What is a waterfarm?

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    Ive seen this question a few times recently and i came across this picture.
    Taken from Scottyballs thread

    Hope this helps the new people!

    Much thanks to scotty for this one

    dankog Member

    Where can you get this set up? I'd love to play around with it...

    jody709 Active Member

    General Hydroponics makes it.. you can get the single farm, or the 8 bucket pack.. depending on when you live. i live in canada so i use canadianwholesalehydroponics.com.

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    mike91sr Well-Known Member

    Running an 8-pack (well, 7 pack right now anyway). Overall a decent setup, but there's definitely a LOT of room to improve. The mods for these things makes them so much easier to deal with, and more efficient. Pretty good thread on it here:

    The airstone makes a world of difference. As soon as roots hit the aerated water they take off.

    I found that removing the drip rings for 2 weeks on half my plants made no difference in root growth, foliage growth, or overall appearance of health. That was of course once my roots were established into the aerated lower portion. Fck cleaning those drip rings anymore.

    I put a shutoff valve between my res and controller, definitely makes it easier to mix nutes directly in the res without having it drain out. I also bent my float valve to keep my water level a little higher, maybe 1.5" above normal. That helps replace some of the water from the removed dripper. Having the controller lower than the individual buckets would make life a lot easier when it comes time to drain, but then you'd have to bend the float lever so water level doesnt drop for the plants.

    Lastly, a bigger res would definitely be in order if I were going to run my 8-pack long term. 8 plants at the size these are easily capable of can drink a LOT of water. Less res volume than circulating, really??

    8pack with tahoe og at day 26, final undergrowth trimming(hence the mess).

    KDiaz Active Member

    I am doing my first waterfarm grow. I run my pump 18/6 with my lights and shutting off 15 minutes every 2 hours to allow the hydro ton to dry and the roots to search for water. So far all is well but my roots are starting to come through the top bucket now. Once they hit the resivoir water should I keep it aerorated 24/7?

    Bigz2277 Well-Known Member

    should keep the airpump on 24/7, if im not mistaken. care to add mike?

    VX420 Active Member

    I Am not mike, but I build my own WF from the GH WF kit for 14.99. Yes you keep the pump on all the time. Pot is not a dry plant, can it live dry YES you want more plant, give it more water.

    AWnox Active Member

    Waterfarms are by far (IMO) the best hydro/drip/DWC system out there (for the price). I use mine with 3 air pumps; one 60 gal for the drip tube and 2 100 gal for each one of the two 4 inch micro-pore air stones I have in the reservoir. Before even starting your grow with your Waterfarm you should do the following.

    -If this is your first WF grow you should drill holes in the bottom of the first container (where the hydroton goes), as much as you can but not to much as to cause the bottom to drop and all the pebbles to fall into the bottom reservoir.
    -If your going to run more than one line into the reservoir you should build or buy a bigger tube that goes down from the top of the hydroton to the bottom of the last reservoir. The brown one that comes stock is just way to small to run more than one line.
    -Be sure to sterilize it before use, all the parts.
    -Run the waterfarm for a few days before you plant your germinated seed to level out pH. If new the hydroton will cause your pH to fluctuate tremendously for the first weeks so treating this before you put in the seed will save you trouble and some nutrient lock out that might have happen if you didn't treat the pH beforehand. I recommend using some flushing formula.
    -The more oxygen the better; get an new air pump to replace the stock one that comes with the farm, it sucks.
    -If possible get an airstone in the reservoir (if not more).
    -KEEP THE PUMPS ON ALWAYS!!! The whole idea of the Waterfarm is to replenish nutrients and water constantly, that's the advantage of this system. Your roots will NOT rot nor will they suffer because of it and if your worried about electricity costs because of one air pump you shouldn't be growing weed in the first place. Leaving your roots to dry will cause harm and will not make them search for water any faster, keep them well aerated and constantly bathed in nutrient water and I guarantee you will get a hefty harvest.

    Hope it helps.

    Bigz2277 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the addition Awnox

    drolove Well-Known Member

    ive seen these for sale since i started thinking about growing. IMO its a really good deal to get started. havent used one yet but i plan on buying a couple soon

    AWnox Active Member

    No problem. Glad to help when I can.

    Do it, you will not be sorry. It's really easy to maintain and if your really into growing this will be very fun in comparison with a soil grow; I'm not missing the flushing will all the dirt and mud everywhere I tell you what. It takes more dedication to the grow because you constantly have to be checking pH and nutrient ppm but it's more control at the same time. Again if you have the time and the will go for it friend.

    VX420 Active Member

    While I dont agree with most of this post, I do agree the air pump that comes with the WF is junk,, It runs very hot and is weak, its also only $7.00 so you get an idea of what its worth. With any WF/DWC a good pump or a few are really worth the added cost. You dont get good Lights , good Air, Filter, and then a $7.00 pump. But you can steal your good one off your fish tank and put the crapy one on that , I did anyway :)

    AWnox Active Member

    So what is it that you don't agree with? My posts was not opinion based btw, it's facts. That's like saying you don't agree that 2+2=4.

    Bigz2277 Well-Known Member

    His only opinion was that it was the best hydro system out there for its value. If you don't have positive comments then keep it to yourself.

    VX420 Active Member

    No its all your opinion nothing more. Drilling holes, adding this or that,, thats opinion, not fact. Is it good advice,, maybe but I will pass. I do agree on the GH pump being junk

    VX420 Active Member

    I did, all I said was that I don’t agree with the post, but do agree the pump is junk... I did not say anything wrong or rude, I can disagree if I want cant I? I did not say “Don’t listen to him" " YouSuck", "You don’t know shit". All I said was “While I don’t agree with most of this post, I do agree with". But thanks I will keep it to myself
    I am running 2 WF right now... and I don’t agree with what he said to do, I did not spend the time to go line by line because other might find it useful and I am not here to get in a pissing contest on drilling extra holes in a WF is a option based on his opinion and not a FACT.

    Bigz2277 Well-Known Member

    Your a negative person that isn't contributing. Its my post. please stop posting. you are not welcome.

    ohmy Well-Known Member

    they do need more holes in bottem to let roots out. Do it ur way and i run mine the modded way.............peace

    AWnox Active Member

    WRONG. It is a fact because by drilling holes there your allotting more space for the roots to grow in and it is a known fact that the more space the plants has to root the bigger the plant and yield will be. You can't compare a 2 gal container grow with a 5 gal container grow. Also the roots will the be exposed to direct contact with the super oxygenated water thus increasing yield and overall health. If your still skeptical check out this thread from SCOTTYBALLS, a true pioneer and inspiration to alot of folks that are now into Waterfarms; this guy gets 10+ ounces from one WF and that's a FACT not an opinion.

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