Warning to Santa Cruz County Patients....Granny Purps = moldy, mite infested clones.

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    Now before I begin I would like to state that I am not simply posting this to flame the dispensary, I am posting this because the information herein is of great concern to area patients with compromised immune systems.

    The visit itself went well, the staff is friendly, though not very unprofessional and visibly wickedly stoned (I for one don't mind that, I think the lab coats and over lit white/sterile decor alot of clubs rock is pretty corny). I visited six weeks ago and purchased 25 Afghan Kush clones, 2 prerolls (a cheapo, and a top shelf) and a gram of OG Kush 'full melt'. I would have only bought the clones but the weekly sale gave me a few extra bucks to spread around. One of the pre rolls, the top shelf, Purple Urkle, was decent, however not top shelf. The other pre roll, a sativa of some sort, was just useless. The OG Kush full melt wasn't full melt and tasted like absolute garbage; I'm guessing it was the product of a badly screwed up grow that couldn't be sold as buds. You know what though, all that is nothing; it poses no danger to anything besides a few wallets, and that's free enterprise so power to them for staying open with that junk.

    My problem comes with their clone stock. They assured me that the stock was disease and pest free (my examination bearing this out) and all came from a single, very professional and large scale gardener. My specific strain of choice was Afghan Kush. My research has indicated it is a notably short indica with very tight internodes by nature, almost no stretch in flowering, a moderate to heavy yield, heavy and early resin production, a tolerance for moderate to insane nutrient levels, and a resistance to pests and molds that rivals no other. Whatever I've got on my hands it isn't that. It stretched to obsurd levels LATE in flower (like 3 weeks the stretch STARTS), fries with any solution level over 900ppm, and even has leaves indicative of a sativa-heavy hybrid. So they fucked up the strain. I'm still NOT furious. It kind of sucks because I bought a good few, but hey it IS at least a marijuana plant. What's not cool is the disease free gaurantee.

    Now, when I was there the esteemed Granny herself spent a few minutes explaining their wonderful 3 day return policy on clones; I left the club confident in my little gals, especially considering the careful examination I regularly do with new clones. I bring them home, dunk them all in a 3ml/gal solution of bifenezate and neem, water them and give 'em a good rest before transplantation. Their immediate stress response to transplantation was unbelievable, they almost fell over. The same method used on two crops purchased at Harborside San Jose resulted in no stress and a return to vigorous veg growth in three days. This worried me. Low and behold, 3 and ONE FREAKING HALF days after I've bought them, I notice a batch of white spots I had to have missed for at least a day and a half hiding deep in the back. Unmistakable Powdery Mildew. Those of you unfamiliar with this irksome little shithead of a fungus may not know that the white spots on the surface of some of the more tender leaves is the final stage of the fungus's growth; it's flowering period so to say. It only occurs AT LEAST seven days after the plant has succumbed to the systematic infection. A closer examination of the still stressed plants showed a serious problem, one that had to have been noticed at least a few weeks ago. I know this because of my own experience cultivating clones cut from mothers infected with PM by these very plants. NOW THIS IS A PROBLEM. This means that GP staff noticed the PM and instead of culling them and taking measures to make sure no patients are dispensed MOLDY CLONES, they went and wiped the spots off, put on a grin and told us they were clean. In other words, they lie. They don't even toss them! Also it is worth mentioning that the problem showed so strongly on so many plants in such a short period of time

    This isn't a huge problem for me; it's a set back, but my immune system is fine so I can at least smoke the shit. But what if it wasn't? Even with heavy applications of serenade and regular sulphur burns (something I didn't do lightly with two flowering crops already occupying my single room perpetual op) throughout my garden the PM still took hold; only one crop made it out unscathed and it was only around for a week before harvest. I'm out a whole pound crop of Jilly Bean and a whole pound crop of Afghan Kush. I absolutely cannot sell either, I won't. That's 5g's minimum no matter how you look at it, most likely more. But you know what, loss is a part of business. What if I had AIDS? Cancer or any number of medical issues that hinder the immune system? What if I, a physically healthy patient who medicates for anxiety and mild pain relief, were to smoke a moldy joint with his mother, a patient with advanced cancer? It could have easily shortened her life quite significantly.

    The bottom line is that no matter how you look at it, a huge PM problem instantly appearing days after bringing the clones in means it was there and somebody knew about it. I'd like to think that nobody directly involved with serving actually sick patients is in any way at fault and that the blame instead lays with an unscrupulous vendor, but who knows. Unfortunately my experience with the voracity with which PM will spread unchecked tells me that somebody at GP knew, and sold them anyhow.

    I feel it's worth noting as I end that my setup is maintained at 35-45 RH, 70-85 degrees with two 10x40 cans powered by 740cfm inlines and a 400cfm inline feeding air independantly to the otherwise sealed veg and flower chambers. It's not exactly a pro-PM environment and the shit still took over despite my incredibly anal cultural practices and heavy use of deterrents (weekly stiff serenade solution sprayings with bi weekly sulphur burns). I was recently hospitalized for an emergency surgical procedure and I swear to god the nurses surgeons and doctors washed their hands less than I do on any given night.

    I'll probably just get flamed or ignored for the lengthy and honestly negative post, but I wanted to be detailed and felt that I should share my experience for the health and safety of others. If in fact GP is knowingly selling moldy product while touting their stringent testing procedures and ensuring a clean product....well that's just skuzzy and I'm calling shenanigans.

    I should also mention there was probably a spider mite egg hiding somewhere in there because a few weeks later I noticed the little bastards all over backside of the kush crop. The whole room was ravaged by PM at that point so I just let them eat away, spraying bifenezate and manually squishing the mofo's whenever I can but I wasn't going to invest anything in it. I hadn't gotten the perpetual routine into full swing yet so instead of losing the three crops to keep the room clean I'm just growing them out and starting back at square one with fresh mothers sourced from a local organic club I've come to admire. At least I'll have a fat head stash.

    Bottom line: If you're immune system is compromised and you're a truly careful patient, stop shopping at GP. I for one wouldn't take the chance in that situation. At the very best I can promise you that one batch slipped through and I got the moldy cuts, at the very worst I can speculate that they're unscrupulously selling dirty and dangerous product to potentially seriously ill patients.
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    What "proffessional large scale grower" would sell his clone stock for 6 bucks a cut? I believe many growers are selling "time bombs" to keep too many people from growing their own. Hell, it's a good idea if you have no morals. Flood the area with crap genetics and dissuade people from growing their own. That keeps prices up.

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    I think you did right. Now go find a better place for clones. Mine come from Oaksterdam.
    Sounds like you need to cleanup the bad stores down there!
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    dispensary gypsies.. WTF!!

    dirtsurfr Well-Known Member

    It's common knowledge that you don't place new clones in your nursery that you quarantine then first.
    Perhaps a picture of this moldy bud??

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    you bought clones from a dispensary most of them get there clones from vendors. they were not what you expected and had problems what else do you expect. i went to that place one time was not to impressed by the selection of meds. left without purchasing a thing. i have a personal policy of never buying clones from places whose flower shelves are filled with crap tells me they either low ball so good growers avoid or they grow themselves and the prices should be MUCH lower
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    You sure you're talking about granny purps and not Santa Cruz Patient's Center? Granny purps doesn't wear lab coats, SCPC does. Also SCPC frequently sells moldy buds and tells their customers PM is actually just crystals. SCPC is just about the most scandalous club that's ever existed anywhere. Granny Purps generally has pretty good shit.

    Again, granny purps gets their clones from several different sources, SCPC's clones/bud for the most part comes from the owner who's from Oakland and runs several massive warehouse grows there. I think you've got your clubs mixed up. Was this on 41st ave or by Costco?

    If you get your genetics from dispensaries, this is going to happen to you every once in a while. They rely on their vendors to keep their genetics strait, doesn't always work out that way. It's easy to get clones mixed up.

    Different strains respond differently to different treatments. When I get clones the first thing I do is dip them in azatrol. Works great on everything except Jack Herer which it murders. Dr Doolittle's works on most cuttings but if you spray it on blue dream it completely fucks them up. Not sure why stuff like this happens, but it does.

    Dipping should annihilate PM. Do you live by Oak trees? Oaks carry PM. Could have gotten them after your dip that way.

    No. Not systemic. And how fast it spreads depends on your environmental conditions. Low light + high humidity + low air flow = faster spreading, harder to get rid of.

    Sounds like you've got a problem in your system. PM shouldn't be a death blow to your crop if you treat it right. At a certain point, you can't blame the clones anymore. If you let pm dominate your crop, that shit is on you.

    They are also the most legitimate club in the county. If you think GP is bad, check out the other clubs. GP is one of the better places I've been to.

    Also, spidermites do exist in nature as well. Go ask any of the farmers in Watsonville. They are constantly fighting them off.

    I'd advise you to rotate sprays. If one treatment is becoming ineffective, move to a different one. I'd recommend Azatrol/azamax. Also some other oil based sprays with rosemary and clove oils are highly effective.

    Sounds like the real problem here is ineffective treatments.
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    Dan Kone

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    Surprisingly Oaksterdam has some pretty bad ass genetics. They have their share of bullshit genetics too, but also a lot of good stuff. Wish they still had cotton candy...
    Dan Kone

    Dan Kone Well-Known Member

    I'll vouch for granny purps. You guys are by far the most legit dispensary in SC county. Lab tested bud, best clone selection, decent prices. Also Best edibles I've ever had. Those cookies are fantastic.

    I'm pretty sure the OP has his dispensaries mixed up. He described another SC dispensary exactly.

    dirtsurfr Well-Known Member

    This is why I grow my own, can't blame anyone for my own misstakes!

    FR33MASON Active Member

    Pretty sure that the op was not getting dispensaries mixed up. The way it was worded above is confusing but what they were trying to state is that although looking unprofessional, they were okay with the non-sterile look of the dispensary they were at as opposed to the labcoats and white walls of other dispensaries.

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    True i have not been in there in a while but if your prices are correct on weedmaps i will continue to be disappointed way more than twice the price of buying directly from growers
    and 50-60 a gram for full melts and waxes is a ripoff 35-40 should be the cap

    sfttailpaul Active Member

    Sorry to hear of your experience. This can happen to anyone that brings things into their growing environment.
    This is a matter of "He said, She said" and is too bad that it happened. You cannot say with 100% certainty that someone deliberately did a terrible thing. As far as their sources being vendors, the bottom line is that large or small, both sized vendors have a temptation to sell product that is tainted. Unless the dispensary inspects the product before they bring it into their environment, they are just as stupid as the grower who does the same thing with clones. IMHO, I believe that dispensaries should not produce their own clones, edibles and/or extracts. MHO again, it is simple: Jack of all trades, Master of none. Do one specialty and do it to the best of your ability. If you insist on outsourcing: bugs, their poop and Organic chemicals found on plant materials is a reality. It is just that the small vendor looses proportionately worse losses. It could even put them under, so they have to recover anything that they can. Powerful incentive! Unless you are responsible and are completely self-sufficientit is not a matter of IF, it is a matter of WHEN. Even Mother Nature is against everyone. Be good fellas... play nice with the other kids. Either make concentrates out of tainted material or toss it. If you don't give a $hit, sell it. Remember, Karma is a bitch...
    Been seeing Dan Kone and collective gardner here since I first joined. ANY recommendation either give I would regard as SOLID. grannypurps, sorry this happened to you guys also... Again, $hit happens to good people. PS when I read the post, I didn't catch on that "GP" stood for you guys. I realized it at the end. Duh... I did have a smoke B 4 so... what cha' 'spect. I didn't feel it was a bash on you either.
    My advice to everyone that has this risk in their area (some area of the US are a lot worse, naturally, than other areas) is to have a place to wipe your shoes in a bed of bleach contained by some sort of material that holds a moist amount and large enough to stand in. Better yet is to have a changing area, and wear a different set of clothes, never contaminating your environment by bringing something in. Regular preventative spraying is pure insurance.NO CLONES from outside, I cannot express this strong enough!
    Dan Kone

    Dan Kone Well-Known Member

    ahhh. I see. I misread.

    keepitcoastal Well-Known Member

    Lol Iv been to granny purps multiple times there clones arnt great and they grow all there own shit. And there medicine isn't worth going.Creme de canna was much better but they got robbed recently so there closed. At the moment there are no legitiment dispensarys in the Santa Cruz area to get clones from in my opinion. I get my cuts frm trusted local growers

    keepitcoastal Well-Known Member

    Nothing personal i respect everybody opinions everybody likes or dislikes clubs for different reasons. some of the reasons I dislike one club might be a reason you like it. Never the less out of 4 strains I got from them only 1 was even worth keeping around for a little bit before I found better strains.
    Dan Kone

    Dan Kone Well-Known Member

    That's going to be the same at pretty much all dispensaries anywhere though. It's unlikely you're going to get an elite cuttings by going to a dispensary. When a grower has an elite strain, he's not just going to hand it over to the general public and make his own product less valuable.

    dmbdutch Member

    I quarantine for 24hrs in a humidity dome, my system runs at 35-50% RH without fail, I have over 2000cfm of fan power in and out and several oscillating fans. On recognizing the mold I began weekly spray downs with Serenade which mostly kept it at bay with the Kush but it somehow still snuck around.

    No pictures of the moldy buds because I just finished harvesting; Honestly, I'm not entirely sure the mold grew on any of the buds, but definitely on the trim leaves. It honestly came out really well (these cuts were from Harborside, more specifically the 'DarkHeart' nursury in Oakland). I can't beleive what you're saying about that SCPC place! My god, offing moldy buds like that wtf! That is some pure slimy shit.

    I think you're correct regarding inneffective treatments, and I'm regearing my arsenal this week matter of fact. The problem didn't start with them though, the problem started with the cuts from GP.

    Okay, there is absolutely no way that GP is one of the best clubs in the country. Shenanigans, shenanigans! I was trying my best not to mention other area clubs in my original post but I've got to point out that Capitola Healing, SCMN (The best I've ever been to), and even Green Acres have them beat. I also frequent Harborside in San Jose and SPARC in SF which are both way higher notch than GP, and Harborside always gives me great cuts. This isn't to say that clubs don't improve. My first visit to Green Acres netted me a quarter ounce of crud, but a recent visit showed great improvements.

    Also I don't beleive that I indicated GPs staff wear labcoats, if I did it was unintentional. I've been to a couple that do and I just think it's kind of ridiculous.

    As a footnote I am in no way affiliated with any of the aforementioned clubs, I don't even vend to them.

    I almost forgot this about GP, but I will actually be going back there because they have awesome edibles. Edibles don't do much for me but it's definitely a pick-me-up, and GPs really do taste awesome. Usually with weed-food there's an inescapable and impossible to ignore nasty ass taste of bud, but GPs snickerdoodle was a good ass cookie on it's own merit never mind badass weed-food. And I really do mean that. If you have a compromised immune system you should probably avoid the place, but that's honestly like 2% of patients.
    Dan Kone

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    Even if it did, if you let it take over your whole crop that's on you. I've gotten mites/pm from some of the most reputable clubs around. Random growers come in and check out their clones all day long. Mites/pm will happen. The only way to stop it would be to not sell clones at all. Dip with azatrol. Then if you see mites/bugs spray every other day with zero tolerance for 10 days. You won't have a problem after that.

    Also get one of these -


    This will absolutely coat everything in your room in a matter of minutes. I have a 9 light room and it takes me less than 10 minutes to spray down the whole thing completely. I don't worry about PM or mites and I don't use any crazy chemicals, only food safe oil based sprays.

    The bottom line is you can get pm or mites from anywhere. That shit is going to happen.

    SCMN sells outdoor only and the sell it for 65 an 8th. Green acres is cool for wax, but again, their bud is pretty much all outdoor and not real fantastic. GP's bud is all lab tested and really nice. I've actually never been to Capitola Healing, so IDK.

    I agree with you about the cuttings from harborside SJ. They always do have fantastic cuttings. Not a huge selection usually, but for the most part they are all very good, better than the Oakland shop. That's going to change though. That ditz who was the buyer for harborside SJ screwed up the club (check out the nasty buds they have which she paid top dollar for) so they removed harborside SJ's purchasing power and are now running all vending through the Oakland store. So the Oakland buyers will get to decide what goes to the SJ store from now on.

    IDK. They are ok. As I said, I love their concentrates selection/prices. Probably the best deals I've seen for premium waxes/hashes. That same wax they carry (px) and sell for $35-40 a gram sells for $50-60 a gram at many places in SF. But their buds leave something to be desired IMO.

    No. That was my fault. I misread your post.

    I've vended to a few of them, but not GP.

    Try those big ass chocolate chip cookies. Holy shit they are good. I'm pretty sure they are hash oil based which is why they don't have the nasty bud taste. I think what they do is heat the oil to activate the thc and cook off all the terpenes. (just a guess).

    Another edible you should try is Chef Ja World's Irish Moss smoothie. He's a SC guy too but he only brings it to SJ and SF clubs. Get em at Angels Care in Santa Clara. You won't regret it. It's incredible. The effect is unlike anything any other edible you've ever had. It's amazing.

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