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    vostok Well-Known Member

    Sell me your wife: I need someone who can last longer than me around here,
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    smellzlikeskunkyum Well-Known Member

    Honestly once u try a volcano done correctly... You will never want to go back.

    I had mine 10 years and it was a hugely helpful investment... Saves u $ and pays for itself since u can just vape sugar trim at a high efficiency, with no burn.

    I need a good cheap one too tho , or a good deal on a used volcano base

    I had mine so long and it went thru hell n back. So don't get me wrong they hold up. It got dropped down a flight of stairs, thrown across a car. N still worked for 10 years on me :)

    But will any of the cheaper ones vape sugar trim as well as dry herb decently?

    I never make hash since I had the volcano to pay for itself by only using mostly sugar trim n could save the buds. Both gave same results properly vaped.
    So I have no intentions on making oil , I just want my vape back

    So like I said any good ideas on a cheap replacement, pax ploom seems so $ I may as well buy a volcano
    Is that snoop g pen thing any good?

    Or just get a darn $30 one until I can save up for the replacement volcano base n just only buy a new one. Classic too.
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    outlier Well-Known Member

    The volcano is great, a bit overrated IMO. But it's far from portable. It's the complete OPPOSITE of portable... lol

    In answer to OP, the flowermate 5.0s is about the only thing you'll get for $100 that's decent quality. Forget that Snoop shit too. It's utter crap (cheap 'n' nasty and tastes like plastic).

    The pax is the go if you can afford it. Flowermate would be the bare minimum. Depends on what sort of smoker you are too. If you're coming from bongs, even a volcano will seem weak by comparison. The high will be much better though :bigjoint:

    The pax is actually quite decent vapor wise. Flowermate is nowhere near as thick but it's very discreet. My wife can smell the weed'ish smell from the pax when I blow clouds but the flowermate she can't smell shit. I'll take the pax when I'm going to smoke with others, the flowermate when on my own or when I want to be as discrete as possible. There is really no difference between the highs. I think the flowermate conserves weed better as well. More of a light toker rather than a full hit.

    If you're new to vaping, be aware that it's nothing like combustion (even with a volcano). Completely different and this IME takes a little getting used to. Once you get past that and you appreciate the more pure high, it's chalk and cheese :bigjoint:
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    b4ds33d Well-Known Member

    i got a Pax after having a Volcano for a couple years, and while i wasn't expecting Volcano like vapor, thought it was merely ok. then i got a Crafty, and holy fuck.not as discreet as the Pax, but i think an exponentially better product. vapor on par with the Volcano, comparatively easy as hell to load(something you def can't say abt the Pax) better battery life (charges with a mini usb, same as a droid) more hits per chamber, almost infinite heat settings with boost mode (interfaces with iphone/droid via bluetooth to set temp/boost temp) the only thing i feel Pax beat the Crafty on is price and stealth. however you get what you pay for and i've used my Crafty in public in NC and didn't get a second glance from anyone.
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    outlier Well-Known Member

    After I posted that I remembered I had a pen stashed away that I used to stop smoking ciggs. Made a small batch of juice with some qwiso and oh my! I chain vaped the whole lot. It was almost like a bong on tap :bigjoint:
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    Upwards Member

    I was going to ask if someone could compare the crafty and pax. Friend has a crafty and loves it. I never got to try it out myself. I didn't know any better and went with V2, crafty was also out of my price range. V2 has a big (150$, comes with everything you need) and a small (60$, additional 25$ piece needed to vape dry herb/loose leaf) model. On my second small one. First lasted a year before a critical magnetic ring came loose. The herb chamber piece starts to come apart after a few months and has to be sort of reassembled every fill. Its really just a minor annoyance, but if pieces are lost nothing will work. They hold up decent to drops and bangs though, and function well. The larger model has 3 temp settings, the smaller just 1, and they get hotter as they get older.

    b4ds33d Well-Known Member

    Save up for a Crafty or a Mighty. The Mighty is a little bigger as it has 2x the battery and as such last longer. The other difference is the Mighty has a little screen/buttons to set the temp instead of the Crafty's Bluetooth connectivity/app to set temp. If you want bombass vapor on the go instead of almost ok vapor, the Crafty or the Mighty. I only had my Pax for about a month before I got the Crafty and the Pax has been in the box ever since.
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    oookevin53 New Member

    Check out the Pax 2. I've used several portable vaporizers and the pax 2 is still my go-to. It's a lot smaller than you'd expect and has amazing battery life. Probably the best battery life per charge for a portable out there right now and way more reliable than the crafty/mighty. Take a quick search around the web and the mighty/crafty fail a lot more often than the pax 2. The end goal is to get you cooked, and the Pax 2 will definitely do that. I have a referral link that gives you a $50 accessory kit for free with your purchase. Let me know if you're interested!

    Comes with a 10 year warranty and exceptional customer service

    Pax 2 Vaporizer Review ⋆ Vaporizer Wizard

    here is my link:

    BarnBuster Virtually Unknown Member

    I've had a Pax ver.1 for a while. It's all right, kind of a PITA cause you gotta keep it clean but no complaints other wise. Next one I buy will prolly be a Mighty. Pax is nice cause it fits in my hand like my weenis although the Pax is much bigger

    Upwards Member

    I was already leaning this way to be honest, after seeing and reading up on my friends crafty, only recently saw the mighty a few days ago here. I'll probably save up for a mighty, I certainly use it enough.

    b4ds33d Well-Known Member

    nice. i'm prolly gonna pick up a Mighty eventually. you'll see what i mean. then, find a pax user and try theirs out, and laugh at their vapor quality and how much a bitch it is to load.

    bellcore Well-Known Member

    My roomie has the mighty and I liked it so much mine arrives tomorrow. Direct from the manufacturer, 2 year warranty, 2nd day air included. I've been using an arizer extreme Q home unit for several years and the mighty vapor quality and high are much much better. Watch out for the fakes on eBay.

    Nugachino Well-Known Member

    I've never vaped. I make my own glass bongs. I prefer it to joints. No so much green gets wasted that way. I am curious about it though.

    iHearAll Well-Known Member

    you'll be happy with what you find here
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    mauricem00 Well-Known Member

    i've been using a qwiso type E-juice and recently ordered a titan 2 vaporizer. does anyone have experience with the titan 2?

    Masster New Member

    I have a Pax which is around your price point. It kinda smells, but is stupid easy to use. I feel like it doesn't get me as baked as a bong, however after using it for a couple months, I can breath better on jogs.
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    elfo777 Well-Known Member

    Weda Plus from Kalumet (google it, they ship worldwide and their vaporizers are top notch):


    Excellent vaporizer, best one I've tried for less than 150€. The taste is amazing and it is quite durable. Good design too.

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