what are you running now ?

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    SonsOfAvery Well-Known Member

    My 4x4 tent is full with this lot :-)

    Bodhi's Soul Mate 4 females.
    (I got 2 males which I collected pollen from and I'll be making some f2's.)
    Holy Smoke's Strawberry Diesel 2 fems which I'll be crossing with the Soul Mate too...just for fun really.

    I'm also running 5 freebies which have been 12\12 from seed
    Dinafem - Original Amnesia & Purple Orange CBD
    Holy Smoke - Chem Toffees
    Blimburn - BC Diesel
    HSO - Blueberry Headband
    Possibly going to throw some pollen at all of these too for a laugh/practice.

    Whats you opinions on the Blue Dream and GSC?
    I'm looking to run the Blue Dream next. I did a freebie GSC in my last grow which I was pretty impressed with, had some beautiful colouration in late flower.
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    dragnit Well-Known Member

    Bubba kush
    bc god bud
    great white shark
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    booms111 Well-Known Member

    New not smoked yet, from seed-
    TopDawg Cherry Chem
    Cannaventure Hurkle
    Cannaventure Cookie Wreck
    Dank Genetics Sour Cookies (#3,#4)

    New from local clone, not smoked yet-
    9lb Hammer

    Old clones, keepers-
    Silver Jones(SSSDH x Chemmy Jones)
    24 karat gold (kosher tangie)

    Last run then gone, not keeper quality-
    Gorilla Bubble
    Dank Genetics Sour Cookies (#1,#2)
    Dank Genetics Close shave
    Dank Genetics Headshot

    Up next for testing from seed-
    Karma Headbanger

    SensiPuff Well-Known Member

    I just put some karma headbanger in the dirt after I found out almost my entire tent was male this run.
    Also planted some grape invaders by Ali gee and chem d x ssdd by bodhi.
    Although the males bummed me out I'll be excited about what's to come
    Olive Drab Green

    Olive Drab Green Well-Known Member

    Shoreline Bx3 and Acapulco Gold.

    thenotsoesoteric Well-Known Member

    About to finish up 4 grapes 13 by hazeman, with 2 being kept around for another run with possibility of being keepers but need to smoke first.

    2 tangerine powers and 1 goji og s1 are one month into flower

    2 keeper phenos of grapes 13 in veg for about a month now, 1 has a berry grape juice smell but not too strong, 1 has a grape soda smell very strong

    3 peak seeds c99 seedlings about 1 week old

    2 greenpoint cookies N chem and 1 calicon louis og just popped and put into cups.

    Plus I used a grapes 13 males to f2 all four of my females and 2 of my own created strain's phenos (1 blue dreaish pheno and 1 orange flavor pheno) and I just collected

    pollen from my tangerine power male which will f2 my 2 TP females, hit my grapes 13 clones, hit my goji s1 and hit my berry wine cut.

    Should have some variety coming my way soon.
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    Beachwalker Well-Known Member

    20180413_205301.jpg 20180308_140609.jpg
    Saw earlier in this thread you're running wos White Rhino X Mazar I'm currently running that too I'm wondering what your thoughts were about it? Thanks

    thenotsoesoteric Well-Known Member

    I had one going a while ago but I can't remember if I tossed it during flower or not but I had a dud. I only remember it not growing well or had no resin going so I culled it.

    I didn't really put much attention on her so don't be discouraged, it should produce some frosty hash plants for you.
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    Beachwalker Well-Known Member

    Its a fine plant (but not a heavy yielder) & damn good smoke! that's a picture of it above and a couple clones I have currently, thanks for the answer
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    bobdagrowah Well-Known Member

    Hmmm got alot going where to start

    Sin mints (sin city)
    89 rom x prof mort
    Chernobyl x prof mort
    Chocolate thai x pro mort
    Red velvet cookies
    Tropicanna cookies
    Legend og (crinkle cut)
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    ThaMagnificent Well-Known Member

    PB Breath
    Blue pit
    Deep blue x smelly cherry
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    Sir72 Well-Known Member

    Blue heron v2 - dynasty
    Nitro cookies - in house
    Animal blues - in house
    Flaming cookies x slyme cookies - so so dank
    Bubba kush x slyme cookies - so so dank
    Ron Swanson kush - Johnston’s
    Power nap - sin city
    Purple Heart - alpha kronik
    Chitral Pakistani x platinum bubba - in
    My auto flower strain

    Need to run later:
    It’s it - exotic genetix
    Gorilla dosha - in house
    Alien bubba pez - laplata labs
    Gods blue diesel - Jordan of the islands

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