What are you watching?


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i take it that it's good then. thanx
Yeah I really liked it . I’ve seen the whole series at least 4 times. As others have said it’s something you get into or not. I resisted watching it for a long time but it was recommended by someone who explained it was a much better story than than the subject matter would suggest. You’ll have to give it three or four episodes to get a fair assessment and you have to pay close attention to every detail because the folds in on itself many many times and if you go for the prequel ( better call Saul ) the details get even better explanation.


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personally i didnt see what all the fuss was about, its good but some episodes are fuckin shit. Better call Saul was ok too.
I thought one whole season was a bust . But I was recovering from a injury and was couch bound so I needed to just be patient and heal.


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I can't fucking stop laughing at this thread, you guys managed to chase of the op in 2 weeks and she's never been back :lol:

Oh and Loudermilk is hilarious if you have a dark sense if humor.

+1 for snowfall, great show.


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Finally watched WandaVision. It was alright, didn't quite live up to the hype. A dark, little fantasy with some clever style, but I think you can find better programming. B-...