis is known to be safe non-toxic and generally safe for human beings. This safety however it does not apply to smoke. Most people in the industry know I have a genetic respiratory disease but I have learned so much about lungs and the respiratory system going through what I have gone through for the past 4 years. I told my doctor Vu Tran that I had always use cannabis and then I felt that it was not harmful to me and had no impact on my lung disease he told me that while cannabis was not harmful smoke of any kind can be dangerous, whether it be cannabis smoke Leaf smoke, smoke from a fire it is not good to the healthy pink tissue that is our lungs. As a Pulmonologist he sees hundreds of patients and his professional opinion and many of his peers is that Lungs don't like smoke. This brings me to my point, recently technology has come on the scene and wax makers and oil makers everywhere are blasting thousands of pounds of butane. I first made my own wax open blasting with a O'Neal tube and some butane in a can. I didn't really know what I was doing I was just trying to concentrate the THC and make a stronger product. The biggest problem with this product that I made was that it was not tested and there's no telling how much contaminants I ingested into my system. So when I'm online looking at YouTube videos or looking at Instagram pictures I'm noticing a new trend that is Young Adults doing massive string dabs. There seems to be almost a competition as to who can take the largest hit inhaling this massive volume of smoke in expanding the lungs larger than they should be expanded is certainly not good for you. So let's talk about the concentrate in Industry as a whole there is no regulation on the process it is federally illegal to even blast as they like to call the process. Oregon as far as I know is the only state that is done any regulation at all in order to sell concentrates in Oregon they must be tested for pesticides and contaminants. From a consumer standpoint I am blown away at the difference in quality of concentrates that I see in the shops locally. You can bet that the cheaper concentrates on the Shelf contain contaminants and pesticides we call this butane soup. Now my fans that have read this far are probably thinking why is Sub saying anything negative about cannabis I'm not I'm simply saying that inhaling large amounts of smoke over a lifetime may not be good for your lungs and I think young people should be aware of this. As a consumer I think I can make Intelligent Decisions about my health I have been using cannabis for four decades so I feel I have a little bit of information that can guide me. New Users of cannabis whether it be concentrates or edibles may not be aware that there are some risks involved mainly pesticides and contaminants. Concentrates often have high levels of Pesticides. I hope everyone reading this article will take my words with a grain of salt I certainly am not saying that cannabis is bad for you I enjoyed it very much and it is made a positive influence in my life however with the new information that I have I do not take giant dabs of concentrate and if I use concentrates you can bet they've been tested and are free of pesticides and contamination.I smoke only on occasions and I feel medibles are safer for long term use.The morel of the story is to make sure your cannabis and concentrates are pesticide free and maybe not try and burst your lungs with giant dab hits. You will breath easier.


    Pictures of Poorly made BHO

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    El Stinko

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    Here is my oldie but goodie, Vortex, at 39F under a 450 w Viparspectra in a 3 gal. smartpot with my version of supersoil. Thanks for the excellent seeds. Vortex39F_0109s.jpg Vortex39F_0107s.jpg

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    If you don't mind sharing more knowledge @ what dilution rate per gallon ?
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    Hey Sub! I no longer do dabs. Only rosin. Because it is way cleaner and I do not want all the BS in BHO. It's takes nothing but heat and pressure. I see some nasty dab and see people liking it. But I am all natural. I am sure there is good BHO. But I prefer Rosin or CO2 oil.
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    Let me ask you this sub, why are pesticides so involved with "blasting" etc...?

    Now are the use of pesticides something that's getting used because of the quality of product these people are buying? Or is it because people are buying shitty crops on the cheap that had some kind of infestation that were "saved" for a lack of a better term via pesticides or are that many people just using pesticides in their grows?

    I have no idea how true it is but I thought the one and only cannabis contributed death was due to dabs or shatter or whatever it's called... which was made improperly and someone like yourself with lung issues hit it up and ended up dying from it... I don't know how true it is, as I think the media would love to make a big stink about a death related to cannabis because they don't exist but based on what your saying I can see the possibility....

    Personally, and this is only because I haven't had the time or $ to learn how to make it right and buy the proper equipment (which I learned a long time ago if your gonna half ass it, don't do it...)...but I make rso which honestly I never even thought to dab it. I wish I could get a true 100% alcohol product so it would be as clean as possible ontop of the fact I only use primo bud when I do make it; but I use everclear grain for the solvent (not a good word imo) which the remaining 5 or 10% is water and I've made some good shit so far... granted it wasn't as tastey as a properly made dabba-do but I don't really use it for smoking, I eat it/make gummi bears/other edible items but mainly give it in raw form to a lung cancer patient that eats a grain of rice sized dose and she's good to go... but I was interested in learning how to make this dab bullshit but now I think I'll stay away and stick with the rso and tinctures...

    Just goes to show people don't give a fuck, they'll sell you poison for a 1 time sale...
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    Dude. Try making Rosin. Look it up. Rosintech. No "solvents" all natural. In my opinion. Filtered rosin is as good as it gets. As far as quality.
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    Will look into it... I didn't feel to bad about using the alcohol because.... it's alcohol, lol..(it's fun when you get a big whiff of the alcohol fumes boiling off and get all ripped for a second but it's a tad dangerous if u fall over and knock the boiling setup over and start a fire or something).... however if it's done right meaning u boil the alcohol off correctly even though it'll eventually evaporate on its own and more importantly SAFELY...(I setup fans and ductwork with a hood I made just for making this shit cuz the fumes are combustible... I feel it's safe and decent method but I do agree, no solvent is better than any "solvent" no doubt...

    Thank u for the info... I can't tell u how much the rso helps my friend with lung cancer man... she was scared of the oil at first but I had gummi bears made with it and she ate a half a gummi and that night was the first night in more than a month she slept all night... now that's fuckin medicine man... she has oxy-everything, every kind of benzo, those Marinol pills and none of it helps.... a single cannabis infused gummi bear smoked big pharmas poison....
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    I really like that sub is trying to educate us all about the dangers of smoke and dabs. Even though it could be against his best interest. Being as his business is growing seeds/smoke. It goes to show that he's a stand up guy and he truly tries to share his knowledge with anyone that's willing to listen. Peace

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    It's what made me a fan from day 1, longer than I could put I number of years on..... Way back when femized seeds were all the rage and autos were just coming out, basicially I was the dunce j was trying to help out in that heated convo I was involved in the other day.... I Thought feminized seeds were gonna make growing so easy-peasy, no males...just $...$...$ Then I stumbled onto TGA/Subcool somehow and he taught me how to grow weed from seed to harvest to cure to making bubble through his writings... Then his seed catalog... I still have a very hard time buying other brands and I rarely do... Here and there I'll give another breeder a shot but the fact that you can count on his descriptions, timeframes, phenos, and most importantly; germination rates..... But basically he's one of the few imo that's tried to make the canna-world better for everyone..... The haters love to hate him because he's everything they wish they could be... But when it comes to sharing, info or anything else you could think of, sub isn't one to be greedy or do shit for the sake of a $..... Feminized seeds are a good case and point.... or lack of should I say....

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    Theres something out there for everyone. I run regs myself, but also an occasional fem if its something really consistent. Its obviously the marketing which has made this take off and though I don't subscribe to the practice myself, there are alot of people which fems (and even autos) fit.

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    I love Querkle too. I just popped seeds from a Querkle I grew indoors. It seems to have seeds from a 9LB Hammer which made two perfect pollen sacs suddenly among 12 plants before I noticed. I grew out two plants outdoors and they were great. Both had more vigor, one got five-feet tall, both have grapey-smells, and complex odor in a one gallon bag. It smells hashy from the 9Lb Hammer for sure. I sprouted about 5 seeds from the original plant and a few from several clones I budded out. And smoked. I smoke it all with friends. I have some tester genetics spread out by males from Purple DeathStar...(Querkle x Death Star), which is of insane parentage itself. I took the Querkle x 9Lb and crossed it by Dr Who and hopefully a few seeds by Ripped Bubba. Of all the crosses I grew out this year the best two are: Mickey Kush x Dr Who and Querkle x 9Lb Hammer. Super green crystal-coated Sativa in Mickey Who and a Grape Hashy monster from Querkle getting hit by 90% Indica & Purple 9Lb Hammer pollen. I'm just literally an old bike punk who loves growing weed since @ 1980 as a teen. I've posted this or another pic before from 1982 where we grew above a cemetery in Los Altos CA called Gates of Heaven. IMG_0054.JPG

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    It's all bag seed and some people thought it was laced with PCP. It was all Mexican, Colombian, and Thai.
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    I grow all the stuff I consume smoking and edibles. I don't use sprays. It's simple growing. Regarding the smoking damage, I have smoked weed every day since about 1980 and probably a lot more in the last ten years. I have also been an endurance athlete on bikes the whole time too so maybe i am cheating. I think it's weird that people are burning so much concentrate for IG postings. People comment on the waste. I think i saw a 28 gram dab yesterday. Yeah. In two chambers! Cool! Stoner Hero status I guess for a few seconds. They need to do a few hits of Acid and relax off their contest mentality. You can only get so stoned from Cannabis thankfully.

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    she's so short and stubby not stretch at all

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    I'm running a little late and don't have time to respond properly but that's a picture worth making into the size of your living room wall and should literally be considered what the yups and collectors call Americana... shit I'd buy that pic had I found it for sale somewhere...

    More on querkle when I get outta werk..

    And that querkle x 9 # hammer, it's that jack man... I love him but I love to hate him n his crosses more cuz jtr/jtr leaning crosses have the reputation of Starbuck from that movie with Vince vaugh, that motherfucker can pollinate a female from a mile away and you don't know till it's too late, lol..
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    A lot of growers have become really lazy, they can use pesticides, have marginal plants, who cares what the plants look like, lots of watts per sq ft will yield lots of resin no matter how shitty of a grower you are. Because they can easily turn marginal weed into beautiful extracts ... perhaps, filled with pesticides, who cares they think. Now they can do the same thing with Rosin so Rosin does not mean clean. Rosin will have other plants '' contaminants '' , Grow your own, Rosin your own, now you got it.
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    thump easy

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    I agree on pesticides it will kill you! What about shortpath fractional distilation prior to this a dewax some freezing fats and lipids im shure some of these things get traped in the fats but fractional distillation??? Shit i wish i had cash flow to experiment#!!! I been workworking my ass of in search of better methods! To find a clean industry?? Without the greed but its hard and most clinics r looking for bottom dollar prices it cost more it takes more to bring a ckean product to the table but clinics and consumers dont give a fuck about what it took to bring it to them i pritty much gave up... but still in it on a smaller scale im looking into herbal or halistic methods of all erbs spices, and mother earth not just post thats how i came across the fractional distillation? good luck with the meds if humans control it and you have faith in humanity good luck i rather grow it myself befor i toke on it!!! Good read!
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    Vnsmkr Well-Known Member

    Those that are lazy have that money angle.....shitty fucking angle to concentrate on, literally
    Free The Weed, Grow Your Own......

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    We are much alike my friend :bigjoint:

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