What are you watching?


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I remember how big Will Smith was from the very start. We loved his brand of hip-hop, even though it was squeaky clean, and we especially loved Fresh Prince. Great show with good characters and writing, usually hilarious but sometimes really sad. Like, surprisingly dramatic. This scene with Ben Vereen as Will's absentee father was amazing. You could tell the raw acting chops Will had even as a teenager. Real talent.

Did you watch Gemini Man yet? Just watched it last week and it was pretty cool. Will still has the chops


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Man, oh man. Talk about a BAD neurosurgeon :(. Don't watch this if you need back surgery.
It does makes you think, "Now where does the average Joe go to check up on his doctor?"

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Just started watching this. Brooklynn Prince who plays Hildy is outstanding.
What a career ahead of her. She was also in "The Florida Project"



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Agent: Got a great role for you, Nick, I think we finally have a winner.
Nick: Oh yeah, will I be the lead?
Agent: Not exactly, Nick, but you’ll be the co-star.
Nick: Oh well, who’s the lead?
Agent: Not who, Nick, ahhh, more of a what.
Nick: The fuck you say?