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    I add just about 10% living water to my clone bucket and get better than I do with city water

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    Anyone that runs a Frass company and doesn't post numbers, well, I wouldn't buy anything they do. Just me.

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    I would watch what you add in flower, especially from the poop realm, if you want that super clean smoke, less is more. Especially late.
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    You scrape the gel from the inside of a alo vera leaf and mix this in with your foliar spray. The gel contains molecules called saponins. These are soap like substances and they break the surface tension of the water so that it coats the plant surface in an even layer and does not bead up. There are also nutrients in the gel that plants like, so you can put it in your soil.

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    What do you guys think about almond, nuts, pistacho ecc.. shells ??
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    Tom Tucker 313

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    Composted taco bell

    dnt420 Member

    I've heard people died waiting for a Mcdonalds burger go composted :lol:

    ANC Well-Known Member

    You can give your organics a boost with water that you clean aquarium filter media in.
    I have never taken ppm readings as it is impossible to burn plants or new seedlings with it.
    Yesterday I cleaned a particularly dirty filter in a 15L bucket of water and took a reading.
    My tap water is about 47ppm and with the filter dirt in there all stirred up and the water nice and black ppm came back at 58ppm. You see many things won't show on a ppm meter, especially organics not from salt sources. Things like urea for example. The filter washing is also full of the bacteria that further break down this food.

    I am not doing pure organics so I still add my nutes and calmag as per usual.

    Edit, this is not the same as the ppm of the aquarium water. That is at least 100ppm more, but can also be used.
    Nitrites are broken down into nitrates that end up in the filter.
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    I grow near a pond over populated with bluegill. Early spring I always catch a few dozen and compost them in the bottom of my holes. Banana peels are under rated too. Epsom salt is a must !
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    CaptainSnap Well-Known Member

    I keep all my fish waste from cleaning fish and bury them too! Its a great method handed down by our ancestors
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    MrKnotty Well-Known Member

    My buddy buried their baby's placenta under a pot plant. It was the best looking plant I've ever seen. It's leaves were about 5 times bigger than any normal plant.

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    Oh no man you supposed to grill that

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    Has anyone tried maple sap? Not boiled syrup but straight sap from the tree.

    SCJedi Well-Known Member

    I pulled my mountain bike down and put air in the tires today.

    I'm brewing my first batch of tea today and I rode with my tea bag to the park and used a stick to dig up the myco growing n the hardwood chips under the old oak trees. Bubbling it up with my tea recipe. When in Rome...
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    Dmannn Well-Known Member

    Old post, but one word, interesting, As a former government waste water treatment plant employee, using human waste is totally possible, and safe if done correctly. First off. You need to compost it with air AND without. You can do this by putting it in a bucket with water and urin and bubble it for a week of so, then you let it sit for a two weeks without bubble, VENTED! and keep away, you will have hydrogen sulfide gasses building, keep away from flame! then dilute 10:1 and bubble with some AACT stuff. black gold my friend.

    Miyagismokes Well-Known Member

    In the unconventional organics department...
    This may not be all that unconventional, but potassium bitartrate, or cream of tartar, if you know your way around the kitchen, is a byproduct of winemaking and is returned to the soil after being filtered from wine in the industry.
    As such, it's not really "unconventional" per se...
    This also begs the idea of wine lees as an amendment, as well.
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    Anothermeduser Well-Known Member

    Bubbling that seems pretty dedicated, as a young grower I had heard rumours of useing human feces so I had to try it, I used old outhouse shit, I prepped holes where I had room to put a bucket of shit in then do a prepped hole above it so I planted about 20" above the outhouse shit, did 4 holes like that that yr and best outdoor I've ever done, kinda gross doing it up though. Have never repeated this process since..

    Dmannn Well-Known Member

    When you removed it from the out house you had removed the waste that had already undergone at least a partial anaerobic decomposition (digester) and then added it to the soil. Most of the matter that is "recycled" from the digester goes into he ground as you described or further mixed with nitrogen greens and further anaerobically digested under tarps.

    Miyagismokes Well-Known Member

    One of these days I'm gonna find the perfect dog food for amendment....
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    TheBeardedBudzman Well-Known Member

    With all the options that there are...
    Why the hell would anyone compost human shit? Can’t you find a better way to play with science than with human waste? Lol dang.

    I was wondering about starfish? I live in south central FL, 40 miles west of the east coast or so. Lots of beach trips with the family. Tons of starfish. I figured they’re probably loaded with calcium and nitrogen.

    Also can I just grab up seaweed for my compost piles and worm bins? Or can it only be certain types, and probably needs the salt rinsed off real good ?

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