Where to get single autoflower seeds? live in U.S

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    Looking to buy 2 auto seeds. Any good and fast seedbanks?

    SwiSHa85 Well-Known Member

    Most seedbanks ship from out of country but you can find a few that ship out of the US. If your in a legal state check out different dispensaries. If not mephisto ships outta US and a few others. Other options like seedsman or single seed centre.
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    In Europe, you can buy single auto seeds from Dinafem. I'm not sure they ship to the USA tho.

    That seed bank is a reputable one. I have tried their Mobby Dick and it was great.

    Cheers from Ireland,

    free420info Member

    vancouverseedbank dot ca has a single feminized auto amnesia and a fem og kush right now. the auto amnesia is usually available and they have a auto Great White Shark sometimes too.

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    pm me
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    grassy007 Well-Known Member

    Damn, that's a spiffy seed site. Decent prices if their source is good. Bookmarked.

    I'm getting 3 auto bubble kush seeds from Europe to California ($41). Takes a good 2.5 weeks. Their selection is huge tho (GYO).
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    GoatSoup Active Member

    I ordered the Tangerine Dream and Northern Lights Autos, holding then until I get my system dialed/built. They delivered inside a week for me, but I'm local.

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    I order thirteen seeds from growers choice. They arrived at my house within 5 days. I followed there germinating instruction and started 9 seeds. All of them germinated within 72 hours and all 9 sprouted when I planted them in dirt.

    Tlarss Member

    Heres my AK auto from growers choice. Thing has been a beast since day 1. Got my seeds within 5 days to the east coast. Didn’t autoflower untill the 6th week but once it did the flowers have started to take off. Happy with it so far.

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    jonb1724 Well-Known Member

    I use new420guy. He has great prices and you buy them as singles. Ships out of CA.

    RoninSRM New Member

    I’ve gotten 3 seeds for 29.00 from growers choice.
    Bought critical Purple seems ok, 2-3 seeds were good the last turned into a half weed half something else plant we let die on its own...Here is a pic of “Denise”

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    kaptinkush956 Member

    Just ordered 3 critical purple from growers choice. Thanks guys.

    RoninSRM New Member

    Welcome! Started her w homemade lights cfl then switched to LED
    Here is what she looks like to date using 600 w LED and Humboldt secret Nutes + Goldentree Jorge Cervantes super soil(YouTube) 5 gal fabric pots 18/6 light schedule

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    kaptinkush956 Member

    she is looking good! Cant wait to start mine. Already on the way.

    RoninSRM New Member

    Ok so I ended up with about 2.5 to 3 oz from this plant . All due to my trying to reinvent the wheel and not being particularly meticulous in my approach.
    Lightning: 600 Watt LED can be enough if close enough for veg. But with AF’s I think bigger lights or higher wattage should be used. Don’t get curious. Not with the plant. Transplanting can lose you a week if done incorrectly. I know, cause I did it. Not keeping a decent record of the 3 or 4 critical events will screw your yield. I grew in super soil so these tips only apply to that medium.
    1. When did you plant her?
    She sprouts? You are in week 1
    2. Start her in a red solo cup with your medium of choice with plenty of holes in your cup for drainage.
    After sprout keep her in as much humidity as possible.
    3. Temperature is important 70 deg min. 85-90 max. Reduce that humidity to 50-60 percent.
    4.Use a smart pot for her final destination
    5. Use a good bloom additive at first sign she is in flower and you will be happiest kid on your block!
    At least until drying and curing time when you realize it will be another month before you truly get to taste her...
    Good luck brother!

    kaptinkush956 Member

    Just finished up 3 autos in a 2x2 tent with a 135w QB. ended up with 1.5 oz on a somango, about 3oz on a sensi skunk #1, and I had to remove the big devil XL cause she got way to big for the tent. She is standing at about 4ft tall and just started to flower (have her outback now)hoping she gives me a good yield. I started them all in 3 gal smart pots (coco) so i wouldn't have to transplant later and i only used MEGACROP for the whole grow nothing else. Looking to try some super soil not sure yet. Let me know how the smoke is bro and enjoy!
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    Curious, i just bought the 135 QB last night(back order 3-5 days. Always a good sign imo) and have a 4x4x6 tent but was only going to do 2-4 autos under it since it handles 2.5x2.5 floweri g untill i buy another one. How far did you hang from sprout, veg(first real set of leaves) and durring flower? Also do you feel you could've got away with 4 or was 3 being that 1 got too big about what felt good under the light? I got 3x Hubbabubbasmellascope, OG Ripleys and Double Grape from Mephisto and trying to decide to do 1 of each or 2 of 1 under the single 135.

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