Vashon Kush

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I have seen the offerings in Baked Beans... they're an ok place to get beans... But they definitely have that description wrong particularly on the Early Birds lineage.
please reach out to them and let them know and tell us their response please ! their response will indicate what type of folks they are in essence as long as u ask in a reasonable way imho.
i'm pretty sure i'm on the same site as he is come to think of it. many many cannabis related things always swirling around in my mind. i'm just happy when i can get it right lol.
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I figured it would be pretty leafy, as most Afghan is used for hash anyway, and I bet the EB is loaded with resin glands. Good thinking on bending it over. I do that on all my plants vs topping, and have for 30 years. It makes a huge difference in yield.
can u show and tell a tutorial for exactly how you do that. that's always been my plan to deal with long stretchy sativas/sat doms. thx. anu pics would be quite helpful too.


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I dont have any photos, and very rarely post photos as Im in a very very unfriendly state. One of, if not the worst.

But Its very simple, but you also have to watch, as some plants are very stiff, and wont cooperate, and will snap like a pencil.

I generally start from a very early age as the stems arent stiff. Usually. I just bend the plant over. I leave about 10%-20% of the growing top mainstem alone, and bend it from 20% down from the top of the plant.

You may also ne to bring the secondary branches around the growing main stem to make them grow Up Vertically towards the light.
I also slightly shake, my plants to cause stress, and make the stems/stalk stronger.
After a while you wont really have to muck with it alot except I do keep shaking the plant everyday to simulate a medium wind. I also keep a slight Breeze on 24/7 to strengthen stems.

Also if you want to slow the growing tip, just bend around on it everyday, but make sure and dont be to rough, and snap it.

One could also make a trellis, and tie the plant Loosely to the trellis to keep it from growing back up, but you will still have to keep tying down the growing tip. Just tie it loosely to the trellis. Can use Bread Ties. Just do not put it on tight, and make sure to compensate for the stem to also grow bigger.
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Not Vashon Kush but Green Space Monkey from Vashon, in week 2 of flower.
I'm quite satisfied with Vashon's offerings. The Bubba Island Kush is a solid, dependable strain [a keeper]. I just finished a pair of Vashon Kush strain and I think I'll be keeping one of them in my stable as well. Judging from my results with the aforementioned strains, I would be willing to run any of his gear. Peace and harmony