why is one plant not performing like the others?

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    Hi guys, I don't normally go on forums , ive been doing this for years now and I just don't know the answer so im on here now looking for help.

    I have a few questions really.

    ive always grown with hps until recently , I purchased and powerful LED light.

    I did one grow and learnt my lesson for having the light too close and using the companies recommended heights which I will never do again but still did well from it.

    so all is new really because of the new ligh.
    Im growing in a 1m x 2m tent indoors using the Autopot system.

    all my plants are from the same mother and feed , ec and ph are all kept on top of.

    I have 6 going all exactly the same but I notice that one is lighter in colour and seems to have kind of different shaded leaves, not very bad but its there. also the buds are not growing as much and big as the other 5 plants.

    The other 5 are perfect, bigger buds and nice dark green leaves with not markings on.

    I just don't understand why this is, surely the other plants would be the same if there was something wrong in the room ???

    Also they are 3 weeks in, nice size buds with lots of resin already and I went in one morning and overnight on two different plant top buds a double pistil showed bright/strong orange, almost dark ginger, very striking and nice to look at but ive never seen this and don't know the cause.

    anyone come across this ?

    any help would be amazing guys.

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    Have you investigated your autopots? Tried switching the slower plant to a different site? With everything else being equal, that's where I'd start.

    Pics tell a better story.

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    if I could triple like this I would.
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    im finding it very hard to take a proper picture showing them well enough.
    here are 2 leaves off the plant in question... all the other plants are deep green and healthy.

    I have moved this plant to a different position in the room so will see if that helps but don't know how it will..
    they are not single autopots, they are double and the plant that was in the other side of the tray to the poorly one is fine so im assuming all is ok with the autopot feeding as that one is ok.

    thanks for your help so far.

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    Looks hungry

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    hi mate, I can understand why you say this but I keep on top of this , I cal mag the water when doing the feed and ph so all is ok on that front. also the other pots which are fed from the same tank are all performing ok which is why im puzzled. The only thing I can think of is it may be some sort of root problem but not sure on this...
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