What are your essential nutrients and supplements for your plants?

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    I started to. Too much of it was about how much traffic the article got and how they've had to keep reposting it because it keeps reaching the max allowed responses before the thread is closed.

    I did my own quick read on the subject on the subject instead. The term perched water table refers to how cohesive, adhesive, and capillary actions will be overcome at a certain zone in the soil by gravity preventing water from that zone from being able to drain by gravitational force. None of that changes the fact that bailed soil with crushed perlite is garbage.

    Then there's the fact that bailed soils are only made that way to reduce their volume to make long range shipping more economical but does nothing to offset the cost of shipping based on weight. I live in the town that Roots Organics and Down To Earth products are made in. They cost three times as much to have shipped from a few states away as what I pay here (obviously I wouldn't do that but as an example). If at all possible it's much better to find a locally produced product than to have some cheap compressed bail of over priced moss and perlite dust shipped across the country.
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    You never made it past the first paragraph??? :dunce:
    Sounds like severe ADD.
    And there's no way perlite gets crushed to dust when a bale of promix is compressed for packaging. :dunce::dunce:

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    Not ADD. I read a couple of different articles. It wasn't just one paragraph. After I got feeling for it I scrolled down bit scimming as i went and decided that my time would be better soent reading a credible article or two rather than a post from some random person who's wasting time talking about how great their post is.

    I've personally observed crushed perlite in bailed soil as I've already said and, as I've also already said, even the people who run the shop I go to agreed when I told them I wasn't going to buy it anymore because of that.

    You can do what you want. I really don't care. Perched water table dynamics won't change that or the fact that buying soil that already had it's particulates so far reduced in size that it's already half way to having issues with compaction is just stupid. But again, you can do what ever you want.
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    Again, is perlite the smallest particle in Promix?
    So much for void space.

    You should read more & talk less.

    I'm done casting pearls before swine... :dunce:

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    Worms would stop that right?.

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    The compaction is from the particles that make up the mix getting smaller and smaller. The worms tunneling would reduce the effect. The only thing that really prevents it is adding new organic material. The worms also need it for food.

    The root system being left behind is one source of organic material but like anything else the soil needs a decent variety in its diet. The best and, really, only practical way to do that is crop rotations and cover crops. That's why I said the best version of this for container gardens is rols.
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    Oh god, thisll be a list! Nectar for the gods line.
    Base nutes: medusa, gaia, zeus, herculean, athenas, demeters. Im considering base nutes everything i would run for every feeding though some of them are more of a supplement.
    Supplements: poisydezyme, aphordite, persephone, triton, bloom khaos, npk raw yucca, 200x aloe powder, Agisil mostly as part of ipm but i try to add it in as a water in when i think about it. I tell myself i do it once a week (bullshit!) yucca pretty much straight on through most waterings.
    Microbes: slf-100, mammoth p, aact (vermi)
    Mykos wp.
    If you are not familiar with the line it would take me a wile to explain all of these. My use of them can be seen in my grow journal bodhi seeds lemon lotus. In veg i keep things pretty basic and feed minimally until the week before flip alternating feedings and plain water with no real rhyme or reason with a weekly dose of foliar and soil drench aact (vermi) i also try to do a weekly foliar and water in of aloe water. Pre flip includes transplant and ramping up of calcium to build reserves for bloom khaos foliar (calcium facilitator). I try to get at least one but preferably 2 BK foliars in before flip and then with every feeding for the first 2 weeks of flower dependant on the plants response. No calcium deficiency, keep sprayin em. Promix hp to which i add 30% by volume coco coir, about 4 cups worm castings per 3 gal and roots uprising foundation at 1 tsp/gal. That about covers it! Plants are happy, no deficiency, no toxicity, yield well and most importantly nice clean, potent smoke. E4F9E916-8CC3-40A0-9D81-8069869D6E95.jpeg
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    You could probably launch a space rocket on all that stuff.
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    Its more like a launch simulator. B43F0C69-DD16-4DEC-921D-99F5068D4E1F.jpeg Not as bad as it sounds. All natural, organic pre digested soil amenments. There is calcium nitrate in the medusa only for the purpose of stabilizing digested chicken livers. I guess that was the only thing they could get to work right.
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    Dr. I have a question, or anyone maybe.

    Recharge got moist from air, so its clumpyish. Is it bad now? I know once moisture is introduced the microb wakeup, but is the atmospheric humidity enough to trigger it? Would it be bad if i dump it all out, in a humidity free area, to dry it out?

    SO, is it damaged?

    Thanks in advance if anyone knows the answer.

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    Nectar for the gods advance feeding schedule week 5 flower. They couldn't pay me to use anything else. I'm getting avg 2lb per 4x4 under only 500w Led
    IMG_20171115_014023.jpg IMG_20171115_013640.jpg IMG_20171115_014402.jpg IMG_20171115_014635.jpg IMG_20171115_014750.jpg
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    I buy the 2.5 gallon of the herculean and 1 gallons on the rest. I did just add Persephones palate to my feed schedule also to replace molasses. I honestly really like the extra work you put into mixing all those and dialing in the pH. Feels like a mad scientists lol. Only other thing I give them is 10ml/ gallon of photosynthesis Plus once a week.
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    Beautiful plants brother!!!!!
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    Thanks homey

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