Vocabulary/Slang Terms (Updated With the Missing Terms)

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    BurghBudN00b Active Member

    Rookie Cookie = when a new grower asks "what strain are these (inserts shitty picture) plants brah?"
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    Rudi I&I Automan

    Rudi I&I Automan Well-Known Member

    skudging up a worbbler = skinning up = twizzle a rizal = paper bag a bush = rollitup
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    Rudi I&I Automan

    Rudi I&I Automan Well-Known Member

    Ill name that plant in 3 guesses lol
    Rudi I&I Automan

    Rudi I&I Automan Well-Known Member

    only prob wi ISO/RUBBING ALKY, is it extracts more then BUTANE and it sets like hard gold/green wax, and tasts like crap. great way to hold backy in a spluff on a windy day though LOL
    Rudi I&I Automan

    Rudi I&I Automan Well-Known Member

    so you aren't aware of 420 ? = time to smoke a joint after schools out (im not saying you don't, just asking in my ADHD way. just pm me if you don't understand anything, ive got a reasonable handle on the lingo having friends in the us.
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    Rudi I&I Automan

    Rudi I&I Automan Well-Known Member

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    HeatlessBBQ Well-Known Member

    "Dude! That's heady bra!"

    "Those are some comfy looking earrings You got there."

    " Ninja, shhhhhh, I be walkin' to the club, not drivin' '"

    Male - "My homie and I had sex with the same girl, We eskimo brothers."

    Female ~ " My friend and I slept with the same dude, We are safari sisters."

    "That's My FAM!!! They'd do anything for Me."

    "I be spreading love and light like hummus...

    *slam dunks in basket ball* ~ "That was healthy!!!"

    instead of saying damn it... say bless it


    lucky#3 New Member

    I am a newbie and so fucking lost in half of the threads i do attempt to read because of so many terms that i dont understand. you are the answer to this newbies dreams today. you fucking rock! thanks :P
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    steel smoking

    steel smoking Member

    thank you !!

    dajosh42069 Well-Known Member

    Wow... Still helping people to this day. ^.^ I'm so glad it's helping.

    dajosh42069 Well-Known Member

    Whoooaaaaa.... It's been EXACTLY 5 years to the day since I started and posted this thread.
    I've been away from this site for like 3 years, and I came back exactly 5 years to the day. Amazing.
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    BUSTALUNG Active Member

    Good job, that's def. a good read for us newbe's!! Thanks bro

    dajosh42069 Well-Known Member

    No problem, I'm honestly really glad that I was able to make such a lasting contribution to the site I cared so much about.
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    Friction1957 Well-Known Member

    OK I've hit two terms I'm not sure about

    1) "Land races"
    2) Sink

    I "THINK" is a small bud that grows basically at ever node if you are growing for potency.
    Tim Fox

    Tim Fox Well-Known Member

    Bama Dan

    Bama Dan Member

    Thank you for taking time out for us (me) growing impaired..
    Foxxe C. Wilder

    Foxxe C. Wilder New Member

    hmm I always thought that RO was "Roll Over" as in "you screwed up the joint and ripped the paper, Roll over!" >;D
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    whiteyford New Member

    Yeah nice opening post bro, really helfful thread here. Must have taken a bit of time writing it up, too. The man.

    Nugachino Well-Known Member

    +Rep. Very insightful. You could also add RH= relative humidity. If it's not already in there.
    Rudi I&I Automan

    Rudi I&I Automan Well-Known Member

    high m8, sorry been away so ive missed a few questions about slang if you havn't got an answer to anything, ask away, but im sure the knollage base and great company of fellow tokers have helped you out. Rudi I&I Automan
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