Day 70. X3 Blueberry Auto & x1 Northernlights. All three of my blueberry autos look like they're getting close to harvest time. Trichomes seem pretty cloudy to me...Pistils are around 50 - 60% darkened & curled. Still... Not really sure when I should harvest. See pictures below from my electronic microscope. Image_2020-05-21 08_30_48_430.JPGImage_2020-05-21 08_31_16_705.JPGImage_2020-05-21 08_30_55_592.JPGIMG_20200521_081203.jpg


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I cannot comment on how far yo have left because I am still on my first grow, but wanted to tell you nice lookking plant.
Thanks guys! My supply is running low ...

What about flushing...any of you guys do that? Last time I asked about this it seems that nobody does the flush?


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Don’t see any amber trichs, and from the last picture you still have white hairs. You got more time before the chop.


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Colour of hairs means nothing.
And there are clearly amber trichs in photo 2.

But yes op should give it another week then check again.