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    PlushBerry. She was in the dark for 3.5 days and is sooo sticky. Smells like grape bubble gum and the high is all kush. Night time smoke only.
    PlushBerry trim (1).JPG PlushBerry trim (2).JPG

    halo2killer Well-Known Member

    I agree totally. It all starts with the product. Rosin is just a clean extraction process. But I have pressed many others weed and they think they will get what I got. Wrong. You get out what you put in!

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    People get the idea that if "they can do it" I can do it, and if your not a work oriented type person willing to work till u drop sometimes, rarely will they see top shelf shit and more times than not I'm gonna guess people give up once they get a real taste for how much work and time it really takes to produce to shelf buds never mind the failures it takes to "get it"... I think that's the biggest thing people overlook, that it can, will and does go bad and always at a time when you can't have that happen..

    I averaged 20+ hours a day for the first 3 years of doing this, growing second rate herb wasn't in no way an option so I put everything I had into it and still am... and granted although it's gotten easier and less time consuming just because I know what im doing for the most part now... there is still nothing easy about what we do... but of all things I keep at the forefront of my operation is that there will be no second rate herb grown in my garden... it's all as good as I can possibly produce or I'm not wasting my time, if and when I have a bad run which usually is a low yield rather than a shifty product, I won't give it to my patients, this has happened only a couple of times over my whole time doing this but it's as good as it gets or not at all, to me second rate is for people who want brick weed for cheap... not 1 hitter quitter that a pinner joint can take dowm 3-4 people who claim to be expert pot heads.... I love ruining those folk, especially when they're greedy and keep hitting the j/bowl like it's the last one on earth... and then just watching them get lost is great... it makes all the work worth it...
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    Psyphish Well-Known Member

    I've had the exact opposite experience with TGA. I've spent hundreds of euros on his seeds and mostly they've been males and sub-par females. Other breeders I've had better luck with, even the feminized seeds.

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    I flipped these five sunday's ago. Not bad for a noob first time grower. First two are space candy and the last pic of one tied up is jillybean

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    Royal Phoenix x Querkle Update:

    Getting ready to flip here pretty soon, just waiting on some cinderella to finish drying so I can open the flower tent back up. This girl keeps impressing me day after day. Super resilient to stress, but not necessarily "vigorous", which in my opinion is good. She grows very stable and steady, with slow strong new growth and not too much of a vertical stretch so far. I'm using a Kushman-like twist method on all branches at seperate intervals, main one day sides the next; in order to create fatter stems to ideally hold more bud. But enough rambling, here she is! Far right in the group pic.. Marionberry to the left... enjoy!

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    :weed::weed::weed::weed::weed::weed::weed::weed::clap:bongsmilie sooooo pretty.
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    Thank You for the Post it was awesome to give away so many seeds of this strain somewhere close to 8000 seeds were sent to eager Weed Nerds
    Thanks to Norstar genetics for creating this strain.


    farmerzooticals Active Member

    Thank you Sub, rest assured I am a devout nerd. My house doesn't have wifi so I preload the weednerd while I'm at work (dispensary, hoping for a more co-op situation where I can be more hands on with the plant) and I watch the episode all loaded up with a king size spliff when I get home. Spliff, Coffee, and a new episode of the weed nerd.. Been a favorite activity of mine since 2012 with the morning show, I'm sure my habits won't change . As for the plant herself, let's hope she doesn't change either! Keep monsanto tf outta here!! Haha
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    Many Dont even Know about the Morning Show :)

    Thanks for the Love.


    subcoolgrower Well-Known Member

    This is Darklights by Norstar genetics grown out by Bee__Nerdy.
    This cross is still in testing but Chef Joel but its a Hybrid of AC/DC x Pennywize Hence the "It" reference.
    The data is staggering some phenotypes hitting 24% CBD
    The Testing continues


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    radrolley Well-Known Member

    I agree with this 100% Thank you so much for posting that. A lot of these kids out there should educate themselves with the facts before they start smoking. They get sucked into all these myths they hear from their friends or on the internet. I call a lot of these new generation smokers bud biased. They think smoking all these dabs and even buds is basically good for them. While smoking may have it benefits, any smoke is hard on the lungs. My lungs are not great and I only rarely smoking tobacco. IMO I've messed up my lungs from smoking a lot of weed and probably concentrates over a long period of time. I have always known the smoke was bad but consciously chose to do so anyway. I need to vape and get into edibles more. I have a hard time finding that happy medium with edibles. I'm either way too high or not high enough. Tolerance from smoking I'm sure plays a role. Smoking or vaping since it hits so fast, I can control how high I get easier. I'm not into dabs much, they hurt the lungs and throat. I like concentrates more for edibles. One thing I always try and tell my friends that smoke cigarettes, quit now and save your lungs so you can smoke more weed when you get older. As much as we all like smoking cannabis we should not lie to ourselves and try to coax some others to not be so biased. Smoke is just straight up bad for anyone. I contradict myself by saying that and smoking a few grams some nights but honesty is at everyone's best interest.
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    Not sure when this was harvested but had to be sometimes in late 2016. Long story short a friend of a friend got a Locomotion clone from me and grew it outdoors. I'm not really a big fan of local outdoor weed but thought I would share since it's TGA. It did have a nice sour smell to it. Garden peninsula area has been known for many years for good outdoor but it seems in recent times it's nothing compared to these indoor strains backed by superior genetics. I remember back in the 90s it always seemed to be top notch. These days I won't even smoke it.

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    Vortex update Day 28. Averaging 1 gallon every 3 days. Just plain RO water except this time added about 6ml of fertilome triple action. It's Pyrethrins and Neem Oil extract. They say it's safe to use the day of harvest but I never do the last 2 weeks. I just use it as a soil drench. I don't like to spray buds with anything. I do foliar sprays in veg with it once in a while. Otherwise I find it best to just take precautions to stop pests from becoming a problem in the first place. Sorry wish I had a bigger Metallica BG for the pics.The leaves on the ground are not from this plant. Couple Bics for size comparison. I think she might enjoy some worm casting tea next watering. My plants seem to love it once in a while. Help keep that N up there later in flower but not too high. No room to add more super soil. 10 gallon pot. Shes still under the LED. Hoping for this one to be my best Vortex yet. Sucks I really need my precious CO2 firing back up. Friend of mine really likes this strain especially so I said I would keep it for now.
    v1.JPG v2.JPG v3.JPG v4.JPG v5.JPG
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    radrolley Well-Known Member

    Mothertongue #4 update 7 weeks

    1.JPG 2.JPG 3.JPG 4.JPG 5.JPG 6.JPG 7.JPG

    LandAndHeir Well-Known Member

    Finished purgatory cut b. Mainly lemony from the hells with strong funky notes that are a mix of fuel and grape. Pheno A is In week 2 of flowering now in. a 100gallon pot. 0102171131a.jpg
    Here she is a week before we flowered her. Insane vigor!

    radrolley Well-Known Member

    I really like that cage setup. Plants look flawless.
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    radrolley Well-Known Member

    Mothertongue #2 that I posted earlier. I need to let it dry a little more but the flavor is amazing. I can't wait to harvest the others. They smell even stronger than this one. The yields on these is nothing special because I didn't top them much more even spend much time in veg. I wanted to flower them then reveg the best one and keep it if I like it. The one I called #4 in previous pics is packed with flavor and I think it's a keeper.
    mt1.JPG mt3.JPG mt4.JPG mt5.JPG mt6.JPG mt7.JPG
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    Poppin today. Alas my greenhouse days are nearly over. But these are going into hydro under d.e.s to test. ....greenhouse was broken into and compromised so I'm moving out after the 100 gallons are done and going to go full indoor. Il post many pics following the progress. I'm also going to be running my cc r x purgatory side by side the "astronaut cookies" lol.
    Weed nerds have a blessed giving day. I love you guys

    Krippled Well-Known Member

    Grape Lime Ricky really getting frosty at week 4 flower. 20170111_165221.jpg

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