What the heck is going on with pot prices?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by lilroach, Jan 12, 2018.


    lilroach Well-Known Member

    I've been selling weed off and on for over 40 years, and for all of those years pot prices have been steady or increasing. I started growing as a hobby about six years ago with the intention of selling enough to pay for my buzz and cover the cost of growing. The longer I grew and the more volume I harvested I changed my outlook of why I'm growing to a supplemental income with the hopes I can retire as a successful black-market grower. Nothing too huge....20-30 plant flower room.

    Up till last year I never had a problem moving product. I'd make one call and it'd be gone that day. My prices were market value but with higher quality. Then last year the market prices dropped dramatically. Everyone in the business was selling their stuff dirt cheap....regardless of how good the weed was. I had weed just sitting as I wouldn't go below what I felt was a fair price for both wholesale and retail.

    I know more than a few growers across the nation facing the same problem, and it didn't matter if they were in a legal state or not. Several of my friends.....who were putting out 12 lb's a month ended up shutting down completely and had to go out and get jobs.

    Is this happening to you too? Is there a solution to this mess?
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    SonsOfAvery Well-Known Member

    This happens with almost every product that's ever existed.
    Cannabis now days on the whole is mass produced and readily available to most people. Even here in UK where we have no legal areas (officially) the majority of cannabis being sold is mass produced in large quantities as apposed to smaller grows. In the US I'd imagine cannabis is being produced in immense quantities now especially in legal states.

    Simple fact is that people buying it don't care what spectrum light you used, what the humidity was like during flower or whether you used molasses or not etc. Mostly people aren't connoisseurs, they just want cheap weed.

    Unless your product is insanely better than the average, people just won't care.

    SensiPuff Well-Known Member

    Oversaturation of your market. If you wish to survive get better acquainted with people from small rural communities, non legal states, and basically anywhere the market isn't saturated with well cured dank. Hell, there are plenty of places across the great plains where high priced shwag still dominates the markets.
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    lilroach Well-Known Member

    LOL......where I'm sitting I'm about 10 minutes from the nearest cow. My buddy that was doing the 12 lbs per month is on the Ohio/Indiana border where the biggest town around has one red-light.

    SensiPuff Well-Known Member

    I heard NYC still has insane prices. You're pretty close...
    Fractured but whole

    Fractured but whole Well-Known Member

    cali is in free fall right now, can't give it away!
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    vostok Well-Known Member

    I have been ranting about this since legalization set in..prices will fall..there will be a massive bust up...with just a few dogs left

    over here: Holland is trying to tighten up where elsewhere its getting looser by the day..all but the UK

    we are watching you by the day ...all Euro growers that is ...as its coming our way too

    you guys will go bust then a last minute attempt by the

    US guys to sell in Europe..will tighten it for us ...as expected

    Three choices exist

    1: quit and have a rest even a holiday for 1-2 years

    2: move your product into further processing = ADD VALUE

    3: Fight.. get a big bank loan and reduce you product to a fast food service level

    I'll properly do a bit of all three..I don't want to be left with a pile of weed thats worthless in 6 months


    good luck
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    thumper60 Well-Known Member

    if u cant grow 1k lbs an be happy time for a real job, an u no grower across the nation,an buddies growing 12 units a month that shut down LOL maybe what u growing not so good?

    Terps Well-Known Member

    In Oregon it is at around 1300 a pound wholesale. it is still decent enough to make a profit.

    lilroach Well-Known Member

    What? Speak English please.
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    thumper60 Well-Known Member

    perfect English just like I said,u no speako?
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    blake9999 Well-Known Member

    Grow Shrooms...bongsmilie
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    Terps Well-Known Member

    harder to sell and not legal anywhere
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    Colo MMJ

    Colo MMJ Well-Known Member

    I talk to a lot of people as I was looking at a Rec and MIP license in CO.

    I know a few different people who are mainly licensed grows or connected with them in CO, NV, CA.

    NYC - I hear as high as $3K to 3.5 K black market
    Texas - $2200 black market
    Alabama - $2500 black market
    Colo - $1400 black market. Wholesale Rec grow to dispensaries $1100 to 1300 all licensed
    Las Vegas, NV - REC grow to dispensaries was really high like $2400. There is huge capacity coming online in Vegas in 2018. There is big investment money coming in. Prices will surely drop in 2018.
    California - I heard $1000 or less. I am surprised a lot of that is not leaking into Vegas. I hear they are very strict in the entire chain for legal so I doubt any dispensary would be trying to sneak in Cali imports.

    A rec licensed grower said last year that someone very very wealthy was buying everything up in CO when prices were at least $1600. He guessed they were exporting it somewhere to possibly Europe but I think that has ended.

    The tighter 2018 black market laws in CO are supposed to help stabilize and raise prices somewhat. I am not sure it will happen.

    I recall talking to some long time growers in Colorado. They said new technology lights doubled the yield while prices were cut in half. So in their mind it was a wash but I think price erosion may continue.
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    Terps Well-Known Member

    Oregon is talking about reinstating the residency requirements.
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    Odin* Well-Known Member

    Not true. The only people with issues are those with quality issues. True, as of the 1’st shops/Dispensaries cannot accept anything that is not produced from a Licensed grow. However, if it is of the highest quality, the level of product that “flies off of the shelf”, the product that every shop wants/needs, then it is very easy to move.

    “Outdoor”, average indoor is x2, top is x2.4-2.8. That 1k might be some of Oregon’s “overages” that have poured over, heard that was making it’s rounds around that number. No one really wants that though.
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    Cold$moke Well-Known Member

    Still 800 to g for a qp here in alaska.

    8th 40
    Z 200-280 depending

    These are street prices dispensaries are crazy up here at like 18 bucks a gram
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    Terps Well-Known Member

    damn i should move up there lol
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    Cold$moke Well-Known Member

    Its fine as long as you dont go loco from nine monthes of darkness followed by 3 monthes of solid day (not really but close)
    Fractured but whole

    Fractured but whole Well-Known Member

    funny that what used to get $2200 a unit just a couple months ago won't sell for $1400 today. but it is all quality issues huh? Don't think so.

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