Who's Got The Fostiest Buds? Let's See How Frosty A Bud Can Really Get?


Very first attempt, except throughing some ol' Mexican seeds in a flower pot and watching fall over after they got 8" tall. Strangely enough it came from some really brown nugs and is bag seed. Started outdoors with no expectations of it actually being a good female seed that would germinate outdoors... Now it fills my friends entire house with the aroma of obnoxiously sugary sweet dankness. We're stumped at how to get it to burn up all that sugar before harvest... its at the end of week 9, we've been flushing 4 gallons every other day for 2 full weeks, and its not showing many signs of running out of nitrogen. Did a test run of drying a small cola that looked like it may have hermied (or it could have been just so sticky the hair flattened itself into a yellowish tongue-like shape while trying to work its way out of a new calyx) and after drying it had a strong hay-like smell, kept drying more hoping it would go away and its subsided a little but now it has a chemical/fertilizer like smell... But I guess I'll cut the flushing back to every 3 or even every 4 days if it can make it, raising the temp to about 75 to 77 (has been at 73 since flushing) to try and encourage more vigorous photosynthesis... But all the nugs are already so heavy they lay flat on the scrog net without support. Any tips greatly appreciated...