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    Greengenes707 Well-Known Member

    Great grow and journal. Thanks for sharing!
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    coreywebster Well-Known Member

    The difference on the OG is crazy, under HPS mine looked nothing like that. Be good to see them finished.
    Really love the black backgrounds on photos. You just seem to be able to see the details so much clearer.
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    zypheruk Well-Known Member

    Day 42 - 12/12 Canopy Shot - Camera Phone Pic

    Back Row - Dinafem OG Kush - Day 42 - 12/12

    All other plants are G13 Labs - Blue Cindy ones with set buds Day 42 - 12/12
    Rest are fresh in the cab on 25th July 2017 showing budsites

    zypheruk Well-Known Member

    Just been in the veg cab and decided to do a little potting up of more G13 Labs - Blue Cindy, in their final 2l pots now, they will be given till the 7th August in the veg cab before going into the flower cab.
    This will be the last of any Blue Cindy clones being produce and flowered for awhile. Next time any clones get taken they will be Dinafem - White Widows, Dinafem - Critical Kush.
    Future mums have just been topped and will start the torture training as and when they are ready.
    The clones are getting Ionic Coco Grow and a slap of Seaweed Extract. EC 1.3 and PH5.8
    Veg Cab now running 116 watts of cree cobs.

    That's the update for the veg cab that's of reference for this diary. Images below.


    And a little artsy fartsy image.
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    lukio Well-Known Member

    love the shot with arranged height (:

    What gear you shooting on man?
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    zypheruk Well-Known Member

    @lukio I have 3 cameras m8, Nikon d810 for work use, Nikon D300 work and on here, along with a canon 60d. Wouldn't matter what camera I used for stuff on here, all produce the same results as any entry level dslr with a good lens and a photographer with relevant experience.
    The canon I use with the 100mm 2.8l macro lens, it's not mine as in I didn't buy it, actually was my m8s but he is no longer with us, so I'm left with it. 90% of any pics I take for online will always be with my Nikon d300 and which ever lens is called for. Been snapping for 30 years now, but since the loss of the m8 I have more less stopped.

    ttystikk Well-Known Member

    I'm sorry for your loss, and I'm sure that he would not have wanted you to stop taking pictures. You do good work, brother- both in front of and behind the camera!
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    zypheruk Well-Known Member

    @ttystikk thanks for your nice comments very much appreciated. I just find it hard to put my eye to the camera(getting easier now) Got a great wife and kids that keep me going forward.
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    ttystikk Well-Known Member

    You're very welcome. It sounds like your focus is pretty good, too. 8)
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    zypheruk Well-Known Member

    Ok folks here is a image from one of the G13 Labs - Blue Cindy check the trichomes, to me they look ready and all buds from top to bottom on them are basically identical, some have more amber.

    Now this is said to be a 60-65 day strain so rather early, I know there is more weight to pack on, but do I harvest now or let them go. I really don't want this strain for couch lock as the nice trippy high is really good. Just seems that under these white leds some strains just seem to cook a lot earlier, for example the Dinafem - OG Kush is also at 46 12/12 but it is showing 70+ cloudy so to me it needs the extra week from today.

    I have chopped the top cluster of buds of one plant to let dry and test, will quick dry one tiny bit for sample this week.

    So chop or not is the question?.

    G13 Labs - Blue Clindy Thrichomes at day 46 12/12

    StonerCol Well-Known Member

    Some mighty fine growing you got going on man, nice one! Great pics too! Regarding the chop or not I guess I'd go by the sample you dried, but that's just me. I don't have any definitive answer :)
    The G13 Labs seeds are on my radar - I smoked a Haze of theirs I got from a mate and it was just lovely, a real psychedelic experience :D
    Their Purple Haze interests me, partly cos it's an iconic strain, and if it's good enough for Jimi it's def good enough for me!

    It's nice to have further confirmation that the QB's really do do a great job.
    ATB man
    :peace: :bigjoint:
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    zypheruk Well-Known Member

    G13 Labs - Blue Clindy top main buds chopped at day 46 12/12, I have left the rest of the plant to fatten up over the next week. The colas are all 7-7.5 inches long and roughly between 3-3.5 wide so whatever that is round.
    Not so bad.
    The next 8 Blue Cindy clones I think I will let them grow a little taller before flipping to 12/12.
    Never ending learning curve with new kit and styles of growing, it's all fun.
    A little snap of the chopped.
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    StonerCol Well-Known Member

    Some awesome colas there man! Lovely colours and frost goin' on!
    If I remember correctly - 2 x Pi x Radius or 2 x 3.14 x 1.5 = 9.3-ish circumference...that's some hefty buds :)
    Looking forward to the smoke report :joint:
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    zypheruk Well-Known Member

    I'm gonna post a response from another site and grower about the situation.

    I'm not posting it to start a shit storm, more because I found it a very straight forward and to the point response from a lot more experienced grower than myself and really wish more people would be so helpful.

    So I'm filling in the blanks between diaries really.

    "Browning of the Trichomes only means the THC is getting to the stage of degrading. There hasn't been much in the way of testing under good quality LED lighting yet, well in terms of its affect on Trichome maturity anyway.
    If it were me I would take info from several points to get an idea if the buds are ready. I am only being honest going on my own experience, but I find it rare to get any strain to be truly ready under 9 weeks.

    I see many folks expressing a desire for a good "High" rather than the couch lock, and then growing strains that advertise being done in 9 weeks. No real haze or Sativa dominant strain will be done in 9 weeks, just not going to happen IMO. So looking at a 9 week strain and trying to judge a "High" from Trichome development will leave you with under developed buds IME. If your not growing a heavy haze or real sativa I personally aim for 9 week minimum, but there are a few phenos I've had that can be done in 8.

    But looking at those Blue Cindy it was very close. But 6 and half weeks of 12/12... If the whites have really and truly given fully mature buds in less than 7 weeks of 12/12 then anyone using HID really is in trouble."

    Thanks to GV.


    "Totally agree with all of the above and really appreciate the straight and to point advise, wish more people would be so helpful. It sure will take more than a couple of grows and different strains to really see what's what, more like a year. I would not advise anyone to harvest this early under the quantums/cobs etc to be honest, I'm treating this run as an experiment. The next batch of Blue Cindy is just starting to bud up now and I will let these ones go to the full 8 weeks or more. Then I can make a decision on harvest time with that particular clone. I dumped the mother as I needed the space, but I do have a few spare clones I can mother up again at a later date for a run after the Dinafem Diary is done so early next year.

    What I have now gained with using the new cab and everything dialled in is a good starting point of knowledge and im more than happy to not add more lights or feel the need to run them past 400 watts, this seems to be the sweet spot in this size of cab.

    I will be going back to scrogging (Dinafem Diary) once all this is finished, more because I just find it more interesting and fun to do and the wife will be happier with 1-3 plants rather than lots. She ain't a happy camper atm."

    Cheers VG

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    lukio Well-Known Member

    sorry to hear about the accident dude. its great to see some quality pics tho so cheers! im a canon guy (:

    About the trichs...im not sure. ive cropped twice under just QB and a few different strains that ive grown under various lighting, clones of the same plant ive run under chinese blurple, good blurple, hps and now white led. Leds for sure mature a plant faster in my opinion. Not seen much of a change maturity wise between blurple and white. i pull everything down when 10% is amber and i still average 9 weeks. The delehaze under led could come down on day 49 with plenty of amber.

    How have your temps been? could it have been the heatwave? not sure if it got as hot for you as it did for us down south but it was 30 lights off! this messes with thrichs for sure.

    Theres always been talk of better trich production under led and id agree, shit is so frosty (:

    There are plenty of strains that are well done under 9, especially under led - you could go even further and speed up maturity even more by applying the emerson effect too ?

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    zypheruk Well-Known Member

    One thing I must stress to anyone using the quantum boards and various other copycats. It's just opinion so may well be wrong.

    Running 4 x boards at 400 watts at the wall in my size cab is this, when you stick your lights at 12-18 or even 24 inches of the canopy your light spread goes to shit. Sometimes less is more. Some of the claims I see is unreal.
    So better to turn the power up a little bit and raise your lights and get the spread of light needed and the little extra penetration of the canopy. Internal cab size is 30 inches wide X 57.5 inches long x 71 inches high. Not massive and ideal for my personal use.

    I see many people running these boards way to close and think their plants are suffering a deficiency when in fact all that is needed is raise the lights. Been there done that.
    I run a straight honest diary and try not to add to the hype, even my nutrient line up is minimal ie grow/bloom/pk13/14 some cal/mag when needed and some seaweed extract. I pay for my stuff. Been down the route of 10 million additives, I am happier with that cash in my wallet. I have never yet seen any of my own grows benefit enough to waste that money again. (My Opinion only.)

    Everyone grows their own way and that's cool and makes things not so boring.
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    zypheruk Well-Known Member

    @lukio reference temps, never been above 26c and rh always 45-70 max from day 1 until 12/12. I actually flower with temps at max 24c and bang on 20c lights off. Just seems to work better for me. I run a tight ship lol. As for speeding things up with the emerson effect, I really have no interest in spending anymore cash on something that gives very little in reward, a few days at max. Others will off course. I personally can't see myself needing anymore kit than I presently have. Until I have at least a year of growing with just the quantums, I will be better informed and then look at it again.

    Onwards and upwards.

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    lukio Well-Known Member

    its actually really cheap and very useful man, it'll save you time and money - i'll add it at some stage

    also regarding the trichs, smoke test is king so try some now and in a week or so and you'll know for next time. i dont think trichs on the leaf of a main cola are much to go on
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    zypheruk Well-Known Member

    @lukio the trichomes or the same from top to bottom of them blue Cindy plants, will take the tops with me up the mountains wild camping. D300 and wide lenses packed ready for some nice pics, if im capable of using them by the time i climb the hills.
    Will see as you say how it smokes. Will make a change from kush every night for sure.
    Will keep an eye on them lights, always something new hehe.
    Cheers .
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    lukio Well-Known Member

    theres always something dude (: could be well worth it though.

    Enjoy the mountains man, im sure the weed will help. hope the weathers kind

    I bought Sigmas 20mm 1.4f art series not so long ago - its sharper than all my Canon L series glass at less than half the price...! The 35mm and 50mm art series are also phenomenal
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