The Path to Hemp in Texas.

So The the starting gun has been fired. Have you thought about joining the race? I intend to and have waited years. Come along with me on a journey to legal hemp cultivation in the State of Texas. This thread will provide documentation of the process. Another will be made to instruct.

Lets get started
So this is the timeline from the TDA.

I am now researching how to apply please be patient

Thank you for watching.
Bubba Seeds.
I just made a phone call the Texas Department of Ag. I was surprised by my findings, i'm uploading the call recording now. If not ill type a transcript.
So how do I upload a .WAV?
Here is how it went.
"TX Dpt of AG Im ****** ****** how can i help you?"
"Id like to inquire about obtaining a hemp license"
" I have been instructed to tell you to send an email to [email protected]"
" I think you very much, is that all you have?"
"thats...well theres stuff online for you"
"yes im dowlading all the pds and researching the HB's we want to do the leagal"
"WELL I DON'T BLAME YOU! I JUST GOT A... Were all working form home right now and i don't usually work on hemp, I hate to tell you to do the wrong thing and my instruction are to tell you to go to [email protected]"
"Thank you very much sir im going to research that for you."
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The Email Reads


I just called the TDA, the attached file is the conversation. I intend to act accordingly with the law. Please send me any information I need to get started, I well send you anything you need.

Thank you.

John K Hamilton
Orange county, tx
Now, I await the reply.
Feel free to comment your Advices, Questions and Experiences related to licensing.
This explains a lot about what i'm dealing with.
Today I did a bit of research and considered what markets I will approach.
Tomorrow, try to contact a buyer for Fiber, hemp hearts, oils, and basically make sure i'm now wasting any time.
Also try to track down some funding for the license fee. I have $0 so far, first im trying family, then some commercial nurseries i have contacts with and last if all that dont work out sell my left ***.
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I got an email at 9:24 p.m. kinda late I think. It reads...
From: Hemp
Sent: Tuesday, May 5, 2020 9:09 PM
To: Bubba Seeds
Subject: RE: Request for obtaining hemp license

Our best advice is to read the FAQs at the following and watch the orientation video at the following link, and do your own research on growing hemp.
I've pretty much posted the video, there is a list of list 90 requirements I need to compile and post but it is available on the site above.


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Dallas, Texas-based Panda Biotech today announced it is developing its first industrial hemp processing facility to produce high-quality, textile-grade fiber and premium cellulose.
The “Panda High Plains Hemp Gin” will be located in Lubbock County, Texas, and is expected will be the largest hemp decortication center in the United States and one of the largest in the world, according to a company announcement this week.
“Panda Biotech plans on deploying the most technologically advanced, highest capacity and first-of-its-kind industrial hemp decorticating equipment ever used to separate the fiber and cellulose from the stalk,” according to a press release.”

This native Texan says “You go, son”. Good luck. I hope everything comes together for you. Hit Willie up about buying for his biodiesel operation.


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Lubbock has years of experience with cotton ginning. Most of the gins are pretty much shut down. The cotton is picked and packed into modules. These are basically shipped to where regulations don’t exist and labor is cheap. Should be a good pool still of gin workers. I used to live in Lubbock. Frigging bud was $20 s gram in 2009.
ITS A DESERT I had to buy water there just to live. Its going to be full of those collage kids too. I think its a great idea due to the weather always being 100+ and Dry.


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I'm subbing to this thread.

I'm following along to see how all this will unfold and very excited about it. Other than Lubbock will there be any locations in Texas to process hemp? I saw a company called Cherokee Hemp Corp who mentioned they have a facility in Comanche, Tx. Anyone familiar with this?

I'm completely new to hemp but I've been in agriculture a long time and would love to give this a try.


I live in Houston TX. M fiance' and I was discussing possible plans of leaving to cultivate marijuana. If they are starting to open the gates, I should just wait it out. Nice thread. Keep the information coming.
Man idk whats going on but things are tanking I hear. "texas hoped hemp would bail them out, but the crop has not yet delivered." I need hemp seeds and the license money still.
I live in Houston TX. M fiance' and I was discussing possible plans of leaving to cultivate marijuana. If they are starting to open the gates, I should just wait it out. Nice thread. Keep the information coming.
They just banned smoking the flower. I want to tell you to stay and wait. but we need more.


Yeah, we are both Veterans. She was in the Army and spent time in Colorado. She doesn't want to go back. LOL. I said well, OK? Wow, you think it's the pandemic that is putting things on freeze?