when can i germinate a fresh seed

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    DaNKing Member

    got a bag full of seed from harvested baby mama need some advice on when i can germinate and why wont they pop when i try

    bunnyface Active Member

    for my exp. it depends on when you harvested the seeds from the plant, as if they are too immature they wont pop,and say you let the plant bud then pollinate the seeds wont be as high a quality,,,just from my exp.
    also what you germ. technique? and you havnt had issues in the past? take it easy.

    racerboy71 bud bootlegger

    what color are the seeds?? are they white and pale, or brown and tiger stripped?? if the later, they should be good to go.. sometimes, you may need to put them in say a matchbox with some light sandpaper in there and give them some shaking to scuff up the seeds before trying to germ them..
    Mr.Therapy Man 2

    Mr.Therapy Man 2 Active Member

    Put your seeds in the fridge,it makes the seeds ready to pop faster but fresh seeds usually take about 2 months untill you get a good germ rate

    DaNKing Member

    they vary from lite brown to dark brown and all have dark stripes. and the technique i use to germ is soak in water for a day, then have in a very damp napkin for 3 more days normally the process only takes 3 days for me but i feel like something is wrong
    i did the shake technique but didnt seem to work both times i tried..
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    DaNKing Member

    ill give that a try thanks and i know the seeds need a dry period so the lack of moisture makes it starve of water then when its applied the root pops out looking for a quench

    racerboy71 bud bootlegger

    i'd give them some more time.. say a month or so.. i just got some beans from a reputable breeder and had 0/5 germ for me.. i contacted the breeder and he told me that they are a fresh batch, and he will be sending replacements to me.. another person told me that i should give them a month or two before trying the other 5..
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    del66666 Well-Known Member

    put them in an envelope in a dry dark place for 6 weeks then germ them..........

    DaNKing Member

    has this worked for u?

    ill try this and the fridge techique thanks bros

    del66666 Well-Known Member

    you do this with most kind of seeds i think.....kept mine in an old vitamin bottle wrapped in kitchen towel, still using them now after about 4 1/2 years
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    DaNKing Member

    yea seeds last a loooong time beleive me
    my mom been saving seeds since she was a teen and watayaknow she gave em to me best gift ive ever gotten.. all seeds from the late 60s + the 70s and ill post a pic of it in a sec but 6 of the seeds poped and all were male except 1 and decided to breed it so i had a cross polinated plant from a indica male and sativa female at least from my knowledge of growin cannabis thats wat they were. i smoked the non sensi and its was an intense energetic feeling but then by the next session i was mellow

    DaNKing Member

    here is one branch take note i did LST and used only CFLS photo[1].JPG

    Wetdog Well-Known Member

    They need to dry and the fridge bit helps also.

    Think of what happens in nature. The plant finishes and dies. The seeds drop to the ground. If they germinated right then, the first frost would kill them. They lay there over the winter and the cold keeps them dormant. With warm weather in the spring and April showers THEN they germinate and start the next cycle.

    This is why really fresh seeds won't germ well.

    Myself, I dry in a paper bag in a cool dark place for a month to 6 weeks. Then I put in something airtight like a film can, along with some uncooked rice and put in the fridge for a month or so (winter), until needed. NOT the freezer. If they aren't totally dry, moisture inside the seed can freeze, causing them to crack and be useless.

    You can keep seeds literally for years in the fridge.

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    jack ripa

    jack ripa Active Member

    In my experience you can pop a seed after about 2 weeks of drying but it takes forever to germinate and can rot. The best results I have had are drying seeds for a few months to a year in an organizer and then placing them into fresh moist starter soil in starter trays. Pop, presto, 3-5 days like magic. Even the lighter non striped seeds germinate fine. If they don't pop between my fingers they almost always go.
    Jamie Chanterelle

    Jamie Chanterelle Member

    I just joined this forum for exactly this reason. It is damn near impossible to find out anything about germinating fresh seeds. There's something called a delay enzyme that keeps them from popping too early.

    So it seems the general consensus is to let them dry for a month to 6 weeks. Nobody is familiar with a short cut to bypass this enzyme and germinate in 2 weeks? I'm not worried about having high germination rate because I have PLENTY of seeds. Please let me know and thanks for the info.
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    onegreenthumb Well-Known Member

    I have germ'd mine in a couple of weeks with no problems, they are auto seeds though
    Jamie Chanterelle

    Jamie Chanterelle Member

    The ones my friends are trying to germ are Lowryder 2's. He's trying to keep a continuous indoor garden going and is ready to start some more plants. You're saying you were able to germ auto seeds after a couple weeks. What exactly did you do?
    Jamie Chanterelle

    Jamie Chanterelle Member

    Okay, my friend tried to germ his fresh LR2 seeds. He soaked them in water until they sank and put the seeds in pots. After being disappointed a few days later by not seeing any sprouts he just left the pots sitting where they were. Sure enough nearly 2 weeks later the little bastards started popping up. They weren't even a week off the plant before they were placed in the water. Hope that helps.

    DaNKing Member

    i think ill just do the same as u said and see wat happens. besides i have more than enough to spare

    Jay7t5 Well-Known Member

    So I harvested these few days ago can anyone give me a opinion on how their looking,they look fine to me but I always like a second opinion, they're sunshine daydream male psychosis female, I can't wait to try them now,but I'll give it 6weeks like someone said before I try them

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