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Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by matth82003, Jun 3, 2006.


    Buckshot69 Member

    Ok thanks
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    Baron164 New Member

    Hello, new member here, potential first time grower. Doing some research and creating a plan.
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    Buckshot69 Member

    Same here.

    Colanoscopy Well-Known Member

    Why on God's green earth is this tool frequenting a cannabis growing forum to tell people it's bad. Glad the mj is helping your ptsd. This sausages depression and his friends suicides must be because words hurt. Well not as much as being shot. Seeing a mate shot or blown up with an individual. Massive respect to you mate. Welcome to rollitup anyway.
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    CultivatedOx Member

    Hello everyone My name is Hector, Im new to the forum, long time grower and follower of this forum, just never made the time to join, knowing I wouldnt be able to be active. Times are different now and I said why not? I have experience in soil, indoors, sealed rooms. I hope to keep learning from this amazing community and will definitely become more active. Thank you all for contributing to such a huge knowledgebase and wealth of information made available to us. Its awesome to know help is but a post away!!! THANKS and I look forward to posting soon!
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    Seserth Active Member

    Hello all i have been a member for a few months now and i must say i am impressed with a lot of the stuff i have seen on here. My name is Jesus and im from the pacific northwest but you can all call me Seserth thats my grower name lol. I have some decent experience growing cannabis so i think im doing alright but im not that good. I recently started my 4x4 indoor grow tent so ill be sharing some progress photos later on down the road. Im always willing to learn from you all. Anyways i dont want to type too much just wanted to introduce myself to you all since i haven't had the time to do it. Happy growing everyone. :weed::leaf::leaf::leaf::weed:

    Urbanorganic New Member

    Hi everyone, I'm a long time lurker that's finally took the plunge and signed up go easy on me.

    Im after giving no till a go and this is the main reason I've joined, I have a few questions to ask and hopefully will have a full organic garden of fruits.
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    Jmy137900 Active Member

    I'm fairly new. My first four grows were ruined by inexperience, landlords, thieves, and bad weather. I'm hoping the fifth time will work out.
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    Jimmy Gold

    Jimmy Gold New Member

    Thank you
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    rodawg Well-Known Member

    Hello all... also a long time lurker, registered many years ago to look at journals, pics, etc.
    I only have a few small outdoor grows under the belt, planning to do some more once I get some seeds delivered.
    I'm currently interested in various land race strains, all of the hybrids are great but it would be nice to try stuff that is true to the roots of cannabis.

    Anyway Welcome to all the other new peeps as well.

    peace - Ro
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    Seserth Active Member

    Welcome. :weed:

    rodawg Well-Known Member

    Cheers Seserth...
    What strains are you growing?
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    Seserth Active Member

    Just a peanut butter breath strain by thug pug. I got pics in my grow journal. Heres last years outdoor of grape kush that i grew. Im doing another outdoor grow as well.

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    rodawg Well-Known Member

    Right on, haven't heard of that peanut butter strain before sounds yummy. :weed:
    When I'm able to access your journal I'll follow it for sure.

    peace - Ro
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    rodawg Well-Known Member

    Check out the Seed bank and Strain reviews sub forum, plenty of info to be had.
    To make it a little easier look for mold resistant strains since you're in a very humid climate and have a higher chance of bud rot.
    Be sure to use the search feature while you're in that forum.

    I was also looking for a reputable seed bank and recently ordered from Seedsman, my order shipped yesterday even though I placed the order on 4/20, they must have been slammed with orders.
    Anyway, they have a lot of respect here at RIU and seem to have quality seeds from various threads I've come across.
    Prices are also reasonable and you get decent freebies with every purchase.
    You can also search for US based seed banks, Rocky Mountain, Bud Aroma, Oregon MJ Seed Co., the draw back is they don't have as wide of a selection and prices can be a bit higher.

    Hopefully that can get you started.

    peace - Ro
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    Seserth Active Member

    For sure.
    Martin Orcutt

    Martin Orcutt Active Member

    Hi I'm on my first grow ever growing cannabis has been a goal of mine for a while and after 5 yrs im doing my first grow with bag seeds so im seeing a preflower on us plant an hoping its a female any one there that can tell yet kinda looked like the female preflowers i saw online

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    Ilikebigbudsnicnnotlie Active Member

    Can't really tell yet. If a white pistil comes out of that ball it's female. Give it a few more days. Is that white mold powder on the leaves?

    ladywolf Well-Known Member

    Hi friends, I'm new here! Just finishing up my first indoor grow with the second already started. What a learning experience this is! Anyways, hope to meet some people who I can learn from, I've been silently reading the site for a good 5 months now, it's about time I signed up and started participating.

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