Traveling between islands with meds


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got a question. I will be traveling from Molokai to Oahu in a few months for a medical procedure.ill be required to stay atleast 2 days and possibly 3. And was wondering if any one knows if I can legally carry a small Amt. ( a few grams) of med w me on the plane. Oh and my Vapir NO2 .
I'll be flying ohana air. Not my choice that's just who the VA uses.
I really can't afford to get busted as it could cost me my pension.
Any advice is welcome.


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Howzit MKGROW. I don't know if it's technically legal but there's plenty of people that fly inter-island with flowers. A couple buddies of mine always take an ounce at least. TSA isn't looking for weed, but I'll check it out too and see if there's any legal details. I might have just read that a Hawaii court ruled we aren't protected for traveling between islands with cannabis but I'll have to double check. I'll send you a PM in a bit too.