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    Here, I'll rub it in some. :fire:
    The stuffing is made with Corn muffins, containing kernels too. Including some chopped apple and red chopped grapes in it. Spiced with Slap yo Momma Cajun spice......The outside is brushed with white Balsamic dressing, while it roast's. :hump:

    The pork is our personal raised. Fed normal organic feed with organic cow's colostrum milk (we can't sell that under Federal law)..... Makes a creamy texture and sweet meat flavor.....

    I love to cook....
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    I find that if I use a plunger during a good flush it helps push out the salt build up. Bigger frostier buds on a side by side.
    Spread the word!
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    Plant on the left looks thirsty, better go do some watering.
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    I originally entered this thread to out DWC. Like someone else said, it's a flush thread and I figured it was a good spot to do it.
    Funny thing as I look at that plants details, the one on the left may relate to this thread.
    It weighed 22 lbs after having 9 gallons of ro run through it 9 days ago. It weighs 12.2 lbs now. It will be watered after I type this.
    Here is a paste from another thread I have in the organics section.
    Thursday's post.
    All plants were treated differently but this is a rough idea of what I did so far from seedling to week 6.
    After taking 8 to 11 days to dry out the 1st watering was about 4 cups of RO.
    2nd watering 6 cups added 1/4 tsp/gal cal/mag+. Day after 2nd watering they each got a small layer of diametric earth and most went 8 days without being watered again.
    3rd watering all but one plant received about 3/4 cup of castings/perlite and 3 tbl of DTE Bio Live and were watered with about a 1/4 tsp epsom salt per gallon. Two plants recieved a foliar spray with epsom. One of the two plants receiving the foliar had a minor Mg def in one single blade leaf.
    Hopefully the plants look good in the pics above, some were just waterboarded, flushed, leached whatever IDK
    The new ffof was used then amended with my 1st soil mix and used a 2nd time, then I started the no-till without leaching the soil of any buildup. No synthetics were used at any time in these soils since new unless maybe I forgot using it somewhere, I might have but sparingly if I did.
    The slight runoff I was getting was quite dark.
    I ran about 9 gallons of RO through all but one plant. I started with one plant last week on up to the last plant yesterday. Wish I finished them with a tea. I think overall they liked it. After they dry out from the leaching each is getting 3/4 cup of 60/40 castings/perlite and 2 tbl blood meal mixed into the top soil. Each will get about 6 cups of ro with 1/4 tsp cal/mag+ per gal.
    #7 was always weak in color, I wasn't sure if the soil was deficient or if the plant just had weak color. That one I gave DTE Bio Fish instead of bio live and it now has good color. Bio live may have done the same but it reacted well to the Bio fish.
    Any missing waterings from the list above were basically staggered RO only watering then a 1/4 tsp Cal/mag+ then RO...

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    Wow... that sounds incredible. If I made that up here the family would be 'what the fuck is this?' So theyre getting chicken fried pork chops, country gravy, and mashed potatoes, today. Filling but... sigh. Not much of a fucking challenge.

    Guess that's why people like us enjoy growing. The challenge and producing something that's real quality when people ingest it and go 'damn that's GOOD' is worth the work. It's very satisfying to me.
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    Hi about to reach during point. So what do u mean in the end of your post by under 54 percent rh stops during can you explain you just said 50 percent rh and 70f is ideal.
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    You don't understand this sentence?

    If the material gets under "like" 54% RH, it quits curing...

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    The %50 that was mentioned along with 70 f was the climate that the buds should be dried in. The %54 refers to, if I'm not mistaken, the rH of the material (or if we're being nitpicky it would actually refer to the minumum rH that properly dried flowers should be stored at to ensure that curing can take place).

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    Do you sell or deliver?
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    Of course they don't. Don't you know that all discussions here are simply theoretical? ;)

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    Sure everyone does, just post your address and credit card info.

    Why? What could possibly go wrong? It's only a felony to cross state lines, who wouldn't do that to help out a complete stranger on the internet?
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    oh well if it's only a felony. PSH.. See my nickname? Do you think that's going to bother me? I have minions to do that kind of bidding LOL

    Have a good night and thanks for the grin :)
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    i have to disagree .. flushing changes the flavor profile and burn quality. it doesnt wash away everything, no but, what it does it make the plant use whatever is left over in the soil and youll end up with such a low ppm it will be flushed of most of the chemicals youve put into the plant. itll make the leaf yellow out or change color if it hasnt already and it wont be as harsh. ive harvest plants ive flushed properly and pplants i have not and i can tell the difference. even if i buy some off someome i can tell if it has been flushed or not. the ash alone will be light gray or white and if its not flushed itll be black
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    I'm sorry, but your incorrect..... The ash does not change buy starving your plants.....The 2 largest things about ash are that the use of Si will darken the ash and make it stronger. Uncured sugars make it black and crackle when smoked, also make it taste poorly......

    You think the plant using up any stored.......Oh hell, just read this, the whole thing, Damn glad i saved this when I wrote it cpl a years back......Take a minute and wrap your head around real world plant science.

    I got asked about this in a PM by a member after seeing the disaster another thread became. He asked where to find books and papers on "flushing" and said he might try the "fade".

    Here's my answer to him......I felt it needs to be seen,,,,,,again!

    Your looking for post grad work. You would do better to search papers......The thing is, NOTHING in agriculture gets 'flushed" and that leads to little to no research in the area. You see, the thing is, the whole "idea" of "flushing is nonsense! Plants don't work that way! They do not take up nutrients or salts as most of you think of them! They do not "store" them in the sense you think of them! Not only that, but the nutritional "stores" in a plant are not in buds or budding or flowers! NO amount of "flushing" will "exchange" plant "stored" nutrition back "out" of the plant! Scientifically impossible by the way most of you guys understand......Ok, that's my word on "flushing". (No one listens to this in threads if they don't want to hear it or accept it.)

    Now then, you propose the "FADE TO FINISH" method. Great idea in theory but, and this IS a BIG BUT! Remember when I said above that "the nutritional "stores" in a plant are not in buds or budding or flowers!" ? This shoots that theory in the ass right away. You see the main amount of stored nutrition is in either the roots and the rest in leaves and some in small amounts in transit in the phloam (the sap that actually moves the nutrients around the plant)......

    Now when you "starve a plant" it will draw from it's self by actually breaking down the needed parts of it's self to do an "emergency" attempt to reproduce! (This can happen in certain plants even in veg! A kind of last ditch effort to continue the species.)

    With that in mind you take the fact that the plant is not "moving" nutrients "out" of buds, but into them to speed growth and as fast as it can - "reproduce". This single minded process the plant now puts it's self on causes the plant to stress it's self. This self induced stress can, in many cases if done long enough, lead the plant to go bisexual, and produce "banana's" in a last ditch effort to reproduce and "carry on the line" and produce seeds...

    Basically put, In reality you are moving nutrients that you're "attempting" to get rid of,,right to where your trying to remove them from! You are also stressing the plant in the way for "Herming" to actually happen easier!

    I and many others that have tried to convey this actual plant science, are called everything you can think of and those 'impossible of understanding these facts", fight so hard against us that many of us have simply chosen to avoid the issue or don't fight to hard.

    Anyway, there you are in as short and sweet and as simple/understandable as I can...

    The thing is you have to understand Botany and Horticulture (and there are LOTS of subsections to those that are involved here) to truly put together the pieces of the puzzle to get your head wrapped around the idea that flushing and the "fade" don't work for what they are intended or alleged to actually do!

    There you go Mods, nice, polite and to the point. (Sorry about the other thread Sunni)

    There you go, Now have at it!
    I'm stepping back to watch the circus.

    Read this too!


    Your only reducing you're true potentials! Less yield, less overall quality. Your not allowing for the real terp profiles to be in place at the finish. Much less THC levels. You stress the plant and increase the possibility of infestation and bisexual expression.

    The WHOLE damn "Flush and Fade" idea is BS! Open your mind to truth! NOTHING in the rest of the whole world gets "flushed". Especially not any other material grown to be smoked... For them, it's ALL in the dry and cure.....

    You suffer from this problem too. https://www.rollitup.org/t/when-to-flush.952951/#post-13891955
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    you confuse overfeeding with under flushing

    unless of course if feeding lighter as cycle ends is called flushing....
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    I like to cook, so I get what I want to eat!!!....The wife has her career. She comes home at 6:30 and that plays right into my desire to cook. She bakes like a pro though. I do the pies and she does everything else.
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    So after reading most of the flushing posts I now understand that if I flush I'm going to have hermies with skimpy buds that have lost most of their flavor and potency. If I don't flush I'm going to have nasty black ash, buds that won't burn and my lungs will be fried.

    Did I miss anything?
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    Yes, at least with soil, if you have nasty buds it is not because you did not flush, it is because you did not properly grow the plant, somewhere along the way thing were done wrong. Flushing or not flushing did not cause the problem. The growers mistakes caused the problem.
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    for clarity I have suffered a plant by flushing for two weeks with pure water in hydro
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    ha, us too !
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