What is your favorite strain at the moment (growing & smoking)?


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Black Berry Bliss it new and popular from Sub Rosa a cup winner? too

and then back to 'power plant'still popular in Europe


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Hi Guys,
Just had some home-grown G13Widow finish curing and damn...it's good. Different then plain Widow in that it actually has some flavor to the smoke. I'm not real good at this...just a sec (taking hit)....smooth and Widowy with floral overtones...lol
I'm smoking Tom Ford Death Bubba, but Original Glue (GG#4) is my current daytime fave. I've really enjoyed growing this round of Durban Poison so I may be biased in saying that it's my fave to grow bongsmilie


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Got a few different strains going and smoking on.
In flower is an old stand-by AK-47, seeds from 2009, got a different (danker) pheno than 11 years ago. Delahaze x Bovine Judas, strange new strain that works nicely for day time and night. Just chopped a few days ago Amnesia Trance from AMS, not a bad strain but haven't smoked as it's curing. Then Mimosa, Cannatonic, Delahaze, Cannalope Haze, Dutch Kush, Super Lemon Haze, GG#4xWW, Unknown short bushy kush, in the grow or in jars. A lot of old strains, gotta try some other newer strains someday.


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Headband is one of my favorites for an afternoon session @C-CAT and Amnesia Haze is my goto for the mornings @Moldy. I wonder how the Amnesia Trance compares?
I've never had amnesia haze before so I don't know. The reason I bought that "trance" strain is they sold it retail here in NV last year and it had a high percentage of terpenes and 1-2% CBD. It's Super Silver haze x Cambodian Haze (not Amnesia Haze as I stated in the review). I did a short review of the strain/seed bank as the seed bank was "suspect" and thought it would be fair to them if I gave them credit for getting what I ordered, and so far I did.

Starting on page 3. https://www.rollitup.org/t/amsterdam-marijuana-seeds.497230/page-4