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    Thanks! I love veganic!
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    Love this!

    Props to OP, and inputters!

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    I've been actively growing veganic for years and have seen the great benefits from doing so. It is truly medicine at this stage! 134.JPG 131.JPG
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    Kushman has really made it easy to grow veganic! No need for a cheat sheet. Just get some Vegamatrix and your off to the races!
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    KOH, is your non-organic input in the bloom I looked at from vegamatrix.
    So I guess to split hairs, and not to be rude or discriminate against a product I've never used...however it's not 100% organic input.

    But it is much better than MANY many alternatives...

    Well done.
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    I'll post this in here since its pertinent to vegan!

    1.5 cubic feet of black gold organic potting mix.
    .75 cubic feet of worm compost
    1 cup alfalfa meal
    1 cup kelp meal
    1 cup azomite Trace minerals (powder)
    Mix mix mix mix mix, mix more! Mix, mix, mix, mix, mix! Let bacterial and fungal life excell!
    Drenched with 1 tsp per appx 2.5 gallons (non-chlorine water) soluble beneficial bacteria and trichoderma.

    Seed "sludge" created using a little water and of ultra fine endomycorrizhal fungi.

    This is just a compilation of today's notes from my own veggie and herbal gardening. So take it as you will! I happen to think it will be fabulous!
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    If veganic just means organic minus animal products... why would you care unless you're outdoor and trying not to attract critters with say blood meal or fish hydrolysate? Can someone please explain the benefit of this method for your typical indoor medical grower?

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    people can be sensitive to animal products. not to mention blood meals, bone meals, guanos, can all be hazardous to your own health if you're breathing them in or not washing your hands after being in the garden. they can harbor diseases to your plants as well. i'm sure there are other things too.
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    yes there are others

    some of us care because we dont agree that animals have purpose for us to be used in any unethical way of slaughtering for food, clothing ,entertainment etc
    some of us choose to not want to use these products because we like to lessen the impact on the earth and animals who cannot speak for themselves
    we choose to try and minimize any harmful impacts

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    YES! this as well.

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    wow, thanks for the info

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    You do realise milk is an animal product so the Japanese rice and milk tip is not *Vegan*

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    The reason to do veganic growing methods is to have an ultra high end product. The plant metabolizes everything you feed it 100%. This makes the plant very healthy. Growing healthy plants makes them produce very good product. Yes there is other variables on getting ultra product. But having a nutrient that is 100% absorbed to your plants and leaves no residues (waste) behind in your pots creates the cleanest medicine. Clean medicine that looks amazing and smells amazing because the plant is able to reach a whole new level. Now to get into where our market is going. I see the future of marijuana testing for chemicals and heavy metals is going to be mandatory. Veganic grown herb leaves no chemical or metals behind. Use any other nutrient line out there and get it tested. Also for potancy veganic always test HIGH. Check cannabise cup results for the proof in the pudding.
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    So, yes it's only 98% organic and they decided not to pay for the organic label even though they exceed the standard of organic by a shit ton and yes that is a true measurement. The chemicals in vegamatrix are not used as a growth hormone. It's just to make the nutrients better absorbed and last. Your not going to be tasting these in the end product and not going to be worried about health risk of using these types of chemicals. I appreciate the honesty of Kyle kushman letting use know what it's made up of. He does this because he has nothing to hide.
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    Veganic grown Advanced OG

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    There is no benefit.

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    I listened to a interview of kyle kushman on the dude grows show, he seemed to know what he's talking about. Alot of what he's pushing isn't hype its based off proven gardening concepts.

    1) K.K. Pushes low NPK.. and hes correct, a high quality top soil that most of us use for growing shouldn't need much fertilizing. The better your soil is the more organic matter you have, so this lowers the NPK need. If anything you're more likely to observe new growers burn than underfeed. I mean really, who isn't using a high quality potting mix?

    2) No animal products, or manures. K.K. does not want "poop in the pot". But again his reasoning is based off of fact, manures or possibly animal products are more likely to cause salinity problems. If you look how animal manure composts are used vs plant based composts, plant based composts can be applied deeper and thicker when mixing with native soil.

    Reffs "The Science of Gardening" David Whiting.
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    If you use this you are not growing organically. When one grows organically you dont add nutes. You water the plant when it needs it. Period.

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    If it wasn't for the Domestication of Animals for Husbandry Most breeds would have Never been created and even made Extinct.

    Now the current global confined animal farms and slaughterhouses are Not ethical Nor sustainable. And have led to the Extinction of Distinct Heritage breeds which have natural disease resistance, paving the way for "super" bugs which plague our Food Supply.

    We are to be Good Stewards of this earth, and raising animals for consumption is Ethical especially since it aids human Life, but we should Mimick the Native Americans who utilized Every Part of the animal, even the Bear Grease which they used to lather their skin and hair.
    well the Indians revere the Cow and don't Ever harm them; yet they utilize it to Every extent, including the Manure which is used as an Antiseptic and loads of other uses!
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    LOL...Veganics is so beyond organic its less than 100% organic.

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