When do you start the count of flowering days


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That's what I use to do was count from the day I flipped but I noticed my plants always required an extra week or two. Now I know lol


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Boy I’m glad TH seeds official cleared this up for us.

Who exactly is TH seeds official again?


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I usually dont flip until I see pre flowers,so the clock starts the day I flip.Doesnt really matter though, there done when there done.
Same here. I write it on the calendar just so I have an idea. I've been growing the same strain for awhile now and they're always ready around the same time so I can pretty much know when they'll be ready looking at the date. But of course they're done when they're done. I like to know how many weeks it's been so I can compare what I think works and smokes best. I've chopped at 8, 9, and 10 weeks to experiment.

I've already decided a date for the next chop since my wife and daughter are going to NY for some hippy shit, lol. Gotta do it before they leave since they're my trimmers, lol. It's all good though. That one will be at 9 weeks.

Damn Hippies.