Vocabulary/Slang Terms (Updated With the Missing Terms)

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    Both are concentrates made from chemically extracting thc from cannabis, usually isopropyl alcohol or another nonpolar solvent is used. In BHO the "B" is for BUTANE (Butane Hash/Honey Oil)
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    I come here to learn vocabulary well yes friends - friends


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    This is a great read. Certainly a little something for everyone. Thanks

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    Rabid Like Seeker; can be used as a noun/adjective interchangeably. A descriptive term, often used pejoratively, indicative of a grower impostor who attempts to appear overly intellectual in an often obsessive, or socially impaired cadence. The RLS may spend inordinate amounts of time on "write ups," where they can usually be found bogarting the work of others and simply cutting and pasting grow article info to the boards under either the same, or various username handles. Studies are ongoing, but based on recent data, the RLS appears to value their self worth strictly on the maniacal acquisition of "Likes" on community grow boards.
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    "Vocabulary/Slang Terms"

    The word to describe language related to a field is "nomenclature". You are welcome ;>). BigSteve.

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    Nice. Okay, I looked up decarbonization is actually the word they used when talking about CBD oil. This guy was making CBD oil for his father who had mesotheleoma (sp) and wanted to know how to "decarbonize" the oil for safety reasons and I didn't understand.

    Also, Perlite. I bought some the other day along with my bone meal and blood meal and potting soil. I was under the impression that perlite was just styrofoam balls that added ariation to the soil. Boy was I wrong. So, before I mess up my gro medium, can anyone tell me how much perlite to put in my soil for soil grow (versus hydroponics)? I see that you say it's used in hydroponics. I'm confused.
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    thats pretty handy mate nice one.[​IMG][​IMG]
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    I'm not getting anywhere with these questions. But since I don't need to decarbonize my oil since that's a long way off, I decided to mix half and half with my potting medium and perlite. Seems to be working fine. I am also using urine in small amounts in water which is naturally rich in nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus – the same ingredients in conventional fertilizer. They seem to LOVE it. Hey, if it aint broke dont fix it.

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    Correct me if I'm wrong but aren't what you defined as "bud leaves" usually called sugar leaves?
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    I've often wondered what the individual "fingers" on a leaf are called when you're asking the question, "how many leaves on a PPP plant, like how many fingers are ON the leaf is what I mean, but fingers aren't the correct term.
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    Thank you so much @dajosh42069 for your time and for being so helpful! All of your shared information was a really great and thorough vocabulary review as well as lesson because I've had my questions about many terms and hadn't even heard of some others. Happy medicating! Thanks again
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    Yes! Thanks so much. I planted three seeds about two weeks ago and I have three little saplings. They are on my back patio and get Sun all day long. They are in a planter 15" diameter & 12" high. Two of the plants are about an inch tall. The other one is already three inches!

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    oilish situations! 002.JPG oilish situations! 001.JPG oilish situations! 003.JPG oilish situations! 004.JPG these are pictures of bho for your sratch and sniff pleasure, i wish!
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    I'm a newbie and this really helps my understanding of this wonderful world! thank you dajosh42069!

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    This thread is really helpful for people who don't live in U.S!
    I am going to post more often now cause sometime I do not understand some word or when people only use letter (like IMHO/JMO/Lmfao/FYI/asap...etc I know those now but there's many others I do not know! ) and since I learn only 4 years at school and never speak in English with someone (or just 2 or 3 sentences with a tourist twice a year)
    Have a great day ★

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    slang term like um oh cornfed? or just mmj based nomenclature?

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    "Also, Perlite...."

    Perlite works best when it is 10-20% of the soil. MiracleGro PM is 10% and the Fox Farms I use is 15-20%.

    Good luck, BigSteve.

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    Well, thank you for this!

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