When should I dump my compost?

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    Yeah my #1 machine-I-totally-need is a solar-powered high-performance wood chipper that can be transported by bike,
    and my #2 a giant (like 10L volume) blender (preferably also solar-powered) for making large quantities of chlorophyll water out of the stuff I used to chop-and-drop.
    A body can dream :bigjoint:
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    Ill try to find the link later and send you the machine/blender I'm speaking of....scientists use them sometimes but I seen one...the size of a large blender ...and they can power bricks...prob coat a shit ton.....the only other option I could think of if like dude said ...smash them up w like a 3lb hammer in a pillow case then try to get something like a couple bricks...but harder ao pieces don't flake off and rub them together with the shells or w.e inbwtween them till its powered...but in the long run one of those "super blenders" will save u money
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