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    thanks for the quick response Java! What section would that be under? Sorry I'm new to the site .

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    Marijuana Plant Problems
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    Hi everyone, been lurking for a short time.Started growing outdoors in 69, indoors in 86 both with mixed results. Stopped for a while and back into indoors again. Still have things to learn. 1st legal indoor grow, but now in condo which makes it more challenging.
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    I will put my question here - can i change night time in flowering from 23PM - 11AM to 20PM - 8AM?
    It won't hurt my plants?

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    Hi folks, New member saying hello.
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    Javadog Well-Known Member

    Yes lengthen a "night" rather than a "day" and you should be fine. @garaiss92
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    Hi everyone new to the site but been growing about a year always looking for new things to try to better my self thanks!!
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    Hey everyone,
    Jus wanted to say hi...first year at trying to growing.u can get lost on this site reading all the posts.its kool have a good day
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    Ernest Benoit

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    A couple of the main factors that start a fail in hydro is water PH and low oxygen to water ratio and in soil...improper soil drainage. I'd reffer to what was done last and before that. Then decide the course of action.
    It's in shock. Which and what to do about it is a guess to some of us, but if you recorded last things done...it should become clear. To me...it resembles my VCBD after it's just watered. I'd say something to do with it's original climate that I have not achieved yet. VCBD is "Varius CBD". It's genetics say, plus it just looks...like a hybrid mostly sativa. And it is. So for example if I am to be successful with this strain. I must learn to duplicate it's favorite environment or risk it slowing down or dying. There is so much to learn.
    Grow well.

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    Herb L. Green

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    Hi, first time posting...I've been growing for a few weeks and am On my way into the 5th week of veg but here's the deets:
    Strain: White Castle/iced widow
    Light: 600 watt hps cycle: 20 and 4
    Ferts: yes (fox farm dirty dozen)
    Soil: miracle gro
    Where: grow tent

    I transplanted her to a bigger pot, went through that minor bounce back phase and every thing was going well. Recently, about 2 days ago i noticed a couple tiny yellow holes on the leaves, I feel growth has slowed and the leaves look really sad and droopy. She's being fed and watered according to fert schedule. HELP ME bring her back to life before i switch to flower Phase in about another week or two. THANKS

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    Should be fine

    LetsGetCritical Well-Known Member

    hi, I new here ! nee how maaa !!!!
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    Sativatar Member

    To expand, I've grown Purple Kush, White Widow, White Cookies, Crowne Royal and Candy Cane auto (all from Crop King seeds), as well as Utopia Haze from Barney's. First run was the widow and kush - it was horrifying. Working in a single 2x2 with a full spectrum LED. Learned a lot of lessons fast (PH pen calibration matters, don't believe the feeding chart from the manufacturer, 'dark' means really dark, and much more.) By the second run I had moved up to two larger tents (so 3 tents in all), and added a whole lot of light. Took control of the feeding schedule and growing environment, and learned to listen to the plants. It was a success(ish), yielding 1.5 lbs of respectable medicine. The third run was a massive improvement on the second, with significantly better quality).

    Currently (4th run) I have two tents in flower, (4 x Utopia Haze and 4 X Quantum Kush) and with about a month to go things are looking great. For future grows - in addition to more Quantums, I have seeds for Gorilla Dawg, Dog Cage, Green Crack, Chocolate Orange, Darkstar and Laughing Pineapple Express, which means I expect to be doing this for quite a while.

    I'm growing in soil (HP promix) and swear by Hercules pots. From the start I've been using Blue Planet nutrients and they have been excellent. I'm contemplating a switch to Green Planet only because as a Canadian the shipping and exchange is making BP very costly.
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    Dude Guy

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    Boom boom, new to this room! Super excited to join the community. Hope everyone is ready for some cool stuff, cuz I know I am!!!
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    Dylanfurlong Well-Known Member

    Hi growers ' I recently planted 12 seeds in cocohydro 60/40 on Christmas day . Blue o.g , white amnesia haze , white widow/bubblegum, and Hindu Kush . They have grew very quickly accept one which is all wrinkled and stayed small ' they all had purple stems until yesterday when I have noticed they are going greener . I started feeding them on cana a and b when the first set of true leaves appeared in give them 10ml a 10 ml b , 2 ml calmag and 20 ml rhizotonic and broke the ppm right down to around 100ppm ' anyway most of them are growing at a nice rate whilst others are more slow or maybe of halted my main concern is the two with white in between the top leaves and the one that is small and crinkled although they all have brighter green top newer leaves but maybe too light . The purple is turning to green pretty fast though but I may have over done the nutes? Any help will be greatly appreciated as this is my first grw also my runoff ph and ppm are sky high but low going in .

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    @Dylanfurlong @Herb L. Green welcome to RIU!

    you may want to go to here: http://rollitup.org/
    and look for the forum or best thread that covers your question. more folks will read
    the Newbie or Plant problem threads than the Welcome New members one. Good Luck!

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    can you please remove my account and all of my past posts? I was unable to find it within settings.

    Thank you

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